It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 72

What if I tell the cop that Nathan allowed me to get kidnapped and in fact made a plan with my kidnappers, will it save me from his anger?

I mean cop will arrest him and then later I will bail him out so that will make us equal, as when I got arrested he got me out, and then he got arrested I bailed him.

Then he can't be mad at me because I would have saved him, right?

The only difference would be that here I am going to be the one who is going to put him behind the bars so that I could help him get out. But still, I am going to help him in getting free, so it should count as something.

Clearing of the throat makes me snap back from my survival plans, and again my eyes lock with Nathan as he arches an eyebrow. This simple gesture twists my stomach uneasily as I know I am in great trouble.

Not a second has passed when Adam enters the room and I wish he was the one who has come to get us because it would have got me some time to prepare myself to deal with Nathan. However, I think today the luck was not on my side, as I am in trouble even though I have done nothing.

Sighing, I surrender myself to my fate as we walk further inside the room.

“Will you explain why they are brought up here?” Adam asks while looking at the police officer, whereas I am still subjected to Nathan’s glare.

I am feeling like I am standing in the principal's office and he has called our parents to complain about our behavior.

“These three were creating ruckus at the food joint, the owner called us that’s why we had to arrest them.” The cop sends a dirty look in our way like we are some kind of criminal.

Honestly, his glare doesn’t even look scary, in fact, if anything it makes him look more funnier.

Among everyone, he’s the one who was a complete ass to us. Every police officer at the police station is very kind and even fulfilled mine and Natalie’s wish to be handcuffed while they arrested us even though they didn’t want to as we were compliant.

Well, when we were being arrested then why not get the complete feel of it, right?

“He looks like he is pregnant, doesn't he?” Natalie whispers in my ear, while covering her mouth with her hand, barely holding her laugh.

Biting my lip I look down trying hard not to start laughing myself because he surely has a large stomach as the cloth around his stomach is stretched to its limit.

“Creating ruckus?” Hannah looks at him in disbelief as anger seeping into her tone, “It is called self-defense.”

“Listen, you Hippo in Blue.” She takes a step and points her finger at him while narrowing her eyes in annoyance as her patience has reached the limit, “Those motherfuckers tried to misbehave with my Natalie and insult us, so just like any ass-kicking females, we dealt with them. And we did nothing wrong. Moreover, I would suggest you should choose your words wisely because I will not mind knocking some sense into you as well.”

Adam is quick to hold Hannah as it seems like she is literally ready to knock that cop who is now looking slightly afraid of my fire-breathing sister.

“Are you okay?” Nathan’s voice startles me as I haven’t even noticed when he has moved to my side.

“Y-yeah... I a-am.” I stutter ridiculously, then taking a deep breath I nod my head confidently, “Yes, I am.”

His eyes roam over my face looking for any sign of a lie, then his eyes scan my body probably looking for any physical injury, I notice his shoulders relax when he finds none.

He completely takes me by surprise when he kisses my temple and I feel him releasing a sigh of relief.

Next, he turns to Natalie and I watch him assess her carefully.

“What about you? Are you fine?” He tries to hide his concern but it is clear in his voice.

“I am more than fine, I am simply amazing,” Natalie says smugly, clearly trying to ease his worry as just like me even she has sensed it, “You should know I am a lot more than just pretty face. So, don't worry about me.”

But what happens next is clearly something which neither Natalie nor I haven’t even imagined in our wildest dreams. As Nathan steps forward and tightly hugs Natalie, looking relieved to find out that she is unharmed.

A moment later he releases her as gives her a small smile.

“Thank God, because I would have hated if anything would have happened to an annoying thing like you.” He ruffles her hair to irritate her which works as she slaps his hand away while cursing him to the hell and back.

And my heart melts at his gesture, so I think I will not get him locked up.

Nathan glances at me and I am about to smile but stop when his lips curve in a dangerous smirk while an unreadable expression passes through his gaze.

“Don’t you think you are getting off the hook so easily, Cupcake.” He lowers his head near my ear as swallow nervously, “I am just waiting for you to get home, then we are going to have a serious conversation... a very serious conversation. So enjoy the remaining freedom you have till it lasts, because once we get home then I am not letting you go out of my sight.”

Maybe I should get him arrested.

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