It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 8

Amelia, Nathan’s assistant, quickly takes my purse from my hand and keeps it behind her desk while ushering me towards the meeting room.

“Meeting has been started ten minutes early.” She whispers, “Sir, asked me to wait for you and directly take you to the meeting room as soon as you reach here.”

“Okay, relax, Amelia.” I smile at her because sometimes she gets really panicked.

“Okay.” She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath then smiles looking at me, “Welcome back.”

“Thank you.” Returning her smile, I enter the meeting room after briefly knocking the door twice while she follows me.

Everyone looks in my direction as I enter.

“Good afternoon, everyone.” I nod my head in a polite greeting. “Please stay seated.” Waving my hand I stop some of the people present in the meeting from standing to greet me.

Nathan flashes me a brief smile, then neutral expression settles on his face.

Averting my gaze from him, I notice there is another man sitting beside him giving me a questioning look. The man looks to be in his mid-thirties, but he has salt and pepper color short hair with a neatly trimmed beard.

“Can we please continue? As we have been discussing something important before we were rudely interrupted.” Dina throws a dirty glare at me, as she stands before the screen on which some facts and figures are being shown.

Is she also here? God, Can you please make her disappear?

I share a look with Nathan, as he rolls his eyes at her almost making me laugh.

The man whom I assume to be Easton Jenkins subtly glares at her.

Ignoring her, I walk to my seat and stand behind it.

“For the people who don’t know, I am Abigail Knight.” Keeping my hands on the seat I glance at some new faces including Mr.Jenkins, “Detailed introductions can be done later, as now we should continue with the meeting.” Smiling at the rest then I nod my head at Dina and take my seat.

Nathan pushes a file in my direction on the table, from the tips of his fingers.

Opening the file, I skim the agenda of the meeting, then turning to Amelia who is sitting beside me I ask her to give me the minutes of the previous meeting.

After finishing her presentation Dina takes her seat with a proud smile on her face.

“So, as I have explained everything in detail, I think we need to increase our budget.” She looks at her brother who looks in deep thinking.

I can hear the silent murmuring among the members in the room, as the budget is already quite high for this project.

When I glance at Nathan he is already looking at me, the silent understanding passes between us as he subtly nods his head. He wants me to handle this issue.

“Actually, there is no need to increase the budget, in fact, from what I see the budget is already more than enough-”

“Really? I think you weren’t concentrating on this meeting because if you had then you wouldn’t be saying this.” She scoffs.

Okay, time for being polite is gone.

“Miss. Jenkins, I would really appreciate if next time you interrupt me, you have anything useful to say.” I give her a stern look, “Because other than that I will not tolerate such behavior again.”

“Everything which you have presented in front of the meeting is nothing which we are not aware of. This meeting is called to discuss the solution, not to know what one person thinks, and I am sure you know the meaning of discussion. So, now we are going to discuss and try to come up with some solutions,” Squaring my shoulders, I say authoritatively.

Nearly, after two hours of discussion, we reached the conclusion that we are going for an open tender to get the construction supplies as this seems to look more budget appropriate.

“Mrs. Knight, I am must say I am really impressed with the way you perceive things.” Mr. Jenkins smiles at me when we were done signing the sheet in which the points of the meetings are mentioned.

After every meeting, all the members present in the meeting sign this meeting sheet, so that it can be used later when it is needed if anyone tries to go against the decisions which have been taken during the meeting.

“Thank you, Mr.Jenkins.” I give him a brief smile.

“Mr. Knight, after today’s meeting I am sure our this project is going to be successful. Earlier I was slightly worried about the budget as we have already invested a quite sum in it, but I think your team is really capable to handle every situation and there is nothing which I need to worry about.” He shakes hand with Nathan, then he proceeds to meet the rest of our team.

He seems like a humble person, completely opposite to his sister.

“I feel I should start calling you boss.” Nathan jokes as we get back to his office when everyone has left, “Because I knew my wife is bossy, but back in there I saw a different level of dominance.”

“You know me, I only use my authority when I needed to.” I shrug, “She needed to know her position. If I had let go of her attitude this time then again she would have tried to question me just trying to bring me down which is something I will never allow.”

“Abigail, I know you have asked me not interfere in such matters and you can handle yourself, but if next time she tries anything like this I will not stop myself from showing her what I can do if anybody disrespects my wife,” he says with finality.

Being a loving and caring husband aside Nathan is still an asshole.

Somethings never change.

I feel like he was waiting for me to come back to the office, to pile me up with all this work. Seriously, he has handed me the work which I hate the most, interviewing people for the job. The HR department has already shortlisted the candidates, now I have to conduct the final interview.

I can’t understand how can anyone judge someone’s capabilities on the basis of some papers and interviews about which they must already be really nervous.

Mistakes happen, maybe for some reason, someone is not able to give their best but they really do have some potential in them. So how can we just judge them in one meeting?

After conducting the interviews with all the five candidates, I have offered them one week’s probation time so that they can prove themselves and it will be an easier decision for me to make on the basis of their work.

“May I come in?” I hear Nathan’s voice from outside while he peeks inside the glass door as if a kid watches inside a candy shop.

“No,” I answer curtly, trying hard not to smile at his face.

But obviously this doesn’t stop him from coming inside, as he walks inside and takes one of the seats in front of my table.

“What can I do for you, sir?” I ask him with a fake cheerful voice.

“Nice.” He smirks and drawls the word slowly, like there is something going on in his mind, “How about a pole dance?”

“You are impossible.” I laugh and shake my head at him.

“Just testing my luck.” He chuckles and shrugs.

“So, what brings you here, Mr.Knight?” I politely ask him, raising my eyebrows, as I have noticed some files in his hand.

“Nothing important, Mrs.Knight.” He leans back giving me a sly grin, “I just want you to read all these files and simply cross-check them with all the reports which marketing department has given me.”

“Oh, I forget to mention.” He stands up from the chair and places the files in front of me, “This work needs to be done by tomorrow.” He pats my hand.

“I would have helped you, but I am feeling too lazy to do any work.” He slowly walks to the couch and sits on it.

“You are still a jerk, you know that?” Pointing the back of my pen at him, I glare at him.

“Where will be the fun if I don’t trouble you, Cutie Pie?” He gives me an innocent smile, which looks anything but innocent. “We aim to... trouble.” He winks and chuckles while crossing his ankles and folding his arms above his hand as if he is on some beach basking the sun.

“One more thing.” He closes his eyes, “I am taking a small nap as you finish your work, but don’t take too much time as I don’t like to go home late. I am not sure about you but my Potato waits for me to come home and play with him.”

Clenching my jaws I look around to throw something at him, but when I find nothing I settle on the pen in my hand.

Even though my aim is correct and the pen hits the idiot in front of me, but to annoy me he sends me a flying kiss without even opening his eyes.

“Feeling so much love, wife.” He laughs.

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