It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 74

Natalie’s POV

Adam is driving me and Hannah to their home while his driver is following us in my car because Adam didn’t trust us that we are going to come home if we are in separate cars.

“How did you guys know we were arrested?” Hannah asks the question which is I am sure bothering all of us.

“I called on your cellphone to check on you, and when instead of you a police officer answered it was not hard to assume that’s where you guys are.” He chuckles in amusement, “I still can’t believe you, that Nathan and I have to come to bail out all of you at four in the morning.”

Yeah, they should have waited till the morning to bail us. Then at least I could have told my kid the story of how I spend my entire night behind the bars so he would know how badass is his mother.

“But I am proud of you all because those fuckers deserved what they got.” His voice turns serious, “And I wouldn’t have expected anything less than that from you because no one is allowed to get away with such things. Females are no objects that any bastard can come and treat them as they please.” The anger behind his words as clear as day.

One quality that anyone can instantly notice in Adam is that he is extremely respectful, especially towards women. He is the kind of man who opens doors and helps women with their grocery bags.

Honestly, at first, I thought he's doing all this stuff to impress Hannah, but when I got to know him I realized he is like that only. No pretense, at all.

“Do you know how hot you look when you are angry?” Hannah raises her eyebrows looking at her husband with a smile, “Although I love my laid back Adam more, your angry side is also drool-worthy.” She winks as he shakes his head at her while his lips turn upward in a faint smile. Still smiling, he raises her hand to his mouth and places a small kiss on it.

"Guys, don't get it on with each other with me being in the backseat." I interrupt their sweet exchanges, "I am not into watching porn, let alone watch live porn," I say with a straight face and watch Adam's eyes go round in shock probably feeling scandalized.

"Nope, I wouldn't call it porn, your eyes will be blessed with moments of heated passion if we decide to do something like that." Hannah winks at Adam, adding more to his shock, then starts laughing.

"God save poor me from you both." Adam shakes his head, mumbling to himself, which of course we hear, while Hannah and I laugh our hearts out.

Later I drive back to my house, after picking up Ryan from Hannah's house. I had left Ryan with Adam and kids, as Miles has gone out of town due to his new resort work and there would have been no one to see Ryan at home.

Honestly, I am missing Miles as it would have been more fun to have him with me today. But nevertheless, I had a great time and I can't wait to share the story of my awesome night with him.

By the time, I park my car in our driveway Ryan is completely knocked out. Almost the entire drive he kept me entertained with his gibberish while pointing out at everything which he noticed, so this must have tired him that's why he fell asleep even before reaching home.

I love listening to his gibberish as even though his words are unintelligent but the expressions which he gives are spot on to understand what's he is trying to say. Above all, his sweet baby voice just warms my heart, so I think I can listen to him all day long.

Cradling the Ryan in my arms, I walk to the front door and unlock it.

"Mama I am in love with a criminal. I love her so much that I married her, she is my criminal." Miles sings in his horrible voice as he welcomes me with a lazy grin on his face.

"Miles!" I can't contain my happiness as I quickly engulf him in a tight hug, well in an awkward hug because of Ryan being in my arms.

"You are really home." I pull back and glance at him while grinning widely. "I missed you so much," I admit honestly.

"You will not believe that I got arrested..." I excitedly start telling him still standing in the door.

He chuckles and pulls me inside the house as he locks the door behind.

"Wait a minute, you already know that, don't you?" I frown as I realize with what song he has welcomed me.

"Well, who do you think persuaded that restaurant owner to drop his charges against you?" He wiggles his eyebrows, "Other than this amazing husband of yours." He bows dramatically.

"You told me you won't be back like tomorrow." I look at him in surprise.

"Well, I thought to give my teapot a surprise, but instead I got a surprise when I came back home." He lightly laughs, "I leave you alone at home just for two days and return to find out that you are behind the bars. Indeed it's a pleasant surprise."

I can't help but laugh, thankfully Ryan can sleep through the storm so he doesn't wake up.

"This proves that even after marrying a dull person like you, I didn't lose my charm." I shrug reigning my laughter as I shift Ryan in my arms.

"Dull person, huh?" His lips turn into a challenging smirk, "Stop hiding behind my son then I will make you eat your words." Leaning forward he captures my lips into a kiss as he takes Ryan from me.

"Let me put him to bed first, because he doesn't want to know how exciting your life is about to get after a few moments." He winks at me and disappears inside the house.

What can I say other than my night, or day whatever you want to call, is just getting better and better.

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