It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 44

“You really hate cake this much, Noel?” I make a fake pout as I take my cake and a sand-covered baby inside the house.

The cake smashing was really smashing... he actually killed the cake. We didn’t even have to encourage him to smash the cake, Nathan placed the cake in front of him and then boom... Noel’s fists were crushing the cake.

It was an amusing yet slightly painful sight for me... as the cake lover in me was shedding small tears every time Noel pulverize the cake between his hands.

However, when the cake looked nothing like before, sand grabbed Noel’s attention and he crawled like a rocket towards the sand. Even before we can catch him he was playing with sand.

Now along with cake, he is even covered in sand from head to buttcrack.

“Bathtime.” Placing him on the bathroom counter, I start to wipe his body with tissues first before I give him a bath.

After giving him a bath, which took longer than I would have thought, I am feeling tired. After every two-three hours, I need to lie down for a while because I feel drained, something which I haven’t experienced when I was having Noel.

Rocking Noel in my arms, I try to put him to sleep as he is getting cranky because even he is feeling tired. However, suddenly I experience a sharp pain in my abdomen making my grip on Noel a little tighter.

It slowly fades away after a moment, when I don’t feel any discomfort or pain again I get relaxed because in my previous pregnancy too I have suffered from these cramps.

There is a soft knock on the door, and then a moment later door opens and Georgia peeks her head inside.

“Do you need anything?” She asks as she walks inside the room, “Mr. Knight asked me to check on you and to ask if you need anything as it has been a while since you came inside.”

“Thank you, Georgia.” I smile at her as my heart warms with Nathan’s concern, “I am fine, but can you please bring Noel bottle? He is sleepy and hungry.”

“Sure, I will bring his bottle right away.” She smiles, “I will tell everyone you are putting him to sleep so it will take a while for you to join everyone.”

I smile at her gratefully, as she leaves the room. Noel prefers sleeping in silence, he likes it when I or Nathan quietly talk to him while putting him to sleep.

It is really sweet that he loves listening to our voices while falling to sleep. He keeps on watching our faces until his eyes become droopy and then just like that he falls asleep.

After giving him a bottle, I lie down on the bed with him snuggled on my side as he is not ready to let me go. Whenever I put him down he instantly wakes up and starts crying, even I am feeling tired so I take this opportunity to rest a little.

Only a few moments have passed when I hear a very faint knock, I lift my head to see mom quietly walking inside, she smiles when she looks at me.

She keeps her finger to her lips silencing me when I am about to speak as she nods her head towards Noel who is now asleep. Silently, she sits beside me and kisses my head which brings a smile on my face.

“I am sorry, you all are outside and I am here.” I speak in a very hushed tone, “He is not ready to leave me.” I smile at Noel who is still clutching the front of my shirt tightly in his fist even though he has fallen asleep.

“For a mother, the only thing matters is her children, everything else is secondary.” She runs her fingers through my hair which instantly makes me feel relaxed, “So, there is nothing to be sorry about when you are looking after your child.”

"I just came to see you, because you were looking tired," she says while she continues to caress my hair.

“I love you, mom.” I sigh and holding her hand I kiss it.

“And I love you, too, sweetheart.” She softly smiles at me, “Now go to sleep, as it looks like you need it.”

“Can you please stay with me?” I ask while still holding her hand tightly in mine, not wanting her to go.

“Of course.” She nods her head with a smile, “You take care of your baby, and I will take care of mine.” She settles beside me start humming while running her fingers in my hair just like she used to do when she would put me to sleep when I was a small girl.

I smile at the fond memory while I again feel like her small girl. Slowly my eyes start to close as I fall into a peaceful slumber.

“I am really nervous.” I hold Nathan’s hand as everyone settles in the living room after we had dinner, “I hope they don’t get mad that we haven’t told them earlier.” I bite my lip.

We are about to reveal our pregnancy to everyone as we have planned.

