It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 75

As soon as we enter the house I attempt to rush inside the bedroom, or maybe the bathroom will be the better place to hide, until Nathan forgets about whatever happened.

Nathan is really caring and all, but let’s be real he is also still the same guy who finds some kind of weird satisfaction in troubling me. And tonight he got all the fuel which he needs against me, to trouble me for the rest of my life.

In my heart, I have already realized that there is no escaping from the situation, but my mind is still persistent to find a way to get myself out of this.

“Abigail.” His stern voice makes me sigh in defeat as I begrudgingly turn to face him when the door to my escape was just in front of me. The bathroom door.

Dragging my feet towards the bed, I sit on the edge of the bed while keeping my hands in my lap trying to look as innocent as I can.

“Are you mad at me Nathan?” I glance at him and ask in a small voice.

The slightest hint of smile tugs the corner of his lips, however, his lips turn into a straight line when I smile at him feeling a bit relaxed. Immediately, smile drops down from my face and my shoulders slump in defeat.

Leaning against the opposite wall, he crosses his arms over his chest and looks at me intently.

Honestly, his gaze is making me uneasy and I just want to run away somewhere.

“I think...Noel is crying.” I slowly nod my head, I come with an excuse which can save me from him, “I am going to go and check on him.”

“What?” I frown looking at him when he arches his damn eyebrow in amusement.

Maybe shaving half of his eyebrows will stop him from raising his eyebrows at me.

“Nothing, I am just surprised in one night you became a felon and got supernatural abilities too. That lock-up must be magical, I guess.”

The word felon makes me slightly cringe, still not understanding what he is trying to say.

“What do you mean?” I ask looking at him in confusion.

“Well... you have heard Noel crying from here when he is at mom and dad’s house, because I had to go to get his dear mama outside the bars, so you must have gained some super hearing, right?” He says in a mocking tone.

While I feel like cursing myself for again giving him another chance to make fun of me. The hole I keep digging for myself becomes bigger and bigger.

“So?” He asks looking at me pointedly as if he is waiting for something. “Don’t you think you need a little explaining to do, wife?”

“First of all, you ran away even when I have asked you not to go anywhere. Then you didn’t answer my calls...” He starts speaking while I clutch my eyes tightly because I remember noticing his missed calls but I was too occupied in having fun with my girls that I forget to even text him back. “And then later, I found you got arrested. So, now tell me what should I do with you?” He nods his head slowly.

“Forgive me.” I shrug and glance at him giving him a sheepish smile.

“Okay.” He shrugs back as my eyes widen clearly not expecting this, however, his eyes are telling me a different story.

“Okay?” I ask clearly not believing him, “Just like that?”

“Yeah, just like that,” he replies casually.

“Why do I sense there is a condition somewhere in this okay?” Now I raise my eyebrows at him and the smirk which appears on his face confirms my suspicion.

“I always knew you were smart, but now you just confirmed it even more if it’s possible.” He pushes himself off the wall as he walks towards me with a look that can only be defined as predatory.

While I feel like a poor little lamb.

When he stops exactly in front of me, leaning slightly back I look at his face waiting for him to end my ordeal and announce his condition for being so generous to forgive me so easily.

Generous my ass, he is bloody cunning.

“Nothing as difficult as you might be thinking, cupcake.” He flashes me a smile, which at this moment I hate the most. “You just have to follow my every request. Simple.” He drops the bomb.

And now I am trying to find a clean way to kill him because following his requests means dancing on his tunes.

“And what if I deny?” I look at him challengingly.

“What can a poor husband like me do, other than sharing my grief with my dear mother-in-law by telling her how much trouble I have gone through to free my wife from lock-up at almost four in the morning.” He dramatically sighs as my mouth hangs open in disbelief.

“You little turd!” I growl because he knows mom will kill us if she finds out anything about all this. We might be adults and married, but this will not stop my mother to whip our asses.

Somehow during all these years mom and Nathan have become sort of friends which makes him use this as a great advantage against me and he is not even slightest ashamed of it.

“Don’t look at me like this I have to share this with someone, who can understand me,” He says, trying to hold back his smile when he notices me seething expression.

“Screw this!” I glare at him than without giving him any moment to react I grab a pillow and smack his smiling face.

But how I wish instead of pillow I had a frying pan or a brick in my hand.

His smile drops the moment pillow lands on the floor after it hits his face then his expression changes into something challenging and evil.

“You are dead!” Narrowing his eyes, he lunges at me and I nearly escape with a small fraction by kicking him on his shin and get away from him while laughing.

“Abigail, you will regret this once I will get my hands on you.” He threatens, but chuckles and rubs the spot where my foot has hit him.

“You can’t get me, old man.” I taunt, as I dash nearly tripping on Noel’s toy truck which is for some reason lying in the middle of the room, “Make sure your bone is not broken.”

“You asked for this, Cupcake.” He growls and catches me before I can throw that toy truck at him.

Caging me against himself, by winding his arm around my waist, he starts the merciless tickling assault on me.

“Stop, please!” I say breathlessly while trying to push his hand away. “I can’t breathe.” I lie but he doesn’t buy it.

I am not ticklish anywhere, but my sides. Tickling is unbearable for me and he knows that, so no wonder he is using this way to get back at me.

“Apologize,” he demands while continuing the torture.

“No.” I stubbornly shake my head in between laughter and gasping for air.

“Breathe...” I slap my chest when I am actually not able to breathe at all, due to how hard I am laughing, he curses as he stops tickling me. Then, he turns me in his arms and rubs my back as I try to catch my breath.

It is strange how he understands when I am faking or when I am telling the truth.

“You are the most frustrating woman, I have ever come across.” He sighs, resting his chin on my head, “I was honestly so mad at you for going out but then I watch you laughing so freely, and I knew I can’t be angry with you, and stopped myself from following you to bring you back home.”

“But now you are not allowed to go anywhere.” He wraps his arms around my neck and kisses my hair as I smile at him because he is stupid.

“However, I never pegged you as a brawler, this was definitely a surprise.” Leaning back, he looks at me with an amusement filled gaze, “But, then I shouldn’t be surprised as I know how abusive you can become when you are mad. So, another quality to add to your list of talents is brawling. Mad drunkard, angry cusser, secretive pole dancer, and a crazy wife, now a brawler. This list is getting longer and interesting with each passing year.” He chuckles once as he pointedly looks at me.

“Actually crazy wife should be on top of the list, the crazy wife who will give me early gray hair.” He adds after thinking for a moment.

“But you love this crazy wife.” I smile cheekily at him.

“Oh, that I do for sure, all her craziness makes me love her more. Even though sometimes she tests my patience and makes me want to pull my hair in frustration.. but still, I love her.” He speaks while keeping his face straight, but the corner of his lips slightly twitching upwards.

Whereas, my face splits into a big smile as I hear his words. Well, who can’t smile when someone says that they love them.

The smile which he was suppressing graces his face as he looks at me with a look that shows nothing but love.

“I love you and I am proud of you, even if I have to come and get you out of lock-up hundred times for defending yourself and someone else against some sick-minded bastards I would happily do that.” Holding my face in his hands, he locks his eyes with mine.

“Thank you.” I smile while trying to blink back my tears because his words mean so much.

Instead of saying anything he gently kisses me and embraces me letting me know he means every word that he has said.

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