It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 78

Normally, it takes somewhere between thirty minutes to get home from the hospital. But today, it took us more than an hour to reach home, as we had to stop to change Levi’s diaper.

Well, just say neither Nathan nor I am looking forward to these diaper changes because the nasty smelling shit these brothers produce has the tendency to put anyone into the coma.

Mark is already waiting for us when we reach our building as he has informed us that he has spotted some paparazzi outside our house building so Nathan is slightly annoyed. Even though the security makes sure they stay out of the building, but still, sometimes things get difficult.

It is not that they bother us often, but some of them just test our patience. We give them pictures from time to time so that they don’t invade our privacy, however, this doesn’t stop some of them ambushing us.

Unfastening the straps, I pick up Levi put a blanket around him as the weather is a bit chilly for him while Nathan carries his bag.

I have completely covered Levi before stepping out of the car while I hold him against my chest. Nathan wraps a protective arm around my waist pulling to his side when we hear the slight commotion outside the building gates but quickening our steps we head inside as our priority is Levi. His immune system is not very strong so being outside might not be good for him.

I release a sigh of relief when we entered the elevator as just a few moments then we will be in the safety of our home. However, it seems like Levi doesn’t like the elevator ride because he starts crying as soon as stepped into the elevator.

Nathan annoyance from earlier turns into concern when Levi’s soft cries echo the elevator and he takes Levi from my arms. Holding him close against him, he presses his lips to Levi’s head and whispers quietly to him. After a moment or two Levi’s cries quieten down bringing a bright smile on Nathan’s face as he continues to talk to him.

Well, it looks like we have another follower of Satan in the house as just like Noel even Levi seems to be under his dada’s spell.

Stepping out of the elevator, my excitement returns as finally, Noel will meet Levi.

Nathan returns Levi to me as we stand outside our door because Noel gets excited to see Nathan and greets him first by demanding to be picked.

Nathan and I share a look while laughing a little as Noel’s voice can be heard from behind the door, as he is squealing.

“It looks like he is in a happy mood.” Nathan chuckles and unlocks the door.

Of course, grandma is with him so obviously he must be having a great time.

Noel rushes towards us as fast as his little feet would allow him when we get inside while mom is close behind him. However, he comes straight towards me, and before I know it he wraps his arms tightly around my legs.

“Hi, Noey.” I laugh and my heart fills with warmth as I run my hand through his hair while holding Levi with one arm.

Mom gently takes Levi from me, so I can greet my Noey properly, while smiling widely with tear-filled eyes as she looks at Levi.

“Oh, my precious little baby.” She murmurs looking adorningly at Levi, “Such a sweet little baby you are." She gushes over Levi as she gently rocks him.

"Hello, baby boy." After a little struggle, I manage to unwrap Noel's arms from my legs so that I can hug him. "Aww... big hug." He throws his arms around my neck holding me tightly.

I carry him to the couch as he hides his face in my neck. Rubbing his back, I kiss his head while he keeps his face pressed against my neck. Whenever we leave him, he always hugs us like this when we return until he is satisfied that we are not going anywhere again. I feel like this his way of telling us that he missed us.

And I definitely don't mind getting such welcomes.

His tight hugs never fail to warm my heart and I feel like holding him like this forever.

Holding him, I rock him from side to side inhaling his sweet smell as I keep pressing small kisses on his head. As always his attention shifts to Nathan when he sits beside us, which makes him crawl in Nathan's lap.

"Can I have a kiss?" Nathan glances at Noel raising his eyebrows with a small smile.

His wish is instantly granted as Noel gives him a kiss and he even gives him a hug.

"Thank you." Nathan's eyes shine brightly with affection as looks at Noel.

Mom places Levi in my arms and excuses herself after letting me know she is helping Georgia with the lunch.

Not even a moment passes when Noel's gaze turns to me then to Levi. He stares at his face with a serious look, looking exactly like Nathan. When I glance at Nathan funnily he is looking at Noel in the same way as Noel is looking at Levi.

As if sensing my gaze on him, he locks his eyes with mine and nods his head in reassuringly when he reads apprehension in them.

The way Noel is looking at Levi is making it difficult for me to judge his reaction and this is making me anxious.

"Potato, he is your baby brother." Nathan talks to him in a soft tone while rubbing his arm whereas Noel is still staring at Levi.

A small frown appears on Noel's face and my heart drops inside my chest but I stay calm.

"Noel, come here say hi to baby Levi." I open my other arm beckoning him to come to me.

He doesn't move but snuggles into Nathan's side while holding his hand.

"Potato, Nugget is waiting for his big brother to give him a hug," Nathan speaks to Noel in a loud whisper.

Noel raises his head and looks at Nathan but doesn't show any signs of interest to hug Levi.

Still resting against Nathan all he does is extend his hand and slightly touch Levi's foot. Levi wiggles his toes which makes Noel glance at Nathan as if he is silently asking him what is he doing.

I love how he looks at Nathan every time he is unsure about something. This shows the level of trust he has in him.

"Baby Levi's foot is saying hi to you." Nathan lightly laughs and touches Levi's other foot.

No matter how stupid his words are but it seems like they helped Noel in gaining some confidence as he sits straight and holds Levi's foot in his hand after pushing Nathan's hand away.

"Say, hi Baby Levi, I am your big brother." I smile at him encouragingly.

And then what happens next leaves me and Nathan completely stunned.

"Biby." Noel softly speaks, making our eyes widen in shock.

Baby? did he just say baby?

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