It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 73

We didn’t get bail.

Yes, we didn’t and no, we are not inside the lock-up either.

In fact, the owner of the cafe has dropped his charges against us. So we are free citizens again.

I don’t know how it has happened, but I can bet it has something to do with Nathan or Adam. Moreover, I still don’t know how did they find us, were they following us or something?

I will ask Nathan about this later, however, for now, I have to get away from him before he unleashes his anger on me. I quickly try to walk past Nathan as soon as I hit the last step of the police station when we get outside. However, my attempt is unsuccessful when Nathan grabs me by my elbow halting me in my steps.

“And where do you think you are going so fast fast?” Amusement clear in his eyes, as he arches an eyebrow.

One day I am going to wax his eyebrows, no eyebrow means no raising an eyebrow at me.

Problem solved.

“Umm... Car.” I point at Natalie’s car which one of the officers drove to the station as we were enjoying a free ride in the cop car.

“Hmm... but don’t you think you are going in the wrong direction? As the car which will drive you back home is not parked there.” Smirk dancing across his lips, and unfortunately, home is the last place where I want to be.

“I came here with Natalie and Hannah, so it will look bad if I don’t go back with them.” I come up with stupid logic just to prolong going home because the mischievous glint in Nathan’s eyes something which I can’t ignore even if I want.

The way he is behaving so casually is a sign that I am screwed.

“Why do I feel like you are making excuses because you are afraid of me, Cupcake?” The corner of his lips tilts into a half-smile clearly seeing through my pretense.

“Afraid, Me? Of you?” I raise my chin defiantly pretending to show that I am not scared of him, “Huh, never.”

“Uh-huh.” He slowly nods his head, clearing not buying my act. “Then why there is sweat on your forehead, my sweet Abigail?” He asks teasingly as I hastily wipe my hand across my forehead.

“We are heading home.” Hannah interrupts saving me from answering him, “Adam has left the trio with their nanny, and by now they would have driven her nuts.”

“No problem, Hannah, even we are heading to our home. Right, Abigail?” Nathan places his arm on my shoulder as he brings me to his side so that I don't go anywhere with Hannah.

“Yes, there is a problem.” Hannah nods her head curtly at him when she sees my pleading expression. “Abigail and Natalie are having a sleepover at my place because it is our girls’ night.”

I love my sister.

Because after I am gone for a day he is going to start missing me and will almost forget his anger.

“Actually, girls’ night is over since it is almost morning,” Nathan mentions. “So you go to your home and we will go to ours,” he says plainly as Hannah's eyes turn into slits as she glares at him.

“We are going to take Abigail with us.” Natalie literally jumps out of nowhere scaring the hell out of me.

Nathan flicks her nose, which causes her to step back, and even before she can react Nathan throws me over his shoulder and starts walking in the direction of his car.

On the other hand, I can’t stop myself from laughing when I notice Adam dragging Hannah and Natalie towards his car before they can follow me. Even though I am being carried like a sack of potatoes but still they are looking quite funny being dragged by their arms as they continue to protest.

It looks like Adam’s practice of handling the twins is coming handy in his current situation.

“What is it today? Kidnap Abigail day?” I laugh as I decide to deal with my position instead of making fun of them.

However, abruptly, my laughter stops as I slightly shift myself to look at Nathan.

“Did you just smack my butt?” I ask in shock and utter disbelief.

“Yes, I did,” he answers unabashedly, “Naughty kids like you need a little spanking.” He jokes as he puts me down and opens the car door.

My mouth falls open as I look at him feeling completely stunned and speechless.


My mind starts to wander in a different direction, but I control my thoughts.

“Don’t worry, Cutie Patootie, even though you like different shades of grey, but I am not into that stuff.” He closes my mouth by placing his finger under my chin while my expression turns something between flustered and horrified, “However, I think I should sometimes use this spanking technique because it is quite effective in shutting you up and I love to render you speechless.”

“Although, I prefer this way to shut you up.” Lifting my face up, he teasingly pecks my lips when I open my mouth to use some of the words from my colorful vocabulary on him.

Suddenly, an idea comes to my mind, and before I can chicken out I quickly jump into action. Holding his collar, I pull him back to myself as I crash my lips against his.

I swear, I have gathered all my courage to do this, but again this is the only thing which may lead him to forget that he was angry at me.

He responds instantly, and I feel relieved because he has not turned me down. But confusion fills my mind when I sense him smiling against my lips and then a moment later he breaks the kiss.

"Nice try, Mrs.Knight." He glances at me with a knowing look as an amusing smile is settled on his face, "However, I am still mad at you." He pecks my lips once more as he moves to the other side of the car and gets behind the driver seat.

Yep, I am definitely not getting out of this.

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