It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 60

“You kept me waiting for so long, Mr.Knight.” I turn my seat to face the door when I hear the sound of the opening of the door.

“Please accept my apologies, Mrs.Knight,” Nathan replies while trying to maintain a straight face. “I was not aware of our ten-minutes date. Otherwise, I would have put every other important work of mine on hold, just to be here with my wife.”

“Have I mentioned that you are looking beautiful?” He gives me an appreciative once over.

Butterflies emerge in my stomach, feeling happy with his compliment. Normally, I always dress for myself, however, today I dressed up for him.

“Yes, just now you did.” I laugh and place the letter in the envelope which I have written for him while I was waiting here.

Then picking up the letter and the bouquet I walk towards him while he curiously looks at me trying to figure what’s going on.

“Abigail.” He shakes his head with a quiet chuckle as a tinge of pink covers his cheeks when I give him the bouquet.

“Awww... you are so cute.” Standing on my toes, I kiss his cheek.

He narrows his eyes at me and playfully flicks my forehead.

“What’s this?” He looks at the envelope and back at me.

“You can’t read it now.” I stop him from opening the letter. “I will tell you when you can read it.”

“Then you should not have given it to me now.” He groans, “This is torture.”

“And I am evil.” I shrug nonchalantly.

His patience level is almost zero and I know his curious side must be killing him since he can’t open the letter.

“Oh, that’s you are.” He nods his head while glaring at me.

“Have patience, Nathan.” I pat his chest, “It is for you only, you just can’t read it now.”

“Can you just help me in taking off my mind from this?” He waves the envelope in front of me.

“Like how?” Crossing my arms, I arch an eyebrow at him.

“Like allowing me to kiss you until I completely forget what is inside this envelope.” He suggests casually, “Please.” He adds while looking at me innocently.

Oh, I know how innocent that look is.

“You are not so innocent, Mister.” Raising my eyebrows at him, I already take a step back.

“Who said I am innocent?” Mischievousness passes through his expression, as his arm shoots up and winds around my waist, stopping me from moving away from him, “If I was innocent, then we would not have been the parents of two innocent babies, Cupcake.” His lips curve in a teasing smile.

Biting the inside of my cheeks, I attempt hard to stop my face getting warm but I fail miserably as he starts laughing looking at my now reddened cheeks.

“How I love seeing this shade on your cheeks.” He runs his knuckles across my jawline, “Especially when I am the one who has brought this color to your face.”

“You are the only one who brings this color to my face.” A shy smile blooms on my lips as I glance at him, “And the one who has brought color into my life.”

There is nothing, but the truth behind my words as there was a time where I have lost the hope that I will ever be truly happy in my life. But he not only made me feel truly loved but also brought back happiness in my life.

The smile which spread across his lips makes me realize how much my words mean to him. His eyes are lit with genuine happiness.

However, looking at his face slight guilt seeps into my heart because I feel somewhere I don’t tell him often how much he means to me.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He immediately senses the shift in my mood.

“Nothing.” I smile while shaking my head.

I know if I will tell him, he will say that I am overthinking. But I know even he needs to know how important he is to me, how much everything he does for me means to me. Above all, how grateful I am to have him in my life.

Sometimes, it is necessary to express your feelings to each other, to make your partner feel appreciated and loved. Because when we become used to each other's presence we kind of start taking each other for granted.

And I will never make him feel that I am taking him for granted, I will always try to show him that he is the most important person in my life.

“Tell me.” He demands, turning my face to him as he places his fingers beneath my chin.

“I was just thinking that how much I love you,” I tell him the truth which I want him to know, “And how much you mean to me.”

“Okay, and?” He raises his eyebrows questioningly, not fully convinced that I am telling him the entire truth.

“And how much you know me, perhaps even better than myself.” My smile widens, as I know my answers are making him impatient as he wants to know what exactly I was thinking.

“Uh-huh... and?” He gives me the look which says his losing his patience.

Honestly, sometimes, I simply love to irritate him. Just like I am enjoying it now.

“And that I love you.” Placing my head on his chest, I wrap my arms around him.

“You are irritating.” He mumbles but tightens his hold around me and I feel him kissing my hair. "But I love you so much, cupcake."

“Thank you, Nathan.” Closing my eyes, I sigh contentedly, just feeling happy to be in his arms. “For loving me.”

Lifting my head, I press my lips against his pouring my heart into this kiss. He kisses me back, reciprocating my feelings which makes my heart flutter inside my chest.

“I will always love you.” Cupping my face in his palm, he caresses my cheek with his thumb, “Even when you will irritate me to death.” He quietly chuckles and pecks my lips again.

For some reason, tears well up in my eyes but before he can notice, I turn my head towards the table where I have placed the food.

“Let’s start with our lunch date as I am starving.” Holding his hand, I drag him to the table.

“Abigail, we will grab something on the way, or just pack this food we will eat in the car.” He checks the time of his wristwatch, “Otherwise, we will be late to go to the hospital.”

“We are not going to the hospital today.” I shake my head and make him sit on the sofa.

“Why?” He frowns.

“Because today will be only about you and me.” I sit in his lap and wrap my arm around his shoulder, “No one else, just us.”


“No, but, Nathan.” I sigh, “I miss you... I miss us. Let’s steal some moments for us, where we will be just Nathan and Abigail.”

“So for the entire day, just you and me?” He asks raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, you and me only.” I give him a curt nod. “So, today you are not going to be Noel and Levi’s dada... you will be just my Nathan.”

“No matter how much our life changes, but I will always be your Nathan first.” He looks at me with a hint of a smile playing on his lips.

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