It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 65

Even if I want I can’t wipe the grin off my face, the hustle-bustle around me makes everything look so lively and vibrant.

Turning my head, I glance at Nathan who is already smiling at me.

“Thank you!” Before I can stop myself, I throw my arms around his neck as I hug him tightly.

His chest vibrates with a chuckle as he wraps his arms around me. Small contented leaves my lips feeling secure in his embrace.

My calmness among the chaos.

“So, where do you want to go first?” He asks while placing his arm around my shoulder as we both walk a little further. “I will be honest, I have never been a fan of these places. A little over-crowded for my liking.” He looks around as eyeing the crowd.

We both are similar when it comes to the crowd. We both like isolated places over the crowded one. The only difference is that his preference is due to his closed nature while mine is due to the experiences which left scars on my mind.

“Should we try the games first?” I look at him, as I point the games stall.

“Whatever you wish, Cupcake.” He pecks my lips, “Let’s play these stupid games.” He lightly chuckles while grabbing my hand he takes me towards the games stalls.

“Do you even know how to handle a gun?” Nathan smirks while his tone turns mocking when I stop him in front of the shooting game stall.

“If I can handle a jerk like you, then I think there is nothing in this world that I can't handle.” I scoff as I watch him pay for the game and takes the rifle from the middle-aged man who is running the stall.

If he thinks I can't shoot, then he is in for a surprise.

“All the best.” He hands me the rifle with a teasing smirk, which I plan to wipe off.

Closing my one eye, I aim at one of the red balloons which are placed among the white balloons. Then taking a deep breath, I exhale slowly while I pull the trigger.

I have to take ten shots of red balloons, then I am going to win the prize which is an orange bunny.

Bunny I don’t like, but winning is what I am aiming for.

“Fluke.” I hear Nathan say from beside me with a quiet chuckle when I bust the first red balloon

Biting my lip, I stop myself from replying to him instead I focus on the second red balloon. Soon I have busted all ten of them.

“Do you still think it’s a fluke, dear Nathan?” I arch an eyebrow as we walk away from the shooting stall while I proudly hold my prize in my hands.

“I think you still blow away my mind every day, dear Abigail.” He shrugs with a hint of a smile dancing across his lips. “You amazes me, wife, when I think I know everything about you I discover something new and fascinating about you.” Snaking his arm around my waist, he pulls me to his side while still walking.

“What can I say, other than that we aim to please.” I wink at him, as he throws his head back laughing loudly. He kisses my temple when his laughs die down, as we walk towards the giant Ferris wheel.

Even though there is a lot more to explore, and it is not even that long since we came here but we both know our special day is coming to an end. Because we are aware of our adorable responsibilities and one of them is eagerly waiting for his parents to be home.

It is strange how even if is for some time when I am truly with him, I became just Abigail, nothing else.

No worries, no stress burdens me, just the feeling of being content swirls inside my heart. These moments which we spend with each other are nothing special, yet they mean so much to me. We might have done the random things, but there is something beautiful in this randomness.

We wait for more than twenty minutes before it’s our turn to ride the Ferris wheel. Nathan goes first and then helps me climb in the bright red open gondola.

I was never a romantic type of a girl, but with Nathan it is different. I want to try every cheesy romantic thing with him, just like I am already looking forward to my first Ferris wheel kiss.

My smile widens inches by inches as the ride start and we slowly climb upwards. The wind blows my hair making me laugh while taking at the view that this height has to offer.

In this moment, I feel so liberated... so at peace.

Glancing up at Nathan, I smile as butterflies set free in my stomach by witnessing the look of adoration in his eyes.

“I want to kiss you so bad.” His gaze drops to my lips, and even I find myself glancing at him in anticipation to make the move.

My heart flutters beautifully inside my chest each time he is vocal about his feelings, not that I will ever tell him that. I will die of embarrassment before I will confess this to him.

“Then what are you waiting for?” A shy smile forms on my face as my eyes lock with his gaze.

His one hand cups my face, while the other goes around my waist as he pulls me towards himself. Winding my arms around his neck, I meet him halfway as his lips descend on mine.

The way he is kissing me feels like this is the first kiss that we have shared, but the intensity behind the kiss feels like this is the last one we are going to share. We both pour every ounce of our love into our kiss, conveying ourselves in a language that only our heart knows.

When we break the kiss, looking into each other's eyes we can't stop the stupid grin from appearing on our faces.

"That's crazy..." Nathan shakes his head with a chuckle as he runs his thumb across my bottom lip. "My first kiss on the Ferris wheel, and I am glad it was with someone whom I want to kiss for the rest of my life."

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