It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 51

Nathan's POV

The moment when squealing, groaning, and babbling is not just meaningless sound, is the moment you have truly mastered the language of your child.

For others, I might look crazy when I have a full-fledge conversation with my son, but if you are a parent you will know that communicating with your child has nothing to do with the words.

The meaning of every squeal is different, in the same way, every cry is not because of discomfort, sometimes it just means that your little one is bored and you have to become a monkey to entertain them.

However, now my son has taken the duty to entertain me as he is making all those faces which he makes when he finds anything amusing.

"Ah..." Noel stretches his hand in the direction of his toy box and half leans away from Abigail's lap.

"Yes, Noey, that's a horsey." She smiles softly and points at the stuffed horse which grabbed his attention after he has finished enjoying his evening snack.

"Mamama..." He blabbers as he looks at the horse then back at Abigail.

"Yes, mama also loves horsey, just like Noel loves him." She kisses his cheek and picks up the stuffed horse.

As soon as she hands him the horse, he squeals and starts jumping in Abigail's lap.

"Yeah... jump...jump... jump." She claps her hands, which makes Noel squeal even louder.

I crack a smile looking at the two goofballs who are my world.

Settling the laptop on the side, I move to sit beside them because even I want to be a part of this jump... jump fun.

We all played together, and I was happy to see the carefree look on Abigail's face. She is on complete bed rest until her delivery, which sometimes becomes too much for her. She sometimes starts crying because she feels useless, she wants to go for baby shopping and decorate baby's nursery as she did for Noel, but this time it is not possible. Even though we have done all the shopping online for baby clothes and baby stuff, but she says it is not the same.

So seeing her smile even makes me happy.

"Awww... thank you." Abigail cooes as Noel cuddles with her.

I can't stop myself from laughing as he is practically sitting on top of his brother.

Sometimes I feel he thinks the baby bump is a ball because he tries to hold it.

"No... No..." Abigail tries to hold Noel's hand as suddenly he starts hitting her.

"Noel," I sternly say and grabs his hands in mine, "No."

He instantly quietens for a moment then he starts crying.

"No, Abigail." I glare at her as she tries to calm him.

"You don't hit mama." I take him from Abigail's arms and look at him seriously, "We always have to be sweet to mama."

His cries stop as he looks at me seriously as if he is understanding my every word, which I am sure he does. Because just like parents, even children understand what their parents mean even when they don't exactly understand their words.

"We have to be gentle with mama, and gives her hugs and kisses, okay?" I nod my head at him.

He pouts noticing my serious expression.

Some other time, I would have given in instantly but there are times when we have to be stern. It is not easy being a parent, but you have to do what is right.

"Now give mama a kiss and hug her." I turn Noel to Abigail who is looking like she is just seconds away from crying, "Be her good Noey."

When I bring him closer to Abigail and he quickly goes to her, mostly trying to be away from me.

Abigail kisses him and hugs him closer as even he snuggles to her chest. Looking like a perfectly cute, snuggly bunny.

I kiss his head while wrapping my arm around both of them.

"I don't like it when you scold him." Abigail mumbles, "But I know you are just trying to teach him the right thing."

"But next time don't scold him in front of me, because I am going to smack your head with a frying pan for making my Noey cry." She pouts angrily as she glances at me while clutching Noel tightly.

"Okay." I kiss her pout, smiling at her.

This means I am going to be the bad guy, between both of us.

Abigail has entered into her seventh month, I am feeling relieved and anxious both at the same time. Relieved because two more are left and anxious because two more months are left.

I just can't wait to hold Baby Knight in my arms.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Abigail places her head on my shoulder, trying to peek at my laptop screen.

"I am looking for some ideas for the baby's nursery." I kiss her head and turn the laptop to her, "I am thinking we should paint the nursery in green color, what do you say?"

"Green, I like it." She nods her head after thinking for a moment, "It will look serene and calm, yet refreshing."

"I love it." She lifts her head and smiles at me, "We can make forest theme nursery, just like Noel have a mountain theme."

"Great..." I smile, "Tomorrow, I will start working on the nursery, because I want to work on it myself, just we have worked on Noel's nursery."

"Even you can decorate the nursery, just by sitting and ordering me." I quickly add, when a frown starts to appear on her face as she needs to rest almost all the time.

"Thank you..." She softly smiles at me, "Thank you for doing so much to keep me happy. I want to tell you that I really appreciate everything you do for me, and all this means a lot to me." She holds my hand and kisses my hand.

"Your happiness will always be my priority, Abigail." I caress her face, "I just want to fulfill all your wishes. Because the gift you are giving me is worth everything."

"First you gave me Noel, and now our second baby." I kiss her head, "If I bring the world to you, even then it will be nothing in front of the pain you have endured and sacrifices which you have made to give me this happiness."

Both of her pregnancies were not easy, especially this one, but not even once I have seen her complaining about anything. Sometimes, she is too weak even to get up from bed but even then smile never leaves her face as she says it is all worth it.

"I can't imagine how even after being in constant pain you can smile." I raise my eyebrows while shaking my head.

"Nathan, feel this," She whispers and places my hand on her bump and I feel the baby moving.

My heart swells with love for our unborn child and I know there is nothing which I wouldn't do for him.

"You have felt him just for a moment now, and your eyes shining with love for him." She places her hand on mine, "And I am living with this feeling, that is enough to bring a smile on my face amid all the pain. Even though each day brings a new challenge for me, but I know every challenge is bringing me closer to the moment when I will be able to hold him." She smiles fondly as she gently caresses her bump.

"Our boys are lucky to have you as a mother." I engulf her in a hug, tucking her head under my chin, "And I am blessed that you are mine."

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