It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 62

Closing my eyes, I slump in the seat when Nathan parks the car in the shopping mall parking.

I should have known by spoiling his wife, he meant shopping.

He exists the car and dragging my feet I step out of the car as well. But I hold back my annoyed groan when I notice Nathan’s excitement. Well, he seems really happy to take me out shopping so I will not ruin his mood and will attempt my best to enjoy it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping. But his idea of shopping is to buy whatever you like, that is something which I don’t like it.

You know, there are some things which you like, but you don’t want to buy them. You just like-like them, not like and buy them. However, for him, it is like if you like it then you buy it.

He is not an impulsive buyer, not at least when it comes to himself. But, he never holds back when it comes to spending money on us.

In fact, he gladly comes shopping with me even if it is just grocery shopping.

“You really love shopping, huh?” Shaking my head, I smile as he grabs my hand securely in his as we cross the parking area and head towards the entrance.

“No, I love fulfilling your wishes.” He shrugs, but the sincerity in his voice is not something that can be missed. “And since you are my wife, so it is my right to provide for you and make sure that you are happy in every way. And you can’t take away that from me. I know you are capable enough to provide for yourself, but this is something that gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I am looking after you and fulfilling your needs.”

Glancing at me, he gives me a heartwarming smile which makes me genuinely smile.

Some women might take him as someone who is trying to claim that he is superior by wanting to provide for me. But I don’t, because I know it is one of his ways to show his care and affection.

He never lets me stop buying anything for him because he believes that if I am doing something for him it means that I think of him as mine. Because you mostly do things for the one whom you consider as yours.

“So, where to first?” He asks himself looking around.

I also copy his action and look around. But soon my eyes land on toys shop, and I know I want to go there because on the display I see a pony cycle which I want for my Noey.

“Let’s go there.” I point in the direction of the toy shop and try to drag him as I take a few steps in the shop’s direction.

He chuckles and refuses to walk which makes me frown as I turn around to look at him.

“C’mon.” I nod my head towards the shop to which he just shakes his head in no.

“If I can’t be Noel and Levi’s dada for now, then even you can’t be their mama.” His lips tilt into a smile, as he shakes his head.

“What if I want to buy something for myself from there?” I question him trying to sound convincing.

“Yeah, sure.” He raises his eyebrow and nods his slowly giving me don’t-try-to-fool-me look.

“Nathan-” I am to beg him, but he cuts me off.

“Tomorrow, I promise, tomorrow we will buy that pony cycle or whatever you want for Noel and Levi.” He gives me a small smile, “But today will only be about you. So, let’s go and, first, buy those led shoes that you liked and then we can look around and buy some other things which you want.”

“I only want to buy led shoes, so we will just buy that nothing else.” I shrug.

“Okay, so, let me rephrase first we will buy those led shoes, and then I will shop for my wife and will buy everything which I want to buy for her.” He smiles smugly as my eyes widen in horror because I know if he starts buying everything which he likes for me then he will nearly buy everything he set his eyes on.

He is that crazy. And I am in love with this crazy.

“Be ready to go bankrupt, dear husband.” I pat his chest with a teasing smile, “Because I am going to make your you don’t even have a penny in your account when we walk out of this shopping mall.”

“All yours.” He tilting his head slightly to the side, he mirrors my smile as he hands me his card.

“All mine.” I lock my eyes with him, as my smile turns genuine but a small laugh leaves my lips when I notice the light tinge of pink gracing Nathan’s cheeks which he is trying to hide.

He playfully glares at me, and then placing his hands on my shoulders he turns me around so I am facing the opposite direction as he pushes me lightly.

Shaking my head at him, I start walking towards the elevators as I remember I saw those shoes at a shop which is on the second floor.

When the elevator stops on the first floor some more people enter inside it.

Nathan slightly moves in front of me so that he is standing between me and the others while I move against the corner. His hand which is holding mine rubs small circles in the inside of my wrist trying to keep me calm. Even after all these years I still feel uncomfortable when anyone stands close to me.

He turns his head to check on me as if he needs to make sure I am okay.

I give him a small smile as I squeeze his hand, silently letting him know that I am okay. His eyes stay on my face for a moment or two, as if he is checking if I am saying the truth and not lying so that he doesn't worry. When he believes that I am really okay, he nods his head with a hint of a smile on his face.

All his these small gestures make my heart fills with warmth and love. Every time he does something like this I feel myself falling more in love with him.

He is not perfect or unflawed, but what I know that he is perfect for me.

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