It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 77

“You are okay, sweetheart.” I gently rub Levi’s chest when he starts whimpering, as I have noticed whenever I place a hand on his chest he calms down, “Mama is here, Levi,” I softly whisper to him while lightly rocking him.

Nathan has gone to make all the necessary follow-ups appointment and to complete the discharge formalities so we can take our baby home. In the meantime, I am with Levi as I changed him and fed him.

My baby is perfectly healthy like any other full-term baby and I can’t be any more relieved then this.

Picking him up carefully, I settle him against my chest as this is where he feels comfortable. He is a little snuggle bug, just like Noel.

“Aren’t you the cutest little thing, mister?” I run the back of my finger against his cheek while lovingly glancing at his face.

The lower half of his face is hidden behind his pacifier and there is a cute little dent between his brow.

Opening his eyes, he stares at me and steals my heart effortlessly. I smile at him then holding his tiny hand between my fingers I gently kiss it.

He opens his fingers then he wraps them around my finger tightly grasping it. While I keep looking at him not wanting to remove my eyes from his face even for a moment.

After a slight knock, the door opens revealing the doctor as she has come to check on Levi along with Nathan.

After examining him she informed us that he is ready to go home, and her words sound like music to my ears.

I know he would have been discharged today, but still, I was feeling anxious that they will keep him and tell us that we can’t take him home. Her words have eased my worries entirely.

“Okay, Nugget, it is time to strap you in your car seat so we can head home.” Nathan puts the car seat down, and carefully take Levi from me.

A soft smile blooms on my face when just before placing Levi in the car seat, Nathan hugs him as a blissful expression settles on his face.

Kissing his hair, he smiles at him then he gently places him in the car seat.

Nathan talks to Levi in a hushed tone to calm him down, when he softly cries. After a moment or two, when he calms down Nathan straps him in the seat.

“The car seat is almost swallowing my baby.” I can’t stop myself from frowning as he looks so small and the car seat looks daunting to me. “Are you sure he is comfortable?” I ask Nathan, as he adjusts the straps.

“He is perfectly comfortable, cupcake.” He turns to me and smiles at me reassuringly.

“Okay, time to go home now.” He grins while excitement visible in his eyes because finally, we are taking our baby home.

“This time when we will step outside this hospital we will not be alone, we will have our Levi with us.” He picks up the car seat and adorningly glances at Levi, “Ready to go home Nugget?”

“Why do you call him nugget?” I ask the question which is bothering me since Levi has been born and I can bet that the answer to this question would be something that will make me want to murder Nathan.

“Because he’s so tiny, and looked like a frozen nugget when he was born.” He shrugs nonchalantly as we walk outside the room.

Clenching my teeth, I kill him a thousand times in my head because I love him a little too much to kill him in real. But in my mind, I can. And that's what I am doing right now after stabbing him twice, I am chopping him into tiny pieces.

“Nathan, you should really thank your lucky stars that I love you, otherwise, you would have been six feet under the soil by now.” I glare at him. “Yes, you should definitely be grateful.” I slowly nod my head at him when his lips tug upward in a lazy yet smug smile.

My glance shifts to Levi who looks so adorable and cute sleeping peacefully looking nothing like a frozen nugget.

How can he compare him with nugget? But then I shouldn’t be surprised as he thought Noel resembled a potato when he was born.

However, there is one thing that is good about this as both brothers will know their dad doesn't have any favorites because he has given both of them equally ridiculous nicknames.

Potato Knight and Nugget Knight, sons of Moron Knight.

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