It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 71

“I need to call my father!”

“I need to call my husband!”

“Let them call no one!”

The last sentence makes me glare at my quite content looking best friend, who is making herself comfortable on the floor of the lock-up.

Yes, we have been arrested! Along with those bloody losers.

I don’t know why we have been detained, because other than beating them we had not done anything.

“Dad, I need to call my dad.” I groan as I demand, looking at the police officer who is stationed outside the bars which are holding us.

“No, we should call Adam.” Hannah suggests, “He is a lawyer, he can help us.”

Before I can answer her, I watch the other officers moving those losers in the opposite cell of ours.

Seeing them my blood boils and without even thinking for a minute, I take out my shoe and hurl at the head of the bastard who touched Natalie, managing to aim at him through the bars.

A satisfied grin appears on my face at my perfect aim while Hannah and Natalie cheer beside me.

“Woohoo! Bullseye!” Natalie proudly claps my back.

I can see the police officers are also amused and trying to fight back their laugh. I can’t blame them this is the most fun they could have had in the boring late-night duty of theirs, because as far as I have noticed most of them were bored out of their mind before they brought us here.

“Hey!” The idiot turns around and glares at me, only to be hit again. As I throw my other shoe at him which this time hits him square in the face.

A couple of snickers can be heard which are cover behind coughs.

“Because of you, our good meal was ruined.” I glare back at him remembering the half-eaten burger which I had to leave to help Natalie to deal with them, “You should thank your stars that these bars are separating us, otherwise, I would have broken your face.” I show my fist to him in anger as he and his friends get locked up.

"Keep your fucking mouth shut!" The officer warns him when he opens his mouth probably to spew some shit, "Otherwise, I will not even think once before I silence you myself." He throws a dirty glare at him and his friends then walk outside.

“Relax, and enjoy this time.” Natalie grins, as she returns to her previous position on the floor.

“Relax?” I throw my hands up in the air in frustration, “Nathan is going to blow a gasket once he will find out that I am here, I am sure would kill me.”

“He should never learn about this, that’s why I need to call Dad to bail us out of here,” I mumble to myself while feeling frustrated to land up here.

“C’mon he is not going to kill you.” Hannah scoffs at my exaggeration.

“But he will never let me hear the end of it.” I make a fake crying sound.

"You know, I always wanted to get a ride in a police car," Natalie speaks, clearly ignoring our conversation still feeling quite pleased, "And get locked up. After all these years finally, my wish has been fulfilled. I feel like it is one of the best days of my life." She sighs happily.

"Don't give me that look like you guys never wanted to get arrested once in your life." She retorts when she becomes aware of our glares.

A guilty expression passes my face which makes me sheepishly smile at her as I shrug.

"Well..." Hannah trails off not denying that she is wrong, and soon we all start laughing.

"I can't believe that I am locked up," Hannah says with a hint of disbelief, "Do you think Adam will charge me for his services, I mean I am his wife so he should not, right?" She looks at us as if we have the answer to her idiotic question.

"My dear, he would definitely make you pay for his services, but I can guarantee you it would not be in the form of money." Natalie winks at Hannah suggestively which brings a shade of pink on Hannah's face.

"Will you please stop." I raise my eyebrows at Natalie, "I definitely do not want to know how my sister is going to pay to her husband. It is as weird as thinking about your parents having the three letter 's' word." I make air quotes on s as I cringe.

"Topic change." Hannah also makes a face looking disgusted probably thinking about the same.

One hour has passed since I am trying to convince them that we should call dad as only he is the one who will keep our little trip to the police station as a secret from Nathan. Because if Miles or Adam knows they will definitely tell Nathan and I don't want to face his wrath.

Turning around, I can't help but feel jealous when I watch Natalie sleeping peacefully while her head is in Hannah's lap. Sometimes I envy her because of her chilled out attitude.

The sound of the opening of the door of our cell room makes me turn to look in that direction.

"You guys have been called outside." A police officer gives us a warm smile and a second later I realize he has bought my shoes when he places them in front of me.

"Thank you." I smile at him gratefully as I quickly wear the shoes.

Waking up Natalie we follow the officer outside as I hope that they have released us on their own. But my hope gets crushed at the moment when I find Nathan sitting with the cop in the room which seems like an office.

I gulp nervously when his eyes meet mine while I notice the lack of emotion on his face.

This only means one thing that I am going to be dead.

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