“Relax, they might be shocked but other than that they are going to be happy.” Nathan casually drapes an arm around my shoulder.

I somehow manage to hide my bump from everyone, well, half of the credit goes to Noel who the entire time clung to me like a baby monkey until Natalie took him to show him the ‘Big Horsey’ she brought for him. So anyone barely noticed my bump.

“You okay?” Nathan frowns and touches my face, “You looking pale.”

“Pale?” I touch my face feeling confused, as I looked just fine when I check myself in the mirror some time ago.

My eyes widen in shock when he turns my face to him while grabbing my jaw and kisses me.

Abruptly, he pulls back and glances at my face which is slowly turning warm, my normal reaction after every time he kisses me.

“Now you are not looking pale.” He smiles a satisfied smile as he caresses my slightly pink cheeks, “This color was missing from your face.” He pecks my lips again.

I slap his chest realizing that he was just messing with me as he starts to laugh.

“Idiot!” I shake my head at him while slightly smiling.

Noel and Ryan were entertaining everyone with their serious baby-talk when we join everyone in the living room.

“Thank you, for being a part of our special day and making Noel’s birthday so memorable,” Nathan speaks as he glances at everyone, “Noel wants to thank you all by giving you small gifts and a thank you note, just to show how much he loves you all.” He picks up Noel when he starts making grabby hands at him.

Nathan places Noel in my lap and brings gifts that we have bought for everyone.

Noel squirms down from my lap and then he tries to stand while grabbing my knees.

“Natalie you will open your gifts in the last,” Nathan tells Natalie as he hands everyone their gifts.

“Gifts?” Miles looks at Nathan in shock, “You have given her two gifts, while I got just one. That’s not fair, dude!” He mocks a hurt.

“Don’t be jelly, Miley.” Natalie flips her hair over her shoulder.

“Okay, please, everyone open your gifts before we witness a catfight between Natalie and Miley.” Nathan interrupts before Miles can say anything which makes Miles scowl at him and mouth some colorful words at Nathan.

“Awww... how cute!” Hannah places her hand over her heart, as she looks at the thank you note with Noel’s finger painting, “Noel, I love you.” She cooes at Noel.

“This is so sweet.” Alice smiles as she looks at the photo frame, with her and Noel’s first picture, “Look, Richard, he is so small.” She taps Richard’s arm who is already watching his photo with Noel which we clicked at the hospital.

We gifted everyone a photo frame with the first photo they had with Noel. And we also brought some toys and books for the kids, but we will give them later as they are sleeping now.

“But why the other frame is empty?” Mom asks as she looks at the empty frame of the double photo frame.

“We are going to put his first birthday picture in the second frame,” Hannah says.

“Um, no... keep that frame empty for some time.” I smile, “You will get the second picture to place in that frame soon.”

“Can I now open my gifts?” Natalie sounds impatient.

“Yeah, go ahead.” I nod my head.

“No, not that one, the other one first.” I shake my head when she is about to open the second gift, “This gift is from someone else.”

She looks confused, but shrugs and opens the first gift.

“This is beautiful.” She blinks her tears, as she looks at the picture, where Noel is sleeping in her arms while she is looking at him with a fond look.

“Now it is time for the second gift,” I say while I slip my hand in Nathan’s hand as excitement bubbles inside me.

She looks at the picture for some more moments, then she places it down and unwraps the second gift.

"What?!" She looks inside the box while a tear slips from her eye as she looks back and forth between the box and us, "Are you..." She looks at me in shock, unable to complete her question.

While everyone looks at her in confusion trying to figure out the reason behind her reaction.

Nathan gives my hand a squeeze and kisses my temple as he smiles at me.

Swallowing my emotions, I walk to her and hold her hand in mine.

"Will you be my Fairy Hot Mother?" I smile, as my voice chokes with emotions, placing her hand on my bump while my own tears fall from my eyes.

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