It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 80

Walking outside the bathroom, I towel dry my hair after the much-needed shower. Hanging the towel at the back of the chair, I take a moment to appreciate the view before my sight as I watch Nathan sleeping with both of our boys.

Levi is sleeping on his chest, while Noel is hugging his side keeping his little arm and leg on him, as Nathan’s one arm is around Noel and the other is around Levi in a protective manner.

This sight almost brings tears to my eyes.

Wait, I am not being emotional because they are looking cute or anything. Well, they are looking cute but that’s not why I am being emotional. It is because finally, both of my monsters are asleep and I am feeling a bit relieved because my ears are not ringing with their cries. The entire night these boys made sure that we don’t get a blink of sleep by crying at the top of their lungs.

Levi cried after every hour or so which made Noel cry because for some reason whenever Levi cries Noel gives him company in crying by crying more loudly than him. This really confused me as I didn’t know who to calm first. For the first hour or so, it looked really adorable and heartwarming that both brothers decided to trouble us together but after that, I felt like pulling my hair.

Poor Nathan he was staring at them like he was trying to figure why didn’t they come with a silent button as they lay side by side while they continued to cry their hearts out.

Nathan and I attempted to take turns in calming each one of them but that didn’t work as well. As when Nathan carried Levi, even Noel wanted Nathan to carry him. And when Levi was in my arms then he clung to me like my cuddly koala.

In short, in one night all our plans of how we are going to handle them were kicked out of our window. So, now, we are going to take each day as it comes.

As quietly as I can, I step out of the room and head to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee and hoping to drink it before Levi or Noel wakes up.

The house is silent, and silence is what I needed the most at this moment. Cradling my cup in my hand I decide to spend some peaceful moments standing in the small balcony beside the kitchen as I enjoy the morning breeze.

After some very difficult days, I am having these peaceful moments in my life which I can never take for granted. I don’t even remember how long it has been when I was feeling this content, probably before Levi’s birth.

Now knowing that my baby is finally with me, with his family, at our home brings immense relief to my heart. Even though just in one day, both Levi and Noel have driven me crazy but I wouldn’t change anything because they are my world.

I just love being their mama.

Shuffling behind me makes me glance over my shoulder to find Nathan walking towards the kitchen while rubbing his face with his hand. A sleepy smile lifts his lips when he looks at me and walks towards me instead of the kitchen.

“I am still half asleep.” He mumbles while wrapping his arms around my waist and rests his chin in the crook of my neck.

“Then why did you wake up?” I question taking a sip from my coffee.

“I thought since both of my sidekicks are sleeping, I could use the bathroom without worrying about anyone of them crying that I abandoned them. Then I came to look for you.” He chuckles lowly, his breath tickles my skin.

“Thankfully, they are still sleeping.” He sighs and holding my hand he brings the cup near his mouth and takes a large sip from it. “Maybe, I can get back to sleep for some time more.”

“Don’t you think Levi troubles me more than Noel?” After a moment or two, he asks abruptly. “I feel like he knows when I am holding him because at that time only he decides to poop.”

Well, it is true Nathan has changed Levi’s diaper more than I have. And I love my son for that.

“Well, he is just preparing you for the future.” I shrug and turn around as I hand him my remaining coffee which he gladly accepts it, “So, that you will be ready to clean his mess.”

“I am so looking forward to it.” He rolls his eyes, pretending to look annoyed.

“I guess, our break time is over.” I laugh and walk towards the bedroom when I hear Noel’s cry.

When I enter the room I am not surprised to find Levi crying in a slight quiet voice than his brother.

“Are you going to be his alarm, mister?” I pick up Noel first as his arms are already raised in my direction and kiss his head while wiping his tears. “Whenever, baby Levi is going to cry you are going to cry too, huh?”

“Biby,” he says in a tiny voice as he wraps his arms around my neck.

The moment he has learned to say this word since then everything is biby. Nathan is biby, I am biby, Levi is biby, horsey is biby... like everything which he points at he calls them biby.

“And why are you crying, Lil guy?” I sit on the bed and caress Levi’s cheeks, “Are you mad that your paci fell out of your mouth?” I smile at him and give him his pacifier which calms him down a little bit.

However, I know he is hungry as he mostly cries when he is hungry other than that he is really a calm baby.

I put Noel down on the bed but he starts crying while trying to crawl back into my arms. Picking him up again, I sigh as I gently rub Levi’s chest to calm him.

Nathan comes inside and immediately guesses what is going on just by looking at my helpless expression.

“Potato, let mama feed Nugget, while both of us will play.” He takes Noel from my arms and throws him in the air even before he can start crying again.

He giggles loudly and forgets that seconds ago he was crying to be with me as now his dada has got all his attention.

Smilingly, I mouth ‘Thank you’ at Nathan as he winks at me and tickles Noel making him laugh like a crazy.

Carrying Levi, I sit on the rocking chair and start nursing him. I shake my head when I watch the bed turning into some sort of wrestling ring as Noel is jumping on Nathan after he throws him on the pillows.

“Are dada and brother being silly?” I ask Levi when I burp him while Nathan is making some roaring sounds as he holds Noel. Levi looks at them seeming to be fascinated with their goofiness.

“Don’t worry, when you will be a little older then even you will be part of their silly antics.” I wipe his face with a towel as he spits out a little while cooing softly. “Until then be mama’s sweet little angel.” I kiss his head and hug him to me with a smile.

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