It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 64

I slump in the car seat with a sigh as Nathan put the shopping bags in the backseat.

Removing my chucks, I massage my heel as my feet are killing me from walking for hours. I don't remember when was the last time, I have shopped this much.

Honestly, I was not expecting I would enjoy this shopping trip. But I truly loved every bit of it.

"Have you told them that one pony cycle is going to be delivered at a different address?" I ask Nathan as he slides in the driver seat.

"Yes," He answers in a bored tone, as this is the fourth time I have asked him this question, while putting on his seat belt, "The ponies will be delivered by tomorrow." He informs me.

"Ryan and Noel will look so cute on those ponies." I grin as I imagine them, "Ryan already rides his tricycle so, I know he will love this pony cycle too."

Yes, I have made Nathan buy that pony cycle for Noel. Well, if he can shop for his future daughter then even I can shop for his future daughter's brother. We have bought two pony cycles one for Noel and the other one for Ryan because even Ryan loves horses.

"I think you seem more excited than them." He chuckles as he pulls the car out of the parking, "Should we go back and buy one for you also?" He jokes.

Rolling my eyes at him, I turn to look outside the window as a quiet laugh passes through my lips.

"Aren't we going home?" I ask while twisting my body towards Nathan when I notice we are going in the opposite direction of our home.

"The day isn't over, Cupcake," he replies with a secretive smile on his face.

"Oh, and I know where are we going." I clap my hands once, pretending to look excited, as Nathan's eyebrows shoot up.

"Really?" He looks surprised, "So where do you think we are going?"

"Well, I know that we are going somewhere." I keep my face straight while answering him.

Because I know that's what I will get as an answer if I will ask him where we are heading to.

"Wow! You really do know where we are going." He nods his head while holding his laugh, "Yes, we are going somewhere and I am sure you will love it."

"No way!" I laugh excitedly as I look in front of me then back at Nathan who is adorning a proud smile on his face because of getting this reaction from me.

"Carnival? Really?" I grin widely because it has been ages since I have gone to one. When we were kids mom and dad used to take me and Hannah to every carnival that used to happen around as we both loved going to such places.

The last time when I went to one was when I was in high school, but then after that incident, I tend to avoid crowded places because every time anyone stands close to me or even accidentally touches me I used to freak out internally.

It took a while for me to get hold of my fear, but then I got busy with my life and never really got a chance to visit any fair or carnival.

"It's been the first time in years since I came to such a place." I admit with a small sigh, "I hated being around people so such places were out of questions, it is strange how some incidents change your life."

Pushing back the disturbing memories, I smile and turn to Nathan as he stares ahead with clenched jaws.

"Let's go, I can't wait to ride a Ferris wheel." Holding his hand I give a small squeeze when I notice his mood has turned somber, feeling guilty for ruining his cheerful mood by bringing up my dark memories.

"Nathan." I shake his arm continuously until he doesn't smile.

"Stop, crazy woman." He pushes my hand away while I laugh loudly already feeling better, "C'mon, let's go before you decide to break my arm." He sighs with a small smile.

I open my car door to step outside, but I am forcefully yanked back inside the car as Nathan pulls my hand.

"What?" I turn to him look at him with wide eyes, feeling confused.

"Before we go there, I thought I should let you know." He smiles as his eyes lower to my lip.

"I need my kiss on the top of the Ferris wheel." His eyes shift back to mine, "Because I want to kiss you at the top of the world."

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