It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 68

“No way, I am not letting you people go anywhere at this hour,” Nathan says with finality.

A laugh threatens to burst from me when both Hannah and Natalie rolls their eyes at him, at the same time, and I know there is nothing he can do to change their mind.

“Nathan, just relax.” Hannah comes forward raising her eyebrows at her, “We all will be fine, and we just plan to go on a drive.”

“Drive at this hour?” He looks at her in disbelief.

“Yes, drive at this hour.” She slowly nods her head, “We used to go for late-night drives, and that’s what we plan to do.” Her tone suggests she is not going to take no for an answer.

The good old times, when Hannah bought her first car and almost every other day she used to take me and Natalie for a drive giving dad mini heart attacks.

When he realized all we used to go to the ice-cream parlor near the skating rink, as that ice-cream parlor used to open till late at night, his tension lessened slightly. But I know secretly he used to follow us, to make sure we are fine. But I haven’t told Hannah or Natalie about this, as I found this really endearing that dad allowed us to have our freedom but at the same, he used to look out for us.

Although he used to pretend that he’s annoyed with Hannah for being careless for going out so late at night, however, I know he never doubted her. He always has full faith in her that she is always going to do the right thing, even with her spontaneous nature.

"Hannah, you all can have girls' night in the house, but it is too late to go on a drive." Nathan shakes his head while concern is evident on his face, "It is not safe."

I want to wipe that worried look on his face, so even before I can ask them to have a slumber party at my home Natalie decided to take things into her hand.

"What the fuc-" Nathan's eyes narrow at Natalie, but he doesn't complete the sentence because of sleeping young ears in his arms, when Natalie takes out a barbed wire baseball bat.

Oh, my God! This is what she meant when she said she is modifying her baseball bat.

"Don't worry about our safety we are pretty much equipped." She smirks smugly while eyeing her creation.

"Now I am worried about other's safety." Nathan shakes his head while his eyes are still focused on the bat which Natalie is swinging in the air.

But I catch the amusing glint in Nathan's eyes, which he is trying to hide behind his stern look.

"As long as they mind their own business they don't have anything to worry about." She winks at Nathan, "If anyone comes near my girls, I will shove this." She tilts her head slightly towards her bat while raising her eyebrows, "In every hole of theirs."

Hannah and I can't help but grimace, because we both have vivid imaginations which don't come handy in such scenarios.

"Keep that thing away." Hannah gives a pointed look to Natalie, "Because the last thing we want is someone to think we are going on a killing spree."

"But isn't that what we have planned?" Natalie looks at Hannah with feigning innocence.

"Okay, that's it, none of you are going anywhere." Nathan shakes his head while his free hand firmly grips my wrist, "Especially, I am not letting my Abigail go with you." He sounds stern and gives us a no-nonsense look.

I watch Hannah and Natalie share a discreet look, but I don't get a chance to ask them what's going on in their mind as Nathan slightly pulls me to his side.

"I can't let you go out at this hour, Abigail." He says softly, "Please, listen-"

"Awie, isn't he the cutest little bubba ever?" Hannah abruptly speaks in a baby voice, cutting Nathan off.

I and Nathan give Hannah a weird look feeling confused as why the hell she is talking to him like this, but it takes us a moment to realize she is looking at Noel who is now drooling while sleeping.

I swear, I saw Nathan taking a step back from Hannah as soon as these words left her mouth and only to release a sigh of relief when he figured she's talking to Noel.

"Awww... my adorable snuggle bug," She whispers quietly as she carefully takes Noel from Nathan's arms and hugs him.

"Kiss him," Natalie demands in a hushed tone in my ear.

"What?!" I frown at her, my tone matching hers.

"Kiss him, now." She pushes me towards Nathan and I reluctantly comply.

His eyes widen as I plant my lips against his, but he kisses me back without even wasting a second.

Suddenly, I yanked away from him as Natalie pushes me inside her car and quickly gets inside the driver's seat.

Hannah places Noel in the arms of a very shocked looking Nathan and jumps in the passenger seat.

"Go...Go...GO!" She smacks the back of Natalie's seat and Natalie presses the gas making us fly forward as we pull out of the building's parking.

When my shock wears off, I can't stop the laugh which erupts from me as I realize they actually kidnapped me in front of Nathan and I am sure Nathan would not be happy with the little stunt they have pulled.

"That's was the most fun thing which I have done, other than throwing Ryan's diaper at Miles." Natalie laughs, "God! We should do this often. Next time, I am kidnapping you, Hannah, it would be fun to see Adam's face when we will run away before his eyes."

Natalie turns the car to an unfamiliar road, but it seems like she knows where she is going.

Honestly, I don't even need to worry about where we are going as they are with me. But them being with me, brings a sense of security and comfort inside me.

The past days were crazy... a bad crazy. And I would take this craziness of my best friend and sister over that in a blink of an eye. These crazy moments make me aware of the heaviness inside my chest which is suffocating me. I try to push that feeling behind, pretending that it doesn't exist, but I know whatever I do it is always there.

Hannah wraps her arms around me from behind the seat which makes me turn to look at her.

"Let it out, Abigail." She gives me a small understanding smile and that all it takes for me to breakdown into tears.

And suddenly the stress of all the past days comes crashing down on me which I don't even realize I was carrying inside me. The fear with which I live with every moment makes me cry harder, fear of losing my Levi because of my mistake. I have felt that pain and I don't think I want to experience anything like that ever again.

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