It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 79

“Say it again, Noey.” I hold Noel’s arm trying to get his attention, “Say baby.” I slowly pronounce the word.

However, his attention is solely fixed on Levi as he stares at him.

“Noel, say baby.” I again repeat and gently caress his cheek with my hand.

This irritates him as he loudly whines and hides his face in Nathan’s chest making me pout.

“Noel,” I call him again, but my shoulders slump in defeat when he snuggles closer to Nathan.

“Don’t push him to speak when he doesn’t want.” Nathan shakes his head at me, “He will speak when he will feel like.”

I know he is correct as Noel will not repeat the word unless he wants. But still, his squeaky baby voice sounded so cute that I am dying to hear him speak again.

Levi pushes the pacifier out of his mouth and makes a small crying sound that gets Noel's attention. Lifting his head from Nathan's chest he glances at Levi curiously as I try to calm him by running soothing circles on his chest.

Noel comes a little closer and settles beside me looking at Levi as he is some kind of experimental thing, then he picks up the pacifier. I glance at Nathan with a small smile because I can see Noel is slightly warming up to Levi.

"No!" I laugh loudly when Noel puts Levi's pacifier in his mouth and puts his fingers in Levi's mouth as he continues to cry.

"That's not how we calm baby Levi." I gently take his fingers out of Levi's mouth and I don't have the heart to take Levi's pacifier from him so I let him have it.

"Don't cry Levi, I am here." I hold Noel's hand and lightly pat Levi's chest with his hand, trying to show him a way to calm him down. So next time he doesn't shove his hand inside his mouth. Well, I can only hope for that.

"Why don't you hold baby Levi and ask him not to cry?" Nathan wraps his arm around Noel and points at Levi.

Nathan pulls Noel closer to him and makes him extend his arms in front of him by keeping his hands under them. I carefully place Levi in Noel's arms praying that he doesn't try to throw him as he did with the doll.

My poor baby looks so lost for a moment like he doesn't know what to do with the creature which his parents have handed him.

"Give him a kiss." Nathan points at Levi's head and places a small kiss, then takes out a pacifier from Noel's mouth.

Noel bends his head and places the world's tiniest kiss on Levi's head, then he looks at Nathan like he is waiting for him to praise him.

Nathan certainly doesn't disappoint him as he smiles at him showing how happy he is.

"Good job, you are a very good big brother, Potato." He smiles at him.

Noel holds Levi's hand examining his fingers, his face full of wonder just like when he observes new things around him.

"Biby." He suddenly points at Levi and whispers in a tiny squeaky voice which melts my heart. His word sounds more like a question.

"Yes, he is a baby." I smile at Noel, "Baby Levi."

I think he has picked up this word from us, as for the past few months this is the constant word which he is listening to and I think it is easier for him to say. And I am glad this the first actual word he started speaking as it makes all this so special.

However, before we can stop him Noel pushes him away. Thankfully Nathan was holding Levi as he quickly picks him up from Noel's arms.

"You don't do that to a baby." Nathan speaks softly but with slight firmness, "We have to be gentle." He gives Noel a pointed look while rocking Levi side to side, who has started crying again.

But ignoring him Noel crawls into my arms and rests his head against my chest. Wrapping my arms around his little body, I kiss his head while lightly squeezing him.

"Mama." He points at Nathan which makes him chuckles.

"He is not your mama." I fake gasps turning Noel in my lap so he is facing me, "I am your mama."

"Who is your mama?" I narrow my eyes, playfully at him and tickle him, "I am Noey's mama."

He giggles loudly and tries to get away from me. Pulling him tightly against me, I kiss his cheeks loudly which earns me another round of giggles from him.

Thankfully, this first meeting of brothers went better than I have anticipated. Noel always surprises me and never fails to make special moments in my life, even more, memorable.

"Mama...biby." Noel holds my face with his hands and repeats these words among his cute babbling.

"Yes, you are mama's baby." I gently stroke his cheek with my thumb, as my heart bursting with love for my son, "My first baby."

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