It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 7


I believe the meaning of happiness never remains the same. The meaning of this word constantly changes from time to time.

Like for me as wife happiness means the unexpected hugs and kisses from Nathan which makes me feel loved. When he looks at me with love and calls me beautiful even when I am having greasy hair and dark circles under my eyes, and I feel and look like shit. When he senses my sadness and simply holds me till I start to feel better.

As a mother for me, happiness means the smile which Noel gives to me just after waking up when he sees my face. When he snuggles into my chest trying to be more near to me. When he shows me his little bottom two teeth which he never shows to anyone. When he falls asleep in my arms like they are the most comfortable thing in this entire world.

However, for me, as Abigail, the meaning of happiness is spending some peaceful moments with myself. In those moments, I am just Abigail all my other roles take a backseat for some time. Because I feel it is really important to spend some time with yourself and reconnect with yourself. It helps you to understand yourself better and brings inner peace.

Everyone should steal some moments from their busy life for themselves. Because, unfortunately, with the responsibilities and time we forget ourselves. From time to time we need to reconnect with ourselves, so we don’t get lost.

Love everyone but don’t forget to love yourself too. Sometimes when you think about yourself before anyone else, it doesn’t mean you are selfish, it means you value yourself and there is nothing wrong with it.

A contented sigh leaves my lips when I take a sip of my coffee and leans my head on the armrest of the couch. Today is kind of relaxing as today is the last day of my leave. Honestly, I am kind of excited to get to back the office. I love spending time at home, with Noel. But a part of me will always enjoy office life and its challenges.

The sound of bare footsteps causes me to sit a little straight to look over the couch. Involuntarily, I smile when Nathan comes out of the bedroom carrying Noel and both of them having identical bed hair.

Sometime during the morning, Nathan brought Noel in our room as little Knight was wide awake waiting for his morning cuddles.

After getting tired with cuddles he slept peacefully snuggled into Nathan’s side.

“Why are you not wearing a shirt?” I slightly frown, as Nathan is only in his sweatpants, “And why is he only in his diaper?” My frown deepens to notice Noel wearing nothing but his diaper.

Nathan glances down at his chest then back to me, with a slow playful smirk forming on his face.

“I don’t remember you complaining about me being shirtless last night when I was having skin to skin moments with you, Cupcake.” He arches his eyebrows teasingly.

Groaning I cover my face with my one hand, cursing myself why I have even asked him this normal question.

He chuckles then answers my second question.

“Potato just wanted to look like his dad.” He plants a kiss on Noel’s head as Noel stretches his little body, “So, he is not in a mood to wear clothes.”

Nathan places Noel on me while taking the mug from my hand, and takes a sip from my coffee.

Noel instantly lies down on my chest and clutches my shirt in his hands.

“My Noel was missing me.” I rub his back lightly, as he gets busy sucking his paci, “I love you, baby boy.”

“Nah, he was not missing you or anything.” Nathan clicks his tongue while shaking his head, “He is just missing fresh milk.”

“Asshole!” I glare at him for ruining my perfect awww moment with my baby.

“Hey, baby don’t repeat these words until I have grey hair.” Kissing Noel, I mummer quietly to him.

“Watch your language around Noel.” He admonishes me, “He may pick up these words from you.”

“Listen, he was in my womb for nine months, so he has heard far more worst words than this.” Standing up, I settle Noel on my hip, “So, I don’t need to worry about him picking up words. Because if he had picked up any words he would have called you ah ah instead of dada.” I mimic baby voice while making a face.

“Ah ah?” He looks at me quizzically while giving me a hard look.

“That is the baby version of asshole.” I stare back.

The staring match between us continues, but the corner of his lips starts to twitch in a betraying smile making it impossible to stop myself from smiling.

“Stop.” Biting my lip, I try to suppress my smile while glaring at him, “I am not smiling, you are trying to make me smile.” I sound stupid because this makes him chuckle loudly.

“This is what I am supposed to do.” He smiles, “Always trying to keep that beautiful smile on your face.”

“See even Potato agrees with me.” He glances at Noel who is trying to hold my face.

Holding Noel’s hand I kiss his hand which makes him giggle and paci falls from his mouth.

“I love both of you so much.” Nathan wraps an arm around me and Noel.

“But, I will always love you a little more.” He whispers in my ear which makes me laugh.

“Really?” I laugh.

“Yeah, really.” He gives a curt nod.

“What about the time when he calls you dada?” Arching my eyebrow, I decide to pull his leg by mentioning all his favorite moments with Noel.

“Or what about the time he refuses to let you go?”

“Or... or what about the time he falls to sleep on you?” Pretending to think, I tap my chin, “Or what about the time when he eats from your hand? And when he leaves whatever he is doing and demands to be picked up by you?”

“At that time also you love me more than him?” Smiling, I wiggle my eyebrows at him.

“Yes,” he replies with certainty while fondly smiling at us, “Especially, in all those times I love you even more. Because of you, I experience all these moments. If I have him in my life it is just because of you.”

“So, yeah.” He shrugs and smiles, “Even though I love him more than anything in this world. But I will always love you more.” He caresses my smile which is difficult to keep away from my face.

My heart swells with love for him, perhaps for other his words might sound cheesy, but I know he means every single word. I can feel the sincerity... the love behind his words which makes me believe everything which he has said is true. He truly loves me more than anyone in his life.

“Eric, I have to attend a meeting with Nathan so, I will be leaving in twenty minutes.” Picking up my purse and keys, I walk outside my office, “If there is anything important which needs my signature then send me there. Otherwise, I will check that tomorrow.”

“And thank you.” I pat Eric’s shoulder, gratefully.

He really helps me a lot since Lucy resigned from the job to pursue a further degree.

“No worries, I will take care of everything.” He smiles, “Just don’t forget to help me pick up the ring.” He warns me playfully.

“We will pick up the best ring for Lucy.” I wink at him while waving goodbye.

Eric and Lucy have been together for more than five years and now finally Eric gathered the courage to ask her the important question.

I am happy for them.

Last night after discussing with Nathan I have decided that I will work from both the offices, and he as well promised me to help with all my work.

Leaving Prescotts is not an option for me, neither I can ever leave. Dad already cleared that he will hand over the company to me when he will think I am ready for it. Even though I lead a marketing team but I help dad with almost everything, still, I am not ready to run the company.

For me, that position will always belong to my dad and I don’t ever want to take that from him.

While on the other hand, I can also understand due to the increase of work, Nathan also needs me with him. Technically, I am the co-owner with Nathan as he signed all the shares back in my name which I had named him earlier. So, I can’t overlook my responsibilities even though he handles everything.

Getting inside the car, I drive towards Knights Corporation.

Yeah, not allowed to walk anywhere alone as per my husband's order.

There was a time when I used to hate when I had to work from his office. But now, I am excited to again work from our office. Earlier there used to be a silent competition between us. Both of us trying to pull each other down and trying to prove ourselves better than one another.

Moreover, we still compete against each other, but it is now more for fun, not to prove anything. However, most importantly, these past years, we have learned to work as a team. He supports me when I am failing and I help him when he struggles.

Not just in work, but also in our lives.

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