It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 45

I give Natalie’s hand a light squeeze and laugh at her shocked expression as she is just staring at my bump unblinkingly, I glance at Nathan to find him looking at Natalie while trying to stifle his laugh.

Taking out the necklace, from the box, I clasp it around Natalie’s neck and placing my hands on her shoulders I turn her around to face everyone, who are giving us a dumbfounded look while mom is silently crying covering her mouth with her hands.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here I present you the Fairy Hot Mother of another Baby Knight.” I hold my bump and with the other hand, I hold Natalie’s hand.

When I was having Noel, at that time only Nathan and I have decided that Natalie and Miles will be the godparents of all our children. As both of them are really important to us, even though we don’t share any blood relation with them, but they are nothing less than our family.

Since the rest of the family will be related to our children, we wanted to give a name to the bond both Miles and Natalie will share with our children. And nothing could have been more special than giving them the responsibility of our children, by making them their godparents.

“Oh, My God!” Hannah shrieks and rushes to me and engulfs me in a big hug while saying something unintelligent, from which I can only make out the words baby, auntie, and cute.

She kisses my cheeks, as she releases me as mom and Alice hugs me the next. Soon everyone congratulates us, while Miles punches Nathan for not telling him sooner that he’s about to become a Goddaddy.

“Why are there these devil horns in the pendant?” Hannah points out with a small laugh as she glances at Natalie’s necklace.

I chose a personalized name necklace with fairy wings, for her, but Nathan added devil horns to the design, as well, saying these would suit her more.

“Ask Nathan, he was the one who wanted them to add these horns.” I shrug and jerk my thumb towards Nathan.

“Are you sure there is a real baby in there?” Natalie touches my bump, looking like an idiot.

I slapped my forehead while Hannah rubs her hand on Natalie’s arm shaking her head at her as she silently laughs. Sometimes Natalie turns a little dumb, which makes her look cute. And on such rare occasions, Hannah and I do have a lot of fun teasing her.

However, when I hear Nathan loudly clearing his throat, I immediately know he is about to say something obnoxious without caring about our company.

"Of course there is. Well, I am the one who has put-"

“Yes, Natalie, there is a baby boy in there.” I quickly interrupt him before he can complete that sentence as I turn my head to glare at Nathan who shrugs with a smug look as he notices the deep shade of pink appearing on my cheeks.

She looks at me then starts laughing realizing how stupid she is acting or probably getting what Nathan was about to say or seeing my flushed face. Both are equally shameless. No question about that.

"I am a fuc-" She clears her throat and glances at Mom who is arching an eyebrow at her, "I am so stupid." She smiles meekly looking at mom.

Mom laughs at her, which makes her sigh in relief knowing that she will not be forced to wash her mouth with soap.

“Another boy?” Alice smiles looking at me.

“Yes, we are expecting another baby boy.” I smile as my eyes shift to Nathan who is now beaming with joy.

After everyone settled down, I can sense their happiness but there are some questions too. However, I am not surprised that Natalie was the one who asked what everyone wants to know, but they are being polite not to dampen our happiness by asking it. However, when it comes to Natalie she never hesitates to ask what others are not able to, a quality which I love about her.

"So, the miscarriage?" She asks as she plays with Noel who is busy trying to chew her necklace. She smiles at him and places a loud kiss on his cheek which makes him laugh.

Hannah has gone to put Ryan to bed with the kids and as he was getting antsy.

A fond smile stretches my lips when I look at them, and I know we have made the best decision by choosing to make her our children's Godmother because anyone can see the love she has for Noel.

"I am carrying twins." My smile turns rueful and I bite my lips when my pair sear inside my heart, "One in my heart and one in my womb." Tears line in my eyes, but I never let the smile leave my lips.

Nathan pulls me to his side and he kisses my hair. Closing my eyes, I gather my emotions and let out a sigh.

"Thank you, Natalie." He glances at Natalie, who is blinking her tears knowing why he is thanking her, "Because of you our baby will not just be a part of us, but he will also be a part of our world." He smiles at her.

She doesn't say anything, she brings Noel closer to her and hugs him. Her eyes meet mine as a faint smile is settled on her lips.

I don't need words to understand what she is trying to say. Her gesture alone speaks how much she loves them.

"Am I losing my importance in this circle?" Miles pipes in looking between us, "I am feeling unloved." He makes a fake hurt face.

"Don't worry, Miles, I love you." I smile at him, "You will always be my favorite-"

"Loser," Nathan adds interrupting me.

Not a moment has passed, when Nathan is smacked by a throw pillow.

"You are dead." Nathan glares at the smirking Miles and picks up another throw pillow from behind me and hits him with it.

He doesn't get a chance to move when the pillow hits him the face.

Soon we witnessed two adults, having a serious pillow fight in the middle of the room.

"I am posting this on my social media!" Natalie snickers and record them holding her phone in one hand while Noel is settled on her hip babbling like crazy being thoroughly entertained by them.

"Who can say that these two have their own children?" Alice sighs and shakes her head at them. "Sometimes I feel Noel and Ryan are more mature than these two idiots."

I nod my head completely agreeing with her.

"Stop!" I scream angrily at both of them when my living room floor is covered with feathers, "Both of you, go to your room right now!" I place my hands on my hips as I glare at them.

"Not a word!" I clench my jaws when Nathan opens his mouth to say something, "Both of you, out!" I point at the door.

Miles runs his hand through his hair removing feathers from them. They both look at each other as they walk out of the mess they have created.

"Sorry, Mom!" Nathan yells at me, as they both started laughing and soon everyone else joins them.

Everyone but me, as I fuming looking at the condition of my living room.

Note to self: I am not letting my boys ruin my house ever, They can fight like wolves, but not inside my house. NEVER.

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