It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 76

Today is the day when we have to bring our newborn son home for the first from the hospital, also it is the day when our toddler decides it is a good day to throw a tantrum because I have cut sausages into small pieces.

Now he is tottering here and there like some evil spirit has possessed him while crying at the top of his lungs as his world has to an end.

I have been trying to calm him down for so long but nothing is working. While on the other hand, Nathan is finding all this quite amusing and I am having a raging headache.

It is a complete disaster.

“Noel, enough now.” Sitting on my knees, I open my arms, “Come straight into mama’s arms.”

Luckily, he runs straight towards me like a madman as he starts giggling loudly like he hasn’t been trying to bring the house down with his cries a few moments ago.

Clutching him tightly, I release a sigh of relief because finally, he is behaving like my Noey, not like some possessed human. Picking him up, I give him his sippy cup praying he would drink his chocolate milk so that I will feel a little relieved that at least he had something.

He takes the cup from my hand and starts chugging it down as I sit on the floor with him in my arms.

“What had gotten into you today?” I ask looking at him as he innocently glances at me, “I was minutes away from bathing you with Holy water.” I tap his nose, playfully, as he gives me an adorable smile while chewing the nozzle of the cup.

His smile made me forget about his earlier tantrum because now he just looks like an angel.

“Do you know who is coming home today?” I comb his hair with my fingers as he lays down in my lap, “Your baby brother is coming home.” I smile at him as he yawns and throws the empty cup on the floor.

“Will you be a good boy for mama?” Leaning down, I peck his forehead a few times, “Mama will need your help in taking caring of Baby Levi, so please don’t trouble mama much.” I gently plead.

“Mama,” Noel says and lifts his hand trying to touch my face when I lean back.

Holding his hand, I kiss his palm while he continues to babble.

After sometimes his eyes start drooping and I know he will soon fall asleep. But then he sees Nathan walking towards the door while carrying a new car seat, and he starts to cry loudly.

I do believe there is some kind of invisible antenna on Noel’s head whose sole purpose is to catch Nathan’s signals. Because I don’t know how but he always manages to find Nathan. Sometimes, even during his sleep, if he is sleeping with us, he will roll towards Nathan’s side and snuggle with him.

Leave him anywhere if Nathan is around, he will find him.

“Hush, Potato.” Nathan takes him from my arms, which seizes Noel’s cry immediately, “If you want to hang out with dada there is no need for crying. Just say dada and I will know that you want me. Now give mama a kiss, so we can go.” Nathan brings Noel close to me, as Noel cutely pucker up his lips.

He has learned to give kisses, but he only kisses me or Nathan. But he gives flying kisses to the rest of the family.

“Awww... thank you.” I kiss him and ruffles his hair.

“Come on, let’s go and install this new car seat for Nugget.” He picks the abandoned car seat from the floor as he walks outside with Noel while Noel waves at me happily.

My adorable little devil.

Finally, everything doesn’t seem like a disaster anymore.

Mom has come to babysit Noel, as Nathan and I go to the hospital to bring our Levi home.

“Finally, Levi will be home with us.” I smile, as I keep on bouncing my knees feeling excited and emotional at the same time as I glance at Nathan.

Looking at me briefly, he smiles then shifts his attention back on the road. A moment later he grabs my hand and intertwines his fingers with mine, making me realize that I am being fidgety.

“You are going to break your fingers if you keep playing with your fingers.” He chuckles, giving my hand a light squeeze.

“I am nervous and excited as hell, I just can’t wait to hold Levi without any time restrictions,” I speak, as I release a breath, all while smiling.

“Me too.” Nathan nods his head, “I hate it when we were forced to leave him there when all I wanted was to keep holding him and comfort him.” He slightly clenches his jaws as he swallows.

We both understand that Levi is in good hands and they’re just following orders, but this doesn’t mean that we have to like it.

Nathan is an extremely protective father, so obviously it’s not easy for him not to be around Levi. I remember once he broke down at night as he couldn’t keep it together anymore. And when I watched him crying, at that moment, I realized even he’s struggling from being away from our son as much as I am. However, he’s keeping a strong front for the sake of me.

It used to break our hearts every time when we had to leave Levi, at the hospital after spending time with him, the feeling of longing instantly coiled around our hearts the moment we stepped away from him.

However, now, everything will be fine. As, finally, we will have our baby with us.

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