It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 59

Since Levi’s birth, our lives are revolving around hospital and home. And it is stressful for us.

If everything goes the way they are going, hopefully, we will be able to bring Levi home in a week. I am nervous as we have to be extra careful with Levi, and since nowadays Noel is being a little handful, so things will become difficult for me to manage.

Noel demands me or Nathan to stay with him all the time and becomes extremely fussy when we leave him with anyone. I think the divide in our attention is causing him to behave like this, and also the fact that the past week we have not spent much time with him is also bothering him.

He is not used to staying away from us for such a long period of time, one of us is always around him. But with our frequent visits to the hospital, we are forced to leave him at home much to our dismay.

Sometimes we do take him with us as well, but not very often as they don’t allow children inside with NICU and that’s where we spend most of the time learning everything about taking care of Levi.

Apart from all this, there is something which is bothering me a lot for the past few months. I feel like Nathan and I have been distancing, our relationship taking a back seat. It is not like that we are having fights or arguments with each other. But still, it is not the same.

All our topics of discussion are about Noel or Levi, if we are not talking about them then we are discussing something related to the house or work or anything random. But not us.

We look after each other, take care of each other’s needs, and also help each other, but we are not being us with each other. It is all about fulfilling the duties of being parents or husband and wife, but somewhere in between, all our responsibilities, we are lost.

I feel we both are behaving like each other’s caregiver more than being us... Nathan and Abigail.

And this problem has to be rectified.

I have already decided what I have to do.

It is time that Abigail should meet Nathan.

After changing into a casual pink midi-dress, I start doing my make-up and hair.

Nathan has gone to office as something important came up and he has to attend that. We have planned to visit the hospital after he has come back home. It will take some time before he gets free from his work, so I have some time in my hand. I don’t have as such anything specific in my mind, other than spending some time with him.

However, I did plan a small surprise lunch date at the office with Amelia’s help.

Amelia is helping me with the arrangements as if I will try to do everything by myself then it will take me more time because there are a few other things which I need to take care of.

After getting ready, I walk outside my room and check on Noel. Thankfully, he is sleeping so I will not have to deal with the feeling of guilt for leaving him crying.

Then walking inside the kitchen I prepare Noel’s meals for the day, this is something which I always do whenever I know I will be out for a while and won't be around at his mealtime.

He prefers eating food which I make. Otherwise, he starts making this grumpy face, which is Nathan’s favorite for some reason, whenever I make him try to eat anything which I haven’t made.

I don’t know how he knows if his meal is not made by me, but somehow he does. It is not like he will throw a fit by not eating it, but he eats less which worries me more.

Putting his food in different containers, I paste notes on each of them so Georgia will know when to give him what. Even though she already knows everything, and takes really good care of Noel, but still all this is for my satisfaction.

After letting Georgia know about my plans, I grab my car keys and handbag as I leave the house.

While driving to the office, my eyes land on a nearby flower shop and I decide to buy some flowers for Nathan, just to make him feel special.

I believe there is nothing wrong with buying flowers for your man, and there is nothing unmanly about it, as even they deserve to feel special and cherished.

And what can be a more perfect and simple way to make someone feel special, other than giving them some fresh beautiful flowers?

Stopping my car, I buy a few yellow tulips, because they are looking so pretty, and a bouquet of red roses. I smile recalling the three red roses which I still receive every month "anonymously" from my dear husband.

I find it cute when he discreetly places these roses in our room or in my office thinking that I haven't seen him. What funny thing is that he knows that I know these roses are from him even then he pretends like he doesn't send them.

Nearly after five minutes, I park my car in the office parking and make my way towards the elevators.

However, when I reach his office floor I find a panicked looking Amelia which I don't find alarming as much because she has the tendency to get overly worried on small things.

"Deep breathe and tell me what's wrong." I smile at Amelia.

"Mr.Knight seems to be in a bad mood as the meeting got delayed, and he is still in the meeting." She takes a deep breath as I have asked her to and then she speaks all at once, "I am sorry your plan got ruined because I couldn't arrange anything other than ordering lunch." She sighs sadly.

I am not upset with her, because whenever Nathan is in a bad mood she seems afraid even to talk to him. Even though he has never said anything to her, but still she gets really scared. It has something to do with her previous job experience where her boss was a prick and used to shout at her often.

"Amelia, calm down, it is okay." I smile at her reassuringly, "Food is the main thing for a lunch date, so you did your job by ordering the food. And for the rest of the things, we can manage."

"And here, these are for you." Smiling at her, I hand her tulips feeling glad to buy them as I think she needs them.

"For me?" She looks surprised, then a bright smile appears on her face, "Thank you, Abigail, these are very pretty."

"Send Nathan to his office after the meeting, if he is about to head outside, and don't tell him that I am waiting for him." I ask her, "Just tell him that his ten-minutes date is waiting for him."

With a smile settled on my face and excitement bubbling in my chest, I walk towards Nathan's office where I will be waiting for him.

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