It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 63

Walking through the aisle of clothes, I pick up another t-shirt and test its fabric between my fingers when I am satisfied that it is soft and comfy as per my liking I hang it on my arm adding it to the t-shirts which were already there.

Currently, I am running low on t-shirts, I don't know how that is possible but somewhat it is. The t-shirts which I own is half of Nathan's old ones because they are so comfy that I end up stealing them. But since I am shopping I thought I should buy something of my own too.

After choosing two pairs of jeans pants, I look around the shop searching for Nathan, to inform him that I am going to the changing rooms.

It takes me nearly two minutes to find him, I stop at some distance when I notice him standing in the newborn clothing section. Biting my lip, I stop myself from smiling as he holds a yellow romper in his hand while looking for something.

He smiles when he finds the yellow headband with small white flowers on it, and place it in the basket with the yellow romper.

I clear my throat loudly to grab his attention and arch an eyebrow at him when he turns his head in my direction.

"You are not supposed to be Noel and Levi's dada today." Lifting my eyebrows I walk towards him, but I already know the things which he is looking at are not meant to be for either of them.

"I am not being their dada, but there was no such rule that I can't be the dada of my future daughter." He smiles as his eyes shine affectionately.

"Nathan, you know it is possible that we might not have any daughter." I slowly nod my head at him, while smiling. But in my heart, I am praying that we do have a baby girl in our future.

The expression which adorns his face when he talks about our daughter is something which makes me want to give him daughter right away only if it was in my hand. Although not even two weeks have passed since I have Levi, but blame it on my hormones because I feel I am ready to have a daughter. Even though technically it is not possible as of now.

I don't care if people will think that I am a baby popping machine. But I do want to have more kids because let's be real, we both make amazing babies.

"Believe me, we do have a baby girl in our future." His smile turns confident, "Because I plan to follow every trick in the book to have a girl." He winks at me as my face turns bright red and I feel like dying of embarrassment.

This man is impossible, how can he so casually talk about something like this?

"I am going to changing rooms to try these jeans," I mumble looking anywhere but him.

"Want to me help you with that?" He asks in a teasing tone.

"No, thank you." I snap my eyes at him to find him hiding his smirk, "I think you have helped me enough, as the results of your help are already existing on this earth." I turn on my heels to walk towards the changing rooms, but the words which come out his mouth next introduces a new shade of red on my face.

"It takes two to tango, Cupcake," he says smugly, "And we tend to do that a lot. So you can't blame me." I can sense laughter in his words, and without even looking at him I quickly walk away.

When I walk outside the changing room I see a girl flirting shamelessly with Nathan. Well, if you think that now when Nathan has changed his ways, he will not enjoy getting females' attention then you are wrong.

Both Miles and Nathan still enjoy being the center of attention of the females. But I think what they actually enjoy is watching the expressions of the other women when they turn down their advances by letting them know that they are taken.

Walking towards them, I turn to the salesgirl standing near them, "Can you find me two sizes up for these jeans?" I hand over the brown jeans to her. "These are not my size."

"Yeah, sure." The salesgirl politely nods her head as she walks in the opposite direction.

Nathan's eyes shift to me and I give him a small smile, this doesn't go unnoticed by that girl. She looks me up and down, then try to smile sweetly.

" I think even those will not fit you." She lightly laughs as she has cracked the best joke of the world, "You probably need a plus size jeans."

Okay, I was never on the skinny side neither I have this so-called model figure. I have a healthy body and I am blessed with the curves in the right places. Since I have given birth only one and a half weeks ago, so obviously you can't expect me to be in shape.

But does this make me self-conscious? Absolutely not. Because after having Noel, I have learned to love my new body and my new self.

So if this skinny corpse thinks she can insult me because of how my body looks then she has another thing coming.

"Wearing plus size jeans and being healthy is better than looking like a malnourished and starved person." I mirror her action, as I pointedly look her up and down at her unhealthily thin self. Of course, while giving her an extra sweet smile.

"Ugly cow." She mutters under her breath as she clenches her teeth.

I didn't know cows are ugly, because I find them innocent and some are even cute.

"Who the hell do you think you are calling such names?" Nathan's sharp tone startles me.

"I haven't said anything." She shakes her head trying to look innocent.

"I have heard and saw how you were talking to my wife. So don't try to act innocent." His gaze burning with anger, "I haven't said anything earlier because my wife knows how to handle bitches like you, but this doesn't mean I will stand quietly if anyone disrespects her."

"The only person who is ugly here, is you." He points at her, "And I am not saying this because of how you look. Because then I will have a few other names to call you and ugly isn't one of them. But I am saying this because you have an ugly personality."

"Nathan." I place a hand on his arm trying to calm him.

"Beauty is not just defined by looks, but it is also defined by the character. Moreover, almost every person is beautiful in their own way, but the thing which makes any person actually beautiful is their heart." He continues as he holds my hand, "But unfortunately, you are one of those few people who are hideous inside and out."

Her face turns red in embarrassment when she looks around and realizes that almost everyone is looking at her. Then without saying anything she scurries off outside the shop.

"Damn, that was one hell of a speech." I turn to look at Nathan who is still fuming in anger, "Do you realize how hot you are looking, right now, my Knight in a blue shirt?" I try to joke to lighten his mood which works as a hint of smile breaks onto his lips.

"You are beautiful, always remember that." He looks at me with a serious gaze. "If there is any moment when you think otherwise, then you are going to tell me. Because then I will show you how beautiful you are."

And I think I have lost my heart to this man for the thousandth time.

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