It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 52

Miles POV

Parking my car outside the building, I wait for the meeting to be over.

Today is Dad’s AA meeting since I was around I thought I should just meet him as well.

There is definitely an improvement in our relationship. For the past week, he almost calls me daily and I even took him for dinner as Natalie suggested it will make him happy.

She has been really supportive of my decision and believes I did the right thing. However, I know she even had a private word with my dad, after which he looked quite pale.

Knowing my dear wife, she has definitely told him what she is going to do with him if he hurt my feelings in any way.

One thing which I love about her is her protective nature. She is really protective of her family and her loved ones. However, when it comes to me add some possessiveness to that protective nature.

And man, do I love protective Natalie?

I think it makes her a hundred times hotter.

A gurgling sound coming from the backseat, makes me turn to look at Ryan. He grins looking up from his soggy biscuit when he sees my face.

“Dada...” He offers me the drool covered half biscuit.

When I am about to take the biscuit from his hand he keeps it inside his mouth while giggling loudly.

Definitely my son.

Natalie is visiting Abigail, as she wants to help her with my second Godbaby’s nursery, so I brought Ryan with me as both Noel and Ryan would have been too much for them to handle.

Since both Ryan and Noel have learned to navigate through the house, most of the time they are constantly on the move. Discovering new things to give their parents a heart attack.

It has been more than ten minutes since we have come here and now Ryan has started to get fussy as he hates being restricted in his seat for a longer period of time.

Thankfully, I watch Dad coming out of the building with some other guys probably other members of the group.

“Dad!” I step outside the car and call him.

Surprise expression crosses his face as he looks around, then a wide smile appears on his face when his eyes find me.

I watch him quickly saying goodbye to the others as he makes his way towards me. I smile and nod in greeting when other guys glance in my direction. They wave and smile back at me, returning my gesture.

“What are you doing here?” Dad asks looking pleasantly surprised, “I didn’t know you were coming.”

“I was just passing from here when I recall you have mentioned about your meeting, so I thought to meet you.” I slip my hands in my pants pockets and shrug.

Before he can say anything, our attention shifts to a very cranky baby who has just announced his displeasure with a loud angry cry.

“Oh, no!” I quickly open Ryan’s side door and take him out of his car seat as I bounce him in my arms.

“It is is okay...” I kiss his cheek while bouncing him, but he continues to cry.

“Give him to me.” Dad smiles and extends his arms towards Ryan.

But Ryan clutches me tightly and starts crying even louder when dad tries to take him from my arms.

“Ryan look at this.” Dad takes out his glasses and shows it to him.

His cry slightly quietens down as he stares at the glasses curiously.

But when he tries to grab it, Dad quickly wears them.

For some reason, he finds this funny and starts laughing.

When this time Dad extends his arms towards him, he keeps on staring at his face then after a moment he goes to him.

But as soon as he is in Dad’s arms, he pulls his glasses from his face and then he leans towards me while making a grabby hand.

“Smart kid.” Dad laughs as he looks at Ryan.

“Smart just like his dad,” I reply smugly.

“No, you were not a smart kid. Funny? Yes, but definitely not smart.” He shakes his head at me with a chuckle.

“Once I had stuck a cream cookie on your forehead and after that, you kept on crying and searching for that cookie.” He laughs, “And you were the one who asked me to stick that cookie to your head.”

My cheeks tint in embarrassment because this incident proves that I was dumb in childhood.

“You were a meanie if I was in your place and Ryan has asked me something like this I would have never done that.” I cross my arms defensively.

“Oh, yeah?” He arches an eyebrow clearly not believing what I had said.

“Yes.” I curtly nod my head.

“Whatever you say.” He sighs still not believing me.

We sit in a small icecream shop because Dad wanted to take Ryan for icecream since he knows Ryan loves ice cream a lot.

Dad comes back and places ice cream in front of Ryan and he instantly scoops some ice cream in his hand and starts eating it.

Things are, actually, about get messier as Ryan mostly gives himself a face massage using icecream.

“Here.” Dad places an ice cream bowl in front of me which has one scoop of almost every flavor that the shop has to offer.

My eyebrows raise in surprise as my eyes travel from the bowl to dad who is smiling at me.

“Dad, what’s this?” I ask with a chuckle.

“When you were a kid and whenever I used to take you out for ice cream, you used to demand to try every ice cream flavor.” He smiles with a distant look in his gaze as if he is remembering something, “Your mom used to get so angry on me for letting you eat so much ice cream, but I always used to say to her that you are my son so of course, I would fulfill your every demand.” His eyes shine with unshed tears, as regret passes through them.

“Let’s not talk about that.” Swallowing he shakes his head, as he turns to look to Ryan with a fond smile, “Let’s focus on our present.”

“I will live your childhood through your son.” He wipes Ryan’s mouth with a napkin, “I will not mess up my second chance.”

I can’t help but smile when Dad eats ice cream from Ryan’s hand when he extends his ice cream covered hand towards him.

Then cleaning his hands and mouth once again, Dad takes a spoon and starts feeding him.

“Do I have to feed you as well, Miles?” Dad glances at me, “Because I will not mind feeding my son and grandson at the same time.”

Without caring about anything, I open my mouth. He chuckles and feeds me a spoonful of ice cream.

“Grow up, Miles, now you are a father of a child.” He shakes his head at me, with an affectionate look in his eyes.

“But I will always be your child,” I answer without missing a beat.

“True, for me you will always be my child, and I promise I will not let my child down again.” He gives me a teary, but heartfelt smile.

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