It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 47

Miles POV

Natalie took Ryan to her dad's house, he was missing her. They will probably spend the weekend with him and help him settle in his new house. He recently shifted into a new house which is closer to our as he wants to stay closer to his daughter and grandson.

Even though she offered me to come with her, but I declined it as I want them to spend some time alone. I know even Natalie misses her dad, so I don't want to interrupt father-daughter time.

Since I am at home, I decide to gather some information related to resorts and also searched for some best location to open a resort. After going all the finances that I would need to cover to start a resort business, I decided to run down the idea of opening a resort with Nathan. He is really good when it comes to taking such a decision, and it is no harm in getting his opinion on this matter.

Moreover, I am missing Abigail so it would be good to meet her as well. It has been more a month since I have last seen her, last time we met was at Noel's birthday and since then I have got busy with work that I never got a chance to meet her. However, I do check up on her by calling her as often as I can.

When I said she is like my sister, I never said just for the sake of saying. I truly mean it.

Abigail and Natalie are the two most important women in my life. And I would do whatever is in my power to make sure they are always happy.

Abigail has gone through some rough phase in her life and even when I think about it, my blood boils. There were days when I used to see her with a troubled look in her eyes and wished how I had met her sooner so that I could have probably saved her from going through all that pain.

Because that's what brothers are supposed to do, right? Protect their siblings, especially their sisters from all the harm.

It took nearly twenty minutes' drive to reach at Nathan's and Abigail's place, and I am already excited to meet her and my Godbaby.

I love that kid, even when he ignores me just like his dad.

He is truly Nathan's mini-me.

I slip my hand inside my pocket after ringing the doorbell, as I wait for them to open the door.

Nathan answers the door, and as soon as I step inside I watch Abigail rushing towards me which brings a wide smile on my face.

I notice there are dark circles under her eyes as her stomach looks slightly rounder than last time which is obvious as I have met her a month ago.

"Miles." She throws her arms around me, trying to hug me as best as she can with her growing bump, "Thank God, you are here." She sighs sounding upset.

"What's wrong?" I wrap my arm around her shoulder and kiss her head.

Turning around I glare at Nathan ready to knock him out if he had done anything stupid which has hurt her.

"Nothing, just no one appreciates the grilled chicken the way you do." She pouts as Nathan shakes his head at her.

"Grilled chicken?" I grin, "It means I came right on time."

I love food, and I have no shame in admitting it. I am all up for healthy eating, but one should not deprive their taste buds of the delicious goodness too.

"Yes, correct on time. I made grilled chicken for lunch and I was missing you so badly." She smiles at me as we all walk into the kitchen.

"I am sorry, I didn't get much time to come to meet you." I smile at her apologetically.

"It's okay, Miles." She places a plate in front of me, "I know you were busy and even then you almost called me every next day."

"What the fuck." Nathan glares at me, "When I have asked you to call me, you said you don't have time as you are busy. And you got time to call her almost daily?"

"Sister over fucker." I shrug, as I help myself with the chicken and nearly moan when I take the first bite because it tastes so damn good.

"This is damn perfect, Abigail." I swallow quickly, to take another bite, "I can spend the rest of my life only having this, three times a day, and even then I would not be fed up with eating this."

"Really?" Her face brightens as she smiles widely.

"Of course, but only if you are the one makes it, because no one can beat your grilled chicken." I wink at her, which makes her laugh.

My eyes move to Nathan who is giving her a fond look, but I do notice the hint of worry in his eyes.

He always gets worried about her especially when it comes to her health. By judging his worry, I can tell this pregnancy is being hard on Abigail.

"So, what brings you here other than the smell of food?" Nathan asks, as Abigail sits beside him and starts eating from his plate while her plate remains untouched.

Nathan discreetly adds more food to his plate and pushes it towards Abigail's side so that she can eat more without even noticing it.

"Nothing, serious." I shake my head, "Just want your opinion about starting a resort."

"Okay, we will talk about this after lunch." He nods his head, "Even I need to talk to you about something important," he says as Abigail and he shares a look.

"Everything alright?" I instantly become alert as my eyes travel to Abigail as my first thought is there is something wrong with her.

"I am fine, Miles." She dismisses me with a small laugh, "Only this little guy is giving me a little hard time." She places her hand on her stomach.

"But nothing to worry about." She smiles easing my worry as her smile looks genuine not forced, "Nathan wants to talk to you about something else."

"A little hard time?" Nathan arches an eyebrow at her.

"Oh shush, he can trouble me all he wants, just like his brother." She slaps his arm, as she fondly rubs her bump, "I am his mommy if he won't trouble me then whom he is going to trouble?"

Nathan grumbles something under his breath as he shakes his head at her.

My eyes connect with Nathan's as he lets out a small sigh and shakes his head, silently requesting me not to ask anything now.

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