It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 42

“Look who has decided to join us.” Nathan brings Noel from his room who has just woke up from his nap.

“Did you sleep well, mister?” I take Noel from Nathan’s arms and lie him down in my lap while pushing the gift wraps away.

Thankfully, we have just finished wrapping up his birthday gifts before he woke up. I think more than Noel, I and Nathan are excited for his birthday and his gifts.

“I will bring a bottle for him.” Nathan picks the up scissors before Noel’s attention turns to them, then he goes to the kitchen.

“Whose birthday is tomorrow?” I ask tickle Noel who squeals loudly, “Who is turning one tomorrow? Who is going to be a big boy?”

“Yeah, that’s right.” I pepper his face with kisses, “My baby boy.”

“It’s Noel’s happy birthday tomorrow.” I hug him as his laugh warm my heart. “You are going to be a toddler.”

“Here.” Nathan hands me his milk bottle which Noel instantly grabs and starts chugging down.

“He’s so hungry.” I caress his head as he keeps on gulping down milk, “Sorry, last night I forget to give you a bottle before bed.” Holding his hand I kiss it.

I always feed him before putting him to bed, but last night it just slipped from my mind.

“It’s okay Abigail, you were not feeling well last night.” Nathan ruffle my hair when he notices my guilty expression, “Even Noel is not angry with you, see how he is smiling at you.”

When I glance in my lap, I watch Noel smiling at me with a bottle in his mouth.

“I will put an alarm on my phone to give him milk at night,” Nathan says while setting an alarm on his phone, “In case you forget, I will feed him.”

“After he finishes having his bottle, then get ready we have to go for shopping as we need to buy some return gifts.” Nathan reminds me, as he checks the list of the things we still need to buy.

Nathan came up with an idea that we will give thank you letters and gifts from Noel to everyone. Noel already had a blast yesterday writing thank you notes with us, as we made him do finger painting on the papers on which later we wrote thank you notes.

I have noticed Nathan often involves Noel in everything we do when he is around us. Even if he is working he will give Noel blocks or shape matching puzzles. I am sure half of the things Noel doesn’t even understand but still, it is really endearing to watch them interact and spend time with each other.

“Nathan, is my bump showing?” I ask Nathan after changing into a knee-length denim jumper dress.

“You look damn cute, Cutie pie.” Nathan smiles at me as he slips his phone into his pocket.

“Baby bump?” I raise my eyebrows at him waiting for him to answer my actual question.

“Yes, you look even cuter with your tiny bump.” He smiles teasingly while touching my bump.

“Relax.” He chuckles when he notices my frown, “You are not showing much in these clothes.”

“I am worried, I don’t want our family to know somewhere from the outside that I am pregnant.” I sigh, “They will feel hurt, that instead of us they found this out from some outsider.”

“Don’t worry, we have managed to keep this hidden for almost twenty weeks then we can even manage to hide this news for twenty-four more hours.” He kisses my forehead.

“Natalie will freak out when she will see only is the one who is getting two gifts.” I grin excitedly as we make our way to the recently opened eatery after returning from the mall. “But I am sure her reaction will be worth watching when she will figure the second gift is from Baby Knight 2.”

“After what she has done for us, she deserves this gift.” Nathan smiles as he opens the door for me.

Immediately, I am surrounded by the delicious aroma of food, and thank God until now I haven’t smell anything repulsive.

I make Noel sit in my lap while grabbing both of his hands in mine because he is trying to pick up everything within his reach, as Nathan gives our order to the waiter.

Bouncing Noel in my lap, I look around the dining area when my eyes land on a familiar face. I watch Miles’s dad, Joseph, sitting with someone having some kind of serious conversation judging by the frown on his face.

“Is that Joseph, right?” I ask Nathan while subtly pointing in his direction.

“Yeah.” Nathan nods his head, even he notices his grave expression.

“Should we ask him is everything alright or not?” I glance back at Joseph who holding his head in his hands, then at Nathan. “He seems pretty stressed.”

“No, we should not.” He shakes his head, “But I will talk to Miles about this.”

“Do you think the gap between Miles and his father can be bridged?” I give Noel a nacho chip to keep him busy.

Miles comes off as an easy-going person, but we all know he is really serious when it comes to family. And I have noticed how this matter bothers him. So, I just want Miles to be free of his pain because it will not be easy for him to carry this burden forever.

“Abigail, it is really difficult to say.” Nathan sighs, “Miles is deeply affected by his father's abandonment. There are years of pain buried inside his heart, it won’t be easy for him to just forget everything and accept his father in his life as if nothing has happened.”

Being a parent, I don’t think it was right how Joseph overlooked Miles because even though he was grieving the loss of his daughter but he still had his responsibility towards his son. What he did was wrong in my opinion, but then it is Miles’s decision whether he wants to mend their relationship or not. However, I am going to support him in whatever decision he takes.

“But one the other hand, the Miles I know never hold resentment towards anyone for long. And here we are talking about his father, so I do feel sooner or later they will sort out their issues and try to improve their broken relationship.” Nathan adds after a moment.

"I pray whatever the outcome is, we just don't lose our Miles." Letting out a small sigh, I shake my head. "I really love him and I just want him to be happy."

Miles is the person who never fails to bring a smile on everyone's face. He spreads happiness, wherever he goes. I hardly think there is anyone who has met him and didn't like him because he is the type of person whom you can't hate.

"You and me, both, Abigail." Placing his hand on mine, he softly smiles, "He might annoy me to death, but I will not trade him for the world. Miles is the friend who everyone needs in their life and I am fortunate to have such a friend in my life who is more than a brother to me."

Miles and Nathan might have opposite personalities, but one thing which is common between them is their love for each other.

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