It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 82

Nathan’s POV

Putting Potato and Nugget to bed, I walk outside the room after turning on the baby monitor. Closing the door, I stand outside the door to check if anyone of them wakes up and starts crying. Sometimes, they start crying as soon as we walk outside the room so we always make sure they are sleeping soundly then only we leave them.

When five minutes pass and I still don’t hear any cries, I walk downstairs.

I find Abigail sitting on the floor near the laundry room beside a big pile of clothes which mostly consists of baby clothes. Covering her mouth with the back of her hand, she yawns as she continues to fold clothes separating Noel’s and Levi’s.

Sitting next to her, I start folding the clothes as she smiles at me gratefully.

“You could have asked me to help you.” I raise my eyebrows at her, “You don’t have to do everything alone.” I remind her for the thousandth time.

“You are already helping me more than you know.” She looks at me while a soft smile playing on her lips, “Taking care of Noel and Levi, then even you are working from home. So, these are just small things which I can manage.” She points at the laundry, with a shrug.

“I know you can manage but I want you to let me help you,” I say while taking half of the pile towards my side so that I don’t have to lean again to pick up clothes. “If we divide the work, it will be done quickly and also no one will be burdened with work.”

“You are adorable.” Placing a kiss on my cheek, she continues to fold clothes while heat rises to my cheeks which thankfully she doesn’t notice.

Only she can embarrass me with her comments.

It takes us nearly one hour to fold all the clothes and by the time we are done we both are lying side by side on the floor.

“How many clothes do they wear in a day?” I frown looking at the clothes which are mostly of Potato’s and Nugget’s. “It feels like they wear different clothes every minute.”

“You are nearly right, however, not every minute but almost after two hours I have to change their clothes.” She lets out a tired breath, “Levi spits a lot and Noel feeds his clothes more food than he feeds himself. Even if he is not eating he somehow manages to get his clothes dirty.”

“Sometimes I feel like laminating them so that their clothes remain clean.” She lightly laughs while I laugh imagining Potato running around covered in plastic. "But I really do enjoy these moments as I know soon all these moments will become a memory."

“I always dreamt of having a big family, so that I will always have a little one to look after. I love being a mother,” she speaks abruptly as I turn on my side and prop up on my elbow while she stares at the ceiling having a faint hint of a smile on her face.

“So when do you want to start working on this dream of yours?” Raising my eyebrow, I tease her, “I am game if you are. We can make as many babies as you want.” I smile as I notice a light dash of pink spread across her cheeks.

"Don't think so highly of yourself-" I clamp my hand over her mouth already knowing her next words which would something about my stuff.

"There is nothing wrong with me or my stuff, my Potato and Nugget are proof of my perfectly working stuff." I nod my head at her as I feel her muffled laugh against my palm.

"Now, what we are discussing?" I pretend to think while tapping my finger on my chin, my lips turn into a smirk as I glance at her, "Yeah, I remember, we were discussing to make Levi our middle child. Although it is too soon, there is no harm in trying, right?"

Slapping my hand away from her mouth, she starts laughing heartily while my heart fills with contentment and love looking at her especially knowing that I made my beautiful Abigail laugh.

There is a certain satisfaction which I get when each time I am able to make her laugh or even if I bring a smile on her face. Somewhere, I try to make up for all the time she has cried because of me. And I will continue to try to make her smile for the rest of my life.

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