It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 81

Nathan’s POV

It is crazy that one month has already be gone by since we brought my little man home, and life has been nothing but entertaining.

There were moments of frustration and annoyance, but the happiness and contentment overpower them. So, not complaining at all.

It feels like I and Abigail are relearning parenting. Raising two kids is entirely different from what we learned about being parents since Noel’s birth. And it is a hell of a change, but Abigail and I work more like a team which makes things somewhat easier.

Earlier we used to think that Noel was being jealous of Levi or he doesn’t like him as whoever carried Levi he wanted to go to that person. But later we discovered that he wanted to be with him. As one day I was carrying Levi, Noel immediately rushed to me and demanded to be picked so when I picked him he settled against me while smiling at Levi. Since then we noticed he wanted to be near him.

It seems like he has a possessive nature, because even though he doesn’t really understand the relations but he feels a sense of ownership and knows who is his. And he is very clear about it.

He becomes irritated if any new person is near Levi. Even if someone he knows is carrying Levi he will stay with them while keep saying my looking at Levi, like he is trying to let them know that Levi is his, until we take him back from them.

Once Abigail saw him trying to drag Levi by holding his foot away from the maintenance guy who came to fix the air conditioner in the living room. Even though that guy was standing quite away from him and also Abigail was there, but still, that doesn’t stop him from trying to create distance between him and his brother.

It looks like Levi already has his mini protector with him.

“Yes, I have got the email and I am just going to check-” I talk to one of my business associates, Mr.Carlson, but stop in mid-sentence when I feel Potato pulling my trouser to gain my attention.

“One second,” I speak into the phone, as I shift my attention to Potato who is looking at me with chocolate-covered face and innocence filled eyes.

“What is it, son?” I ask and he starts babbling which sounds more like a complaint.

Obviously, his mama is being mean to him that’s why he has come to me. From the word choc between his babbling and his chocolate smeared mouth what I have understood is that she has taken chocolate from him that’s why he seems annoyed.

His vocabulary has been increasing and almost every day he surprises us with speaking a new word. Moreover, he makes his own words in his own language, which feels more like code words between us. As only Abigail, I and him are able to understand what he is saying.

“What!? No way!” I exclaim while looking at him giving him the reaction which he wants, “Potato, hold one second let dada finish his call then you will tell me everything that has happened, okay?” I nod my head keeping my face straight then I return to my call.

He keeps looking at me, then abruptly he wraps his arms around my leg making me smile as my heart swells with love.

“Yeah, sorry for the interruption,” I speak into the phone while running my hand through Potato’s soft hair as he hugs my leg and now my trouser has chocolate smudges on them but I don’t give a damn about it.

“I didn’t know you have a son.” Mr.Carlson lightly chuckles, probably hearing some of my interaction with Potato.

“Actually, I have two sons,” I inform him while a sense of pride fills my heart because both of them are my everything.

After discussing the details of the contract, I try to end up the call as soon as possible before Noel gets antsy. Thankfully, he is enjoying hanging on my leg as I swing him lightly to keep him entertained until I finish the call.

“Let’s go and find mama.” Slipping my phone into my pocket, after ending the call, I pick him by holding his arms.

I find Abigail changing Levi clothes who looks freshly showered.

“Keep him away from him.” Abigail points at Noel while buttoning Levi’s onesie when Noel starts to lean towards Levi. “I have just bathe him and Noel will again cover him in chocolate.”

“He tried to feed him Nutella when I was not looking and ended up covering him in Nutella from head to toe. And when I took the jar from him he went straight to you like the telltale he is.” She shakes his head with a small smile, “And this guy was enjoying all the attention he was getting from his big brother.” She kisses Levi’s fist.

“Oh, so this is why you came to me because mama didn't let you give baby Levi Nutella massage." I lightly chuckle and wipe Noel's face with the baby wipe making him whine.

"Bath time." Abigail takes Noel from me as she hands him his toy car and carries his other bath toys from the basket into the bathroom leaving Levi with me.

"You look so much like Noel," I place Levi in my lap and holds his fists with my fingers, as I glance at Levi. "You know what that means?" I smile when he tightly grasps my fingers and waves them.

"You are just like me because your brother is a mini-me. So you are too mini-me." I kiss his head and can't help but take a deep breath inhaling his sweet baby smell which I find really addicting and comforting.

Not even a few moments have passed when he scrunches up his face and grunts making me laugh because I am fully aware of that face.

"Yeah, poop all you want because dada is here to wipe your butt and clean your shit." I shake my head at him while he continues to make his pooping face.

"I see you are all done." I raise my eyebrows, as the corner of his mouth lifts in a smile then it quickly vanishes as he places my finger in his mouth looking innocently at me.

"This is how it is going to be, right?" I smile while my heart warms just by looking at him, "You creating a mess and then coming to me to clean your mess, huh?"

I can already feel he will be exactly like me when he will grow up, just like I used to trouble dad even he will trouble me. However, he will also be the one who will get away with anything with his innocent smile which he got from his mother.

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