It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 54

Not even a second later, Nathan dashes inside the living room.

His eyes widen with panic when he notices my tears stricken face.

My lip quivers as another set of tears pools in my eyes, as soon as he kneels in front of me.

“What’s going on? Are you in pain?” His eyes shifting between my face and my bump.

Before I can speak anything, another whimper leaves my mouth as pain flares inside my stomach.

“It is too soon.” I cry closing my eyes while wrapping my arms around my bump as if I am trying to protect my precious baby.

The pain in which I am feeling closely resembles labor pain, but at the same time, it is much more intense. This wasn’t how I have felt last when I had Noel. This hurts way more than that. And this is scaring me.

“It hurts,” I manage to say through my teeth.

I don’t know, what is hurting me the most the ache which is piercing my heart with the fear of the unknown, or the pain which is consuming my body.

Nathan’s face pales understanding what is happening, but he quickly composes himself.

He stands up and looks at me, as he calls someone while I am bearly able to hold myself together. Because I burst out crying as fear of losing this child crashes down on me.

“Please, stay inside for a few more weeks.” Closing my eyes, I whisper, “You are not ready.”

“C’mon, I have called Serena she said you might have gone into early labor. We have to go to the hospital, she will be waiting for us there.” Nathan’s voice is steady, but I can notice the fear in his eyes... the same fear which is tearing me apart.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” He sounds like he trying to console himself more than me, “He is just eager to meet us, that’s why he has decided to come way sooner than he should.” He lets out a forced chuckle trying to lighten the situation, but the tears gathering in his eyes reveal his true feelings.

“Impatient just like your dad, huh?” He places his hand on my bump, as I lean into his side as contractions are coming faster.

“Noel?” I choke out as I blink rapidly to clear my vision.

Suddenly, another worry grips my heart, and this time I am worried about Noel. As I am getting all these negative thoughts in my mind.

What will happen to Noel if something happens to me? Noel needs me, he can’t stay away from me even for a few hours, how will he live without me?

No, I don’t want to die because I love Noel too much to leave him, neither I want to lose my baby.

Please, God, please don’t let anything happen to my baby.

“It should not be happening...” I shake my head while clenching my teeth as now contractions are coming much closer than before.

“Abigail, try to focus on your breathing.” Nathan presses a kiss on my head.

The doorbell rings and Nathan answers it as Mark enters and the grave expression on his face tells Nathan has informed him what’s going on.

“Mark, stay with Noel he is sleeping in our room,” Nathan says, as he comes to pick me up, “And please call mom or dad and inform them what’s going on and ask them to babysit Noel.”

“Don’t worry, I will handle everything.” He nods his head, “I have already called Miles, and he said he will be here in a few minutes.”

Nathan gives him a curt nod and carries me to the car, while I try to stay calm as much as possible.

“Please tell me, he will be alright, Nathan,” I beg as he drives the car at an alarming speed while my chest constricts thinking about anything happening to my baby.

“You both will be alright, Abigail.” He glances at me, “Just stay strong.”

“Nothing bad will happen.” He swallows while nodding his head to himself.

When I reach the hospital, my doctor, Serena is already waiting for us there. After quickly examining me, she said that I will be ready to deliver this baby soon as I am already in active labor. And with my preeclampsia, it is best to deliver the baby soon.

Although she assured me that I shouldn’t be worried and everything will be fine. But still, I am scared as hell.

Once you have lived with the pain of losing something, then that fear always remains with you.

“Nathan, I am sorry,” I whisper biting my lip, “All this shouldn’t have been happening, maybe it is my fault... maybe I did something wrong-”

“Quiet!” Nathan admonishes me, as he cuts me off by placing his finger on my lips, “Nothing is your fault! You did the best you could, so don’t you dare to blame yourself.”

“I know this is not how we have imagined having our baby...” Holding my hand between his, he drops a kiss on my knuckles, “But if he is ready to come into this world earlier, then even we should be ready to welcome him into our arms without any fears. So, don’t let any negative thoughts come in your mind and ruin your happiness to meet him.”

“We have been waiting for this day for months, it seems like he is more eager to meet us that is why he has said screw the due date I can’t wait for another month. I am coming now and I will see who is going to stop me from meeting my mom and dad.” He chuckles while worry is evident in his eyes clearly.

"Maybe he got jealous that Noel gets all your hugs and kisses, while he is being all cramped up in a small space." His laugh sounds strained while he quickly looks away wiping his tear which he thought I didn't notice. I know he is scared, but for me, he is trying to be strong.

For a moment, I forget my pain as all I see this man who loves me and he is being strong for both of us. Hiding away his fears from me because he wants to be my strength.

More tears gather in my eyes and this time it is because of the immense love which I have for him. I love him so much that even when I look at him my heart clenches in a beautiful way.

"Are you in pain?" He asks as he wipes my tears with his thumb as I continue to look at him.

"God, I am so stupid of course you are in pain." He frowns seeming to be angry with himself.

"No, I am not in pain." Swallow, as the corner of my lips curls up in a faint smile, "It is just that, I love you." I caress his jaw looking into his eyes.

"I love you, too, Abigail." Leaning forward, he engulfs me in a hug as his ragged breath touches my neck, "I love you, too." His voice slightly chokes.

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