It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 6

There are some days when you dress comfortably, okay for me it is almost every day. I will prefer wearing my old pair of jeans, which has taken shape of my bum, and a super soft t-shirt than wearing some crisped iron clothes that make me feel like I am a stiff corpse.

However, there are some days when you dress to kill.

And I am aiming for the same and my target is the one and only moron of my life, Nathan Knight.

My plan is to look like a million-dollar and ignore him. Trust me, he goes crazy and tries everything to gain my attention, whenever I ignore him.

He is just like a child in that way. Maybe in other ways too, but let's not go there.

Applying the last coat of mascara, I blink my eyes quickly a few times. A habit which I have since the time I have started wearing mascara.

Taking a step back, I assess my look feeling happy with the outcome of my efforts.

The satin dress perfectly accentuates the curves which I have gained after having Noel. Although I have lost most of my baby weight and I am almost back into my old figure, there are some changes that are now permanent on my body.

Honestly, I love the new me too, so no tears for gaining some extra curves.

The side slit on the right side of my dress ends just above my knee giving a clear glimpse of my five-inches stiletto whenever I take long strides. However, I am just in love with how hint of gold is adding a little bling to this champagne color of my dress.

“Abigail.” I hear mom calling my name, as I step outside the room to check on Noel while running my hand on the front of my dress to make sure the golden work will not scratch him.

I watch Mom trying to give Noel a bottle as he is settled in her arm but he is turning his face away and he keeps on chewing his fist as his face starts to scrunches up in displeasure.

Oh, no my baby is hungry.

The moment he sees me, he starts whimpering as he takes out his fist out of his mouth, extending his drool covered hand towards me.

“He needs you.” Mom smiles looking fondly between me and her grandson.

Carrying him in my arms, I take him back to my room where I settle him my lap as I start nursing him after a little difficulty due to my dress.

It amazes me how babies are so much clever. Like he knows that I am around and then he never takes a bottle.

Nathan jokes, like the person he is, that Noel prefers to eat directly from the source.

My phone chimes as Nathan sends me a message, which reads ‘I love you’, of course as the loving wife I am, I reply to him with the picture of my middle finger.

Exactly, within a second he texts, “Oh, I love your nail color, Cutie Pie.” I laugh quietly after reading his reply.

Tonight there is an executive dinner which we have to attend, but the jerk messaged me at the last minute saying he will not be able to pick me up and he will meet me directly there. First, I thought he was joking but when he sent Mark to pick his suit for the event from home, then I figured he is serious.

It is not a big deal, but I love going with him. Actually, I hate going alone to any event or place. It just gives me a new-kid-at-school kind of vibes.

Mom is taking Noel with her so I am not worried about him. I know he will be happy with being pampered by mom and dad. Actually, he is always happy with both of his grandparents.

Finally, after putting Noel to sleep I hand him to mom. Then going through his bag for the tenth time to make sure he has everything in it, I kiss them goodbye.

Such dinners are a great way for networking and you can make some good connections which can prove to be profitable for you. This is a much more informal setting, allowing people to mingle with each other in a less strict environment.

After talking with some people, I move to another group as I find some familiar faces.

“How is everything going?” Hailey asks. I have met her a quite few times and being new moms helped us bond. Her husband and Nathan had done some business in the past and he is the one who introduced us.

“Everything is going great.” I smile, “What about you?”

“I have rejoined my duties at the hospital a few days back, but I am kind of having a difficult time settling with work.” She sighs.

I can understand her pain. She is a nurse at the hospital and her job is more demanding as she has people to look after. But being a working woman, it gets difficult to detach yourself from your child.

“When I stand in front of the NICU and watch these little babies, it makes every difficulty worth it. As I know somewhere my little efforts are going to let them have a happy and healthy life with their family. I can reunite with my baby at the end of the day, but there are parents who are waiting for so many days just to bring their babies home.” She dabs her finger beneath her eyes, as even I feel myself tearing up a bit.

“I was on a leave for some days, but hopefully, I will be getting back to work from this Monday,” I huff as I inform her, blinking away the moisture in my eyes.

“Where is Nathan? Is he coming?” Hailey asks, then suddenly her expression changes as her eyes narrow somewhere behind me.

“I think you need to save your husband from some evil clutches,” she says still looking behind me, as now I also turn to see what got her saying this.

Arching an eyebrow I watch Nathan coming with a woman whose hand is wrapped around his elbow. But the tightens of his jaws his something which I can’t miss.

