It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 53

"Thank you." I gratefully smile at Nathan, when he places a pillow behind my back when he notices my discomfort.

Kissing my hair, he went back to his work while I continue with my meeting. Nearly, after an hour the meeting ends, making me realize this would be my last working day until I came back from my break.

Because officially from now I am going on my maternity leave. Finally, I have entered into my thirty-fourth week. A few more weeks then I will have this troublemaker in my arms.

Smiling, I caress my belly while imagining holding my baby.

I have been on bed rest for the last two months since it is nearly impossible for me not to do anything so I decided to continue to work for a few hours from home. As I would have been on the bed most of the time, so continuing my work would bring some sense of normalcy in my life.

Nathan was supportive of my decision, but his only condition was that I will not work more than four hours a day. Honestly, I feel tired so quickly that it's nothing but a miracle that I managed to work for four hours.

Even Nathan has taken leave from the office, and just going occasionally to the office when it is something urgent. Otherwise, most of the time he works from home.

Even though I love working, but now I just want to enjoy these last weeks of my pregnancy before life will become beautiful chaotic with two kids.

"Here, give it to me." Nathan takes the laptop from my hand when he notices me struggling to put it on the side table. After plugging my laptop on charge as he knows I mostly forget charging it, he goes to the kitchen.

He has proved to be a great help because he is not only taking care of Noel, but he is also helping me in every way he can.

Clenching my eyes, I blow out a breath as I feel a cramp in my lower abdomen. I have been having these cramps for some days, but nothing serious so I haven't told Nathan about them. I keep on inhaling and exhaling waiting for it to pass, but Noel's cry makes me forget about my cramps and my backache.

Nathan brings screaming Noel in the living room and my heart clenches when I see fat tears rolling down his cheeks.

"I think he got scared." Nathan hands me Noel and immediately he clutches me tightly, "when he found himself alone in a different room when he woke up from a mid nap."

Nathan is lowering Noel's crib as now he can stand up with the help of the bars. And before he can learn to climb out of it, Nathan decided to lower it.

That's why I have put him down on a nap in the spare room because Nathan was working on his crib.

"It's okay, bubba." I hug him as I rub his back trying to console him, "You are okay." Shifting him slightly in my arms, I caress his cheek while wiping his tears.

Pressing my lips to his forehead, I hold him against my chest because this will calm him quickly. Just as I have expected he calms down soon but shows no sign of leaving me. Not that I want to put him down from my arms.

Lowering my head, I continuously kiss his soft hair while rocking him side to side as he silently rests his head against my chest and I know soon he will fall back to sleep.

Nathan chuckles which turns my attention to him.

"What?" I ask while slightly smiling.

"He is practically sitting on top of his brother." Nathan points at my bump, raising his eyebrows in amusement.

Even I start to laugh when I realize he is saying correct because Noel is sitting on my bump.

"Well, it is not his fault that his brother is coming in between him and his mama." I shrug and lightly squeeze Noel.

But I suck in a sharp breath when I feel a contraction. Instantly, I focus on my breathing because I have been having contractions along with cramps for some time.

Nathan takes Noel from my arms as I rub my belly, I don't know if it actually works in managing the pain but it feels good.

"What's wrong?" Nathan looks at me with concerned filled eyes, while Noel has started to cry again because of being separated from me.

He cries loudly while leaning towards me, as Nathan holds him securely in his arms.

"Nothing, just Braxton hicks." I exhale a breath through my mouth, then I hold my arms for Noel.

"You just lie down, I will take care of him." Nathan shakes his head.

"Nathan, please, give him to me," I demand softly, as Noel's cries are hurting me more than anything.

Reluctantly, he places Noel in my arms as he sits beside me and gently massages my back because he knows I have been suffering from back pain as well.

Not even fifteen minutes have passed, I feel another contraction and at the same time, I feel baby kicking which causes me to flinch as now these kicks are getting stronger, and sometimes they hurt.

"I will put him to bed in our room, then I will come and take you to the room as well." Nathan places a kiss on my neck then he stands up.

Carefully, he takes Noel from my arms as he has fallen asleep again. After settling Noel against his shoulder, he goes to our bedroom.

I am not allowed to walk much as the doctor advised me to limit my activity as much as possible. However, small walks like from the bed to the bathroom and vice versa, are allowed. Since it is impossible to be stay caged in one room all the time, so sometimes Nathan carries me to the living room or Noel's room where he has placed a single bed so that I can rest there as well.

Another contraction hits me, however, this time it is intense than previous ones. My heart starts to panic because I don't find this normal because usually, I have these contractions once in a while not this frequent.

Holding my stomach a small whimper leaves my lips when a sharp pain shoots inside me, and I already realize where all this heading towards. Tears start to flow from my eyes as fear grips my heart because this can't be happening.

"Please, no." I cry from pain or fear I don't know, maybe from both.

"Nathan!" I yell while tears stream down my face continuously as with each passing moment my heart is sinking inside my chest. I feel the baby moving as well as another contraction hits me with full force.

No, it is too soon.

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