It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 70

Natalie’s POV

“I think I need more of these fries.” Hannah sighs dreamily as she finishes eating her fries in record time. “Don’t get me wrong the burger is good, but these fries are next level.” She takes a bite of her burger and licks the sauce from her finger.

I swear Beth would have smacked her for eating like this. This thought nearly makes me laugh internally, as we all have forgotten nearly how many times Beth has scolded us for behaving improperly.

“I am still hungry and I need more of those fries.” She eyes Abigail’s fries and Abigail is quick to cover her fries with her hand before Hannah can steal one.

“You are not having these.” Abigail shakes her head and moves fries away from Hannah’s reach, “You finished yours, these are mine.”

“Go buy more fries for me,” Hannah demands, looking at me, "My sister is a meanie." She sticks her tongue out at Abigail to which Abigail replies with raising her middle finger.

Shaking my head at them, I stand up from my chair and walk towards the counter to order fries for her. Out of three of us, only I am the one who is carrying money so unwillingly I have to pay for our food and Hannah is enjoying this way too much.

Resting my elbow against the counter, I drum my fingers against the plastic countertop as I wait for someone to come and take my order.

This is place is not something which you can call classy, but the food they serve makes you ignore the fact that this place looks like a shabby bar than a burger joint. If I am not wrong the staff here only consists of four people, which I think handle everything from cooking to taking orders.

My eyes move to the side when I feel a presence behind me. I grit my teeth while closing my eyes to calm the anger which bursts inside me when someone feels up my ass.

Twisting my body, I turn to look at the face of the person who is about to add late to their name.

As expected I find a smug-looking bastard grinning at me like he has done something commendable for which he should be appreciated. And no, he is not creepy looking at all, in fact, he looks decent but then looks can be deceiving.

My lips turn into a sweet smile, as I bat my eyes at him adding a little more to the sweetness which I am trying to convey, hiding my anger.

He turns his head, towards his friends and gives them a nod, as they laugh giving each other hi-fives while sending suggestive looks in my direction.

"Since you touch me, it is only fair for me to return the favor by touching you." I never let my smile drop from my face, "So may I?" I say while tilting my head slightly to the side.

"Eager, aren't we?" He smirks, then he nods his head while opening his arms as if saying all yours.

My smile slightly widens and then the next moment my knee touches the dick's dick.

"Bitch!" He groans as he doubles over cupping his nether region as I slam my elbow hard into his back.

From my peripheral view, I watch the three guys who are with him coming towards me. Before the first guy can even take a step towards me, I see Hannah sticking the sauce bottle nozzle into his nostril and squeezing the entire sauce bottle. And I can bet she has killed his tiny brain by drowning it into the tomato sauce.

"Nobody messes with my girls," She growls angrily as she lands a punch on his face, who is looking like he is about to die, as sauce drips from his nostril.

"Get these bitches." One of the guys yells as the first jerk quickly joins them.

Man, I should have brought my bat with me, instead of leaving it in the car, it would have been the perfect opportunity to use that bat on these fuckers.

"Who the fuck are you calling bitches?" Abigail glares at them, anger rolling off from her in waves, maybe this would be the best way for her distress herself. "Try to touch them, I will fucking chop your tiny dicks and shove them down your throats."

Okay, there is one thing which you should know about Abigail she might look innocent and timid, however, she none of these. She can make you cry within seconds if you get on her bad side, and another thing which you should never forget is that she never gives empty threats.

And the jerk who touched me realizes this exactly the moment when Abigail swings the plastic chair at his head making him stumble back into his friends. Sadly, since it was a plastic chair his skull remained uncracked.

What happens next is almost a blur but what I know that I am having time of my life beating the crap out of these pieces of shits. And by the condition of these guys I am a hundred percent sure, I am not the only one who is feeling this way as Hannah and Abigail have used almost everything within their reach to attack them.

Abigail even goes as far as singing the Power Puff Girls ending theme song as we fight the bad guys. This shows how much she is enjoying all this.

I would have never imagined that our girls' night was about to turn into one of the amazing nights of our life when we came here.

"Don't worry, about the damages, I will pay for it!" I yell, briefly glancing the owner of the shop who looks like he is about to have a heart attack.

However, our fun is short-lived when we hear the sirens of the police cars as they pile in front of the shop.

"What a bummer!" I kick one of the guys in his ribs, feeling irritated that someone has called the police, and step back when the police enter the shop.

But what I never anticipated that one of my bucket list wishes is about to be fulfilled in the next five minutes. And to say that I am overjoyed is an understatement.

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