It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 40

Ocean wind blows crazily as the night progresses making my hair a wild mess. Pulling all my hair to one side, I clutch them in my hand as I stroll back in the direction from where I came from, enjoying the serene atmosphere which is surrounding me.

The moonless sky doesn’t dull the beauty of the night, however, it makes the stars shine brighter than usual. The sky looks simply breathtaking decorated with numerous glittering stars.

I just want to lie here and simply watch these stars for hours.

Maybe someday I will.

The beach house comes into my view, so my husband who is standing on the porch lost in some thoughts as he gazes ahead. His gaze shifts to me as soon as I near him, while a smile appears on his lips. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he angles his body towards me, as he waits for me to join him on the porch.

Leaning down he presses his lips against mine while cupping my face in his hand. My eyes close while my heart fills with love which he is conveying through his kiss.

My face starts to get warm and I am sure my cheeks are turning pink. I don’t know whether I will ever be able to get over this reaction, whenever he kisses me this reaction remains the same.

“Keep your eyes closed.” He whispers against my lips as he ends the kiss.

Nodding my head, I keep my eyes closed waiting for him to show me whatever he wants.

Moments pass but nothing happens, then suddenly he again kisses me which makes me laugh.

“What?” I laugh pushing him away, but still, keep my eyes shut as he has asked.

“Sorry.” He chuckles caressing my cheek, “I can’t help it, it’s too damn difficult to resist the urge to kiss you especially when your cheeks are tinted in my favorite kind of pink.”

“So, can I open my eyes now?” I ask pressing my lips together internally scolding myself for unable to stop my blush.

“No, keep your eyes closed,” he quickly says and slipping his one arm behind my knees and other around my back he picks me up.

“You are getting heavier,” he says in a teasing tone.

“Your baby is getting heavier.” I slap his chest, which earns me a loud laugh from him.

It is not that I am saying anything wrong, I am just gaining baby weight. So, it is not my weight which is increasing, it is the baby’s weight.

I feel him opening the screen door and step inside the house, I yelp and rub my head when my head bangs against something.

“Shit! Sorry.” He kisses my hair, “I was trying to save your feet from hitting the corner but your head banged against the screen door.”

“It is okay, just put me down before you run into something else,” I say, putting my head on his shoulder.

Discreetly opening my eyes, I try to look where we are going, but Nathan instantly stops.

“Cupcake, I know your eyes are opened,” he says, “You were just giving me butterflies kisses.” He lightly laughs which makes me laugh as well.

Turning my face up, I kiss his jaw. As he walks again, and from my idea and little peeking we have passed the living area.

He puts me down and places his hands on my shoulders.

“Okay, now open your eyes.” He sounds pretty excited and I remind myself even if I don’t like his surprise I will react like it is the best thing which I have ever seen.

But a genuinely shocked gasp leaves from my lips when I open my eyes to a cutely decorated dining area.

He has wrapped fairy lights around the dining table while there are lots of happy birthday balloons covering the entire floor of the room.

“Nathan, this is so freaking cute.” I grin widely as I pick a balloon.

“Okay, I have a confession to make.” He raises his hands in surrender, “I have used Noel’s birthday party props, so it probably doesn’t look romantic but you have to manage.” He laughs.

“I love it.” I threw my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek.

Turning my attention back to the table, I notice mac and cheese, a box of dark chocolates, fruit yogurt, and a bowl of popcorn.

Lately, I have been craving popcorns so it is really sweet of him to keep a bowl of popcorn too.

“I figured you might like these things, as you were not feeling well in the afternoon.” He hesitantly looks at the table, looking unsure of my reaction, “If you want we can order something else too.”

“This is perfect.” Snaking my arm around him, I give him a side hug. “Everything is just perfect.” Glancing up at him, I watch relief passes over his face.

A fond smile forms on my lips, when I look at the baby monitor on the table, showing Noel sleeping his crib.

“He is sleeping so peacefully,” I say in a quiet tone as I might disturb his sleep if I speak any louder.

“Fed and changed, he is a happy baby.” Nathan smiles glancing at Noel. “I just hope he keeps sleeping, so his mama and dada can have some alone time.”

“You have made this?” My eyes widen in shock when I taste mac and cheese, “Seriously, this is so good.”

Nathan is a good helper in the kitchen, as per his words I have trained him well. Because earlier, it would have nothing less then a miracle if he could even boil an egg without making any mess. However, he never actually has made anything all by himself until now. Even though it is a simple mac and cheese, but still, it really a big accomplishment for him.

Although, I am not surprised he has made mac and cheese. As Noel loves mac and cheese, so of course, Nathan had to learn to make it for him. He will actually do anything for him, which brings so much satisfaction in my heart. Because I know he might sometimes mess up as a husband, but he will never mess up as a father.

“Yeah,” Nathan mumbles keeping his eyes on his plate, while there is slight pinkness on his cheeks.

“You are blushing.” I point at his face, “How adorable.” I lightly laugh which makes him glare at me.

“Shut up! And eat the damn food.” He narrows his eyes at me trying to hide the fact that he is embarrassed with my compliment.

Not wanting to pull his leg, stifling my laugh, I continue eating. Raising my eyes, I find him rubbing his cheeks with his hands, and then I can't control my laugh anymore.

“Abigail!” He groans while covering his face, and then even he starts laughing.

“I love you...” I say after my laugh die down as I hold his hand over the table.

“I love you, too.” Lifting my hand, he places a kiss on my hand.

“Give me your hand,” Nathan says after we have finished eating.

“You already have my hand, I married you, remember?” Raising my eyebrows, humorously, I look at him.

“Ha.ha.ha. so funny.” He looks at me with a straight face and then leaning forward he grabs my hand.

Then he places a small box on my palm.

“Open it,” he says when I look at him questioningly.

Opening the box, I find an absolutely beautiful diamond star drop bracelet.

“This is...” I shake my head, trying to find a perfect word, “This is gorgeous.” I sigh while looking at the bracelet.

“Thank you so much.” Walking around the table, I hug him as he pulls me into his lap. “You didn’t have to do all this for me, but I am so grateful for everything which you did.”

“I did nothing for you.” Leaning back, his lips twist in a mischievous smile, his hands are loosely placed on my hips, “I did all this for myself so that you walk straight into my arms all by yourself without giving me any hard time.”

Instead of responding to him with any playful remark, wrapping my arms around his neck, I envelop him in a hug.

He has put so much effort into all these things, that this itself speaks how much he has changed. I could have never expected any such thing from him in the past, but now every day he proves that he is trying hard to be better for me and our family.

“Hey, are you alright?” He asks while moving his hand up and down on my back in slow circles.

“Hmm.” I nod my head unable to speak a word, as I know I will start crying if I say anything.

I am feeling so overwhelmed... and how can I not? He makes me feel so special and loved that sometimes everything just seems like a dream...a beautiful dream.

“It is just that I love you so much that it hurts,” I whisper, swallowing thickly, holding back the tears which are threatening to slip.

His chest rises and falls, as he lets out a sigh while his hold on me tightens.

“I can understand because I feel exactly the same,” He places his face in the crook of my neck, “I could have never imagined I would have loved someone as much as I love you. Then every day my love for you grows, making me realize there still so much love in my heart for you and I want to shower all that love on you.”

People say when the time passes, the love takes a backseat in the relationship. This is something which I never want for us. Our love is the driving force, that not only strengthens our relationship, but it also helps us to overcomes the hurdle which comes in our path.

Holding his face, I kiss him showing how much I love him because words are not enough to express the amount of love my heart carries for him.

Our love before anyone, you and I before everyone.

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