It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 43

Morning rolls by and I and Nathan are standing near the crib watching our one-year-old son. And I am sure just like me even Nathan is also recalling the moment when we have met him for the first time.

A moment which I still remember vividly, even now when I think I can still feel him in my hands and my senses flood with his sweet newborn baby smell which I had breathed in while holding him against my chest.

“He is already one,” Nathan whispers glancing at Noel who is unaware of his creepy parents watching him at six in the morning while he is peacefully dreaming probably about Mr.Horsey, his best friend.

“Yeah, he is growing up too fast.” I blink away the tear while smiling, “Slow down baby boy, let mama hold you in her arms a little longer.” I whisper to Noel.

“No, don’t listen to your mama.” Nathan quickly adds, with a low chuckle, “Keep on growing so that dada and you can do our own adventures.”

“I hope that adventures don’t involve girls.” I arch my eyebrow at him, “Because this mama is going to whoop both of your asses if I found out you are teaching him any tricks from your manwhoring days.”

“Geez, woman, not even in my dreams I would want my son to be anything like my old self.” He scoffs, “But of course I want him to be like me, the better me which I have become after meeting you.” He softly adds.

Our conversation is interrupted by the babbling of Noel who is now awake and has rolled over his tummy trying to sit up. He gives us a sleepy smile when he sees us. He looks so cute with his bed hair and pouty lips.

“Happy Birthday, Big Boy!” I grin at him as I take him out of the crib while Nathan is busy taking his pictures. “Happy Birthday, mama’s heart.” I kiss his head, then his cheeks.

Holding him against my chest, I rock him from side to side when he keeps his head on my chest while clutching my shirt tightly into fists.

“Dude, all cuddles for mama.” Nathan raises his eyebrows at Noel, “What about dada? No birthday hugs or kisses for him, huh?”

Kissing Noel’s head a few times, I give him to Nathan because he also deserves Noel’s hugs.

“Wow, Potato, you are already looking so big and you have just turned one hardly a few hours ago.” Nathan laughs as Noel grabs Nathan’s face while squealing. “Happy Birthday, Potato” Nathan smiles at Noel.

On the other hand, Noel just seems to be awestruck by his dada, as he keeps on staring his face like he is the most interesting thing in the world. Honestly, this how he looks at him when he wakes up, many times I have found him staring at Nathan if he wakes up before him.

Although it lasts only for a few minutes as he gets annoyed with the lack of attention and wakes Nathan up by either patting his face or poking his eyes.

“Let’s get this tummy filled with a special birthday breakfast.” Nathan blows raspberries on Noel’s tummy which makes him giggles loudly. "But first let's get you out of this dirty diaper."

As Nathan changes Noel's diaper, I go to the kitchen to ready his special birthday breakfast which includes banana and scrambled egg. Well, this is what he almost eats every day for breakfast but we can call it a special breakfast as that’s what he likes to have apart from his all other favorites like mobile, keys, my hair, etc.

Actually, he mostly loves eating things which he shouldn’t eat. Once I caught him trying to eat the corner of the coffee table. I literally facepalmed myself when another time I saw him empty the bowl of blueberries on the floor then he started chewing the bowl.

But all things aside, even with him behaving like a cuckoo sometimes, I love him more than my life.

After breakfast, Nathan took him for a shower as suddenly during breakfast both Knights engaged in a serious food fight, as both were now covered in remnants of scrambled eggs.

After helping Georgia in cleaning the kitchen much to her dismay, I go my room to lie down for a while as I am feeling slightly tired.

I blink in surprise not realizing I have fallen asleep when I feel my feet being massaged.

“Don’t wake up,” Nathan quietly orders, as he continues to lightly massage my feet, “There is still a lot of time before everyone will arrive.”

“Hmm.” I nod my head and sigh in contentment enjoying the pampering session.

“Your feet are swollen, you should avoid standing for long periods.” He admonishes while working on the muscles of my calves.

“Hmm...” I reply while I am halfway into drifting off to sleep feeling relaxed.

“Nathan.” I open my eyes forcefully and smile at him, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” He smiles back, “But I will love you more if you will listen to me and stop being stubborn.” He adds quietly not wanting me to hear him.

“Hey, what’s that for?” He grabs my foot, to save himself from my second kick, “Why have you kicked me?”

“You only said, you will love me more if I would listen to you.” I yawn, “So I have listened to what you have said, about me being stubborn... so kick was my response to that.”

I didn’t pay much attention to what he has said next, because sleep already consumed my senses.

The moment I finish icing Noel’s birthday cake, I hear the front door opening as everyone has started to arrive. The house which was somewhat quiet is suddenly filled with loud chatter of our families.

“Godaddy is here, but I don’t see my godson anywhere.” Miles’s voice makes me laugh.

“Oh, I see my godson’s beautiful mama.” He smiles and walks towards.

“How are you doing?” He gives me a side hug, obviously still concerned about me because of my miscarriage.

“Great,” I answer him while brightly smiling at him.

“Keep smiling like this.” He lightly pinches my cheek and laughs when I swat his hand away.

“Where is Natalie?” I ask because only she is not here as the rest of the others have arrived.

“She has gone to exchange Noel’s gift, as the shop has delivered the wrong package, that’s why she is running late,” He informs with a shrug, “But don’t worry, I have called her she is already on her way."

“Where is the birthday boy?” Keeping his hands on his hips, he looks around, "I can't find him here."

“He is outside with Nathan, I was decorating his cake and he was being cranky and not letting me decorate it. So Nathan took him outside.” I sigh, but I can’t hold back my laugh when Miles starts eating the leftover cream.

“What?” He raises his eyebrows, “Never let the goodness go waste.” He winks.

“Okay, now, I will go and meet my Noel.” He kisses my hair then he heads outside from the back door where Noel’s birthday party set up is.

Peeking outside, I watch Noel being showered with love and affection as everyone wishes him. I am sure he is just enjoying all the attention, having zero clues about why everyone has gathered here.

It almost looks like they are playing pass the parcel and Noel is the parcel. As he keeps on going from one person’s arms to another.

Hannah meets me after she has changed her kids into their swimwear as they were driving her insane to go in the water. While mom and Alice took over the kitchen to make sure everything is in order while Georgia is assisting them.

“First birthdays are so special, right?” Hannah smiles at me, “I still remember how you had dived into your cake headfirst on your first birthday.” She laughs, even though I obviously don’t remember this but I have heard this story enough times that I almost feel like I have seen myself doing that.

“I strictly told mom and dad to keep you away from my birthday cake, as I knew you would do the same thing with my birthday cake also. As you were crazy about cakes.” She shakes her head, still laughing.

“Doesn’t it feel weird that there was a time when we were just carefree kids? And look at us now, we have our own kids who make sure we can never be carefree again by giving us these mini heart attacks from time to time.” She exhales a long breath. But her tone is not complaining, it is only filled with warmth.

Suddenly, she stops talking and narrows her eyes as she mutters something to herself.

“If my kids are silent it means they are planning something.” She raises her eyebrows and shakes her head, “I will go and check what are they up to before someone becomes victims of their mischief.” She quickly rushes outside.

I smile thinking about my two baby boys, while involuntarily my hand travels to my bump. I can’t wait to watch Noel playing with his baby brother. I know they will be best friends and will always look after each other.

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