He is annoyed.

Honestly, in these past years, I have known Nathan on a much deeper level. His love for me is something that I can’t even imagine doubting. So, watching something like this, will not make me question his love for me neither I will lose my trust in him.

He is my Nathan, that’s it.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t let her anywhere near my husband.” Hailey frowns at the woman in the off-white strapless mermaid gown who is trying to lean towards my husband whose eyes are searching for something... or rather someone.

He looks straight at me and his lips lift up in a smile which instantly drops as rolling my eyes at him, I turn to Hailey ignoring him.

What did you think that I will let you off the hook so easily? After this stunt which you have pulled. No way, Mr. Knight!

“Oh, trouble in paradise?” Hailey raises her eyebrows at me.

“No, spicing up things in our paradise.” I wink at her.

“Oh, I get it.” She laughs nodding her head.

Following Hailey to her table, I settle down as we chat about different things. Soon her husband Edwin also joins us. He has a little reserved personality while Hailey is a lot more out-going this makes their relationship interesting.

I stiffen when I feel the zipper of my dress slightly slipping down. Maybe I have forgotten the put the hook which holds the zipper in its place.

Thankfully, I have let my hair down which is covering my back.

I am going to the restroom. Don’t forget to come and fetch me if I don’t return in five minutes because I hate being dragged to unfamiliar places.

P.S. I am still ignoring you.

Shooting a text to Nathan, I excuse myself. All thanks to my past records, whenever I go somewhere he needs to know. And even I make sure to inform him.

I don't think there is anything bad if he wants to know where I am as it is his concern for me and my confidence in him that if he is around me then nothing bad can happen.

Just before I am about to place my hand on the door’s knob. One arm gets wrapped around my waist, while the other hand covers my eyes as I am quickly pushed inside.

I don’t need to turn to see who it is. Not because I am familiar with the touch, but because there is only one person who knows how much it bothers me when my hands are restricted or how covering my mouth can stir some painful memories.

Nathan releases me and holding my shoulder he turns me to him.

My eyes widen in horror because we are in the ladies’ restroom. However, before I can say anything he crashes his lips into mine completely taking me by surprise.

Pushing me against the wall as he leans towards me. Taking my hands in his, he guides them around his neck as he pulls me flush against him all while not breaking the kiss.

Winding my arms around his neck, I let myself lost in this kiss.

Well, I can be mad at him later. Because there are other important things that have occupied my mind like his lips moving in a rhythmic motion with mine, also the way I can feel his heart beating in my chest because that is how tightly he is holding me to him.

Releasing my lips he breaks the kiss, as I catch my breath he starts placing kisses on the side of my neck going towards my collar bone.

“I am still mad at you.” It doesn’t sound as convincing as I intend to.

“Hmm...” He continues his tortures on my skin with his lips, “I know.”

“I love you,” he says against my skin.

“Hmm...” I nod, lightly, “I know.”

My answer makes him still as he moves back a little and arches his eyebrow at me.

His eyes roam around then a teasing smile appears on his face as he runs his thumb on my lower lip. Leaning down he again pulls me into another kiss.

“Wow! This is first.” He let out a breathy chuckle while hugging me.

“Nathan, we have a son together.” Leaning away I give him a quick peck, “Trust me this not the first.” I laugh but suddenly stops when finally my mind starts working again to register we are in a ladies’ restroom.

“I have never had a make-out session in a ladies’ restroom.” He laughs looking pleased.

“God, what if somebody catches us here?” I panic because I don't have any such fantasies. Thankfully all the cubicles are empty.

“So what? I am kissing my wife.” He shrugs nonchalantly, slipping his hands in his pocket.

It is useless to argue with him when he gives me this careless look regarding any topic.

Walking in front of the mirror, a gasp leaves my lips when I check my reflection.

“Here.” Nathan hands me my clutch with a smug look, “I picked up this from your table before coming here, as I knew you would need this.”

Shaking my head at him, I take out lipstick and reapply it. Then moving my hands back I pull up the zipper which has gone down a little more while I try to control my blush which comes naturally whenever he kisses me.

Moving my hair to my side, Nathan pulls the rest of the zipper up and secures the hook then fondly runs his fingers through my hair in a combing motion.

“Dina Jenkins, she is Easton Jenkins’s sister with whom our company has collaborated for the project which I have told you about.” He turns me to face him, “I didn’t come here with her, she met me just outside the venue.” He holds my shoulders, looking into my eyes.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know she is going to be here.” He shakes his head, “She suddenly held my arm, I wanted to push her hand away but it would have looked rude. Trust me-” Fear of being misjudged and most importantly the fear of losing me clear on his face.

