It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 83

Nathan has gone to the office today because twice a week he goes to the office even though he is still on leave.

So, today is it just me and the boys at home. And, fortunately, both of them are being super nice and are not giving me any hard time.

"Noel, don't eat your brother's foot." I roll my eyes and admonish Noel when I find Levi's foot in Noel's mouth as he gives me an innocent look which makes it difficult for me to keep my face straight.

I swear if my attention shifts for even one minute from them then Noel tends to do something like this. I feel he considers Levi as one of his toys as he treats him the same way he treats his horsey.

Poor Levi can't do anything much other than simply lying down, on the playmat, and being subjected to his brother's experiments. Sometimes he treats him as car track because a number of times I have caught him running cars and trucks over his body when he plays with his cars.

Nathan says that he has taken the statement 'baby brother will play with him' a little too seriously.

However, one thing that can't be overlooked is that he is extremely protective of him and mostly treats him gently.

Sometimes he does get irritated with him and smacks him, but when I or Nathan makes him understand that he has to be nice to his baby brother. He hugs and kisses him.

We are working on the word sorry, but currently, we are nowhere near saying that word. However, he does give a hug instead of actually saying the word sorry, which I think is fine for now. As he understands that he has done something wrong and now he has to give a hug to make things right.

"Bad," he whispers after taking out Levi's foot from his mouth looking at me questioningly.

"Yes, it is bad." I nod my head.

He has learned this new word. And whenever he does anything which he shouldn't, he uses this word which is simply adorable.

Levi smacks his tiny foot at Noel's face which makes him frown as he shakes his head while repeating bad bad pushing Levi's foot away.

Standing up from