It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 67

Rubbing my eyes, I forcefully open them when I hear my mobile ringing. Quickly, picking up the phone from the bedside table, I walk outside the room before Nathan wakes up from the ring.

I frown when the screen blinks Natalie’s name, and my frown deepens when my eyes shift to digits on the upper side of the screen indicating the time.

It is two in the morning why she is calling me at this ungodly hour?

“Hello,” I answer the call before it stops ringing.

My voice heavy with sleep, however, my mind wide awake.

“Were you sleeping?” She asks the most stupid question of the world.

“Natalie, it is freaking two in the morning, of course, I was sleeping.” I can’t help but feel slightly irritated, as I have slept just an hour ago because Noel was in a mood of playing.

And when he wants to play, then it means even Nathan and I have to play with him.

So I was playing with him and his horsey, even though I was feeling dead, after I have finished cleaning the house probably for the fourth time.

I have officially turned cleanliness freak.

“Oops, sorry,” she says, but not sounding apologetic at all. “Do you mind coming out?”

“Out? At this hour?” I narrow my eyes while staring at the floor.

“Don’t tell me you are outside the house!” My eyes widen in realization as I shake my head.

“No, actually, we are outside your house,” she replies and I can sense the hint of mischievousness in her voice.

“We?” I ask while checking my clothes to make sure they are appropriate as I don’t want to walk outside looking like a complete hobo.

“Yeah, we.” She laughs, “Now, come outside quickly.” She disconnects the call.

It is too late, I should call her and tell her that I can’t come outside.

I think for a moment, trying to be the sensible person between two of us.

But quickly I ditched the thought to be the sensible person, as I walk inside my bedroom to grab my fleece jacket as it is a little bit cold.

“Where are you going?” Nathan asks me while looking at me with barely opened eyes as I sit on the bed and put on my sandals which I have hidden from Noel inside my dresser drawer as he was trying to chew my shoe like some dog... No like some adorable puppy.

“Out,” I reply while glancing at him.

“It is late, where are you going?” He demands as he instantly sits up looking at me like I am crazy.

But why do I feel he is behaving slightly weirdly? His this reaction is expected, but there is something on which I can’t pinpoint feels strange.

“Natalie is outside and she called me out.” I smile which turns into a small laugh when Nathan narrows his eyes while clenching his jaws while muttering something under his breath.

“Of course, I should have known she is the one who comes up with these ridiculous ideas.” He shakes his head to himself. “This girl can’t do one thing like a normal person,” He quietly mumbles to himself.

Before I can ask what does he mean, he turns to me giving me a stern look.

“You are not going anywhere.” He stands up and puts on his shirt, “In fact, no one is going anywhere at this hour, I am going outside and bringing Crazy inside the home.” He picks up his phone.

Slightly frowning, I follow him as I know Natalie will not be happy to see Nathan instead of me.

“Why are you going in that direction?” I ask Nathan when he walks towards Noel’s nursery.

“Do you think I am going to leave my Potato alone in the house when I know you will be following me outside?” He looks at me incredulously.

My cheeks flame up in embarrassment while guilt seeps into my heart because honestly, I haven’t thought about this.

I silently follow him, when he carries sleeping Noel in his arms as we both walk outside the house.

I hold back an awww when I watch Noel’s head resting against Nathan’s shoulder while he sleeps with a slightly open mouth looking cute as a button.

When we step outside a surprised gasp leaves my mouth the moment my eyes land on Natalie and Hannah as they are waiting outside leaning against Natalie’s car. Should I mention both are in their pajamas?

Thank God, I am not the odd one out here.

Before I can stop myself I run towards them and grab both of them in a tight hug which they return in matching enthusiasm.

“What are you guys doing here?” I exclaim while laughing, as I release them from my tight hold and look at them.

“That husband of yours called us, telling us that you need a little time away from the house.” Hannah nods her head at Nathan with a smile.

Turning my head, I arch an eyebrow at Nathan questioningly.

“You were under in a lot of stress, so I thought some time with them will make you feel better.” He shrugs pretending like it is not a big deal. “But I definitely didn’t mean you can come at this ungodly hour to steal my wife.” His attention shifts to Natalie as he glares at her while she gives him a disinterested look.

“Suck it up, asshole.” Natalie waves her hand dismissively at Nathan, “Nothing can be much more fun and exciting than a girls’ night out.”

“Are you ready to have some fun girlfriend?” Natalie arches an eyebrow as her lips curves into a mischievous smile, the same kind of smile is mirroring on Hannah's face.

“Hell yes!” I reply while grinning, completely ignore Nathan who is shaking his head in protest, because I am all up for whatever they have planned.

I guess it is time to have some fun with my girls.

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