Placing my finger on his lips, I smile at him.

“Nathan, I trust you.” I place my hand on his cheek, “I know you are mine, forever, I don’t have a reason to fear about anything. You are not that old Nathan, you are my Nathan who only loves me just the way I love you and nothing can change that.”

Turning his head he kisses my palm looking relieved.

“Isn’t it strange nobody has come to use the restroom?” I frown.

“Oh... I just paid the waiter to redirect people to other restrooms, if he finds someone coming in this direction, and if somebody asks just say this restroom is out-of-order.” He gives me a boyish grin.

“Now you go out first then I will come outside later.” I push him towards the door while smiling.

“Okay, but don’t you dare ignore me.” He looks back and pouts while frowning a little, then goes outside.

Okay, so, this is where Noel is learning to pout.

Exactly, after two minutes, I walk outside only to come face to face with an angry-looking Dina.

“What the hell you were doing with him?” She seethes.

Interesting, she doesn’t know me.

Honestly, it takes everything in me not to laugh at her face because she is looking actually funny rather than intimidating which she is trying to be.

I have dealt with Ashley, and in front of her, this woman is nothing.

“It is none of your business. But being the nice person among the two of us, I will tell you.” I give her a sweet smile, “We weren’t doing anything which we haven’t done before.”

“Stay away from Nathan.” She gives me a dirty glare.

"You stay away from him,” Glaring back at her, I speak with a hint of warning in my tone, “If I find you throwing yourself at him, trust me, we will not be having this conversation as you will not be in a shape to talk for a few months.”

When I walk back inside the hall, my mood is already sour, but when Nathan smiles looking at me everything feels okay.

Instantly, he walks to me noticing the shift in my mood even though I have returned his smile.

“Everything, okay?” He quietly asks looking at me in concern.

“Nathan, you have missed almost the entire dinner, I guess they are just serving the desserts.” Dina places her hand on his shoulder while staring at me.

Anger passes through Nathan’s features as he removes her hand.

“I have only come here to meet some people, I never intended to have dinner,” he replies with a stoic face even though irritation evident in his eyes.

“Even I haven’t had dinner as I didn’t find anything of my liking.” She makes a face trying to look cute, but she is looking heavily constipated, completely ignoring me.

Should I suggest her to take a laxative? Because more than anything I feel she needs that.

“Let’s go have dinner together. We will get to know each other as we are now working together so it will help in building good terms, right?” She smiles as I can see a scowl forming on Nathan’s face.

“Of course, we should,” I nod my head, just to annoy her because she ruined my post kiss happy mood, “I think this is a great idea.”

“I am sorry, but I don’t know you and-” She tries to sound polite while she is glaring at me.

“Yeah, you are right we should definitely have this dinner together. Even though earlier I had plans to have dinner with my wife.” Nathan wraps his arm my shoulder pulling me to his side while looking her straight into her eyes.

“Since you are working with us, our company. It is the right thing that we should know each other to make things go smoothly in our work.” He nods his head, while she is having a hard time trying to keep the shock away from her face.

“But before we leave for dinner, let me introduce you to my wife, Abigail Knight.” His eyes soften as he glances at me.

“Abigail, this Dina Jenkins,” He introduces her without looking at her, “Our company and her brother’s company have joined hands for a project.”

“Although we had a brief interaction earlier, officially it is nice to meet you, Dina,” I smirk at her while holding out my hand to her.

“Yeah, same here.” She gives a forced smile while shaking my hand.

“So, shall we leave?“Nathan holds my hand and nods at her.

“No, actually, I don’t want to ruin your plans, so we will have dinner some other time.” She raises her eyebrows and let out a fake laugh.

“See you then.” She looks between me and Nathan, her eyes lingering on Nathan for longer than my liking.

“Dina, don’t forget what I have told you earlier.” Tilting my head, I look at her with a slight smile on my face...a smile that is anything but friendly, “We wouldn’t want anything happening to you because of your throwing up, problem, right?” I lightly pat her arm in a silent warning.

She doesn’t say anything as she looks at me with clenched jaws, then without saying anything she leaves.

“What was that?” Nathan asks looking amused.

“Oh, nothing she is having a hard time digesting something.” I lightly laugh, “I just suggested her something hopefully to cure her problem.” I look at him with an innocent smile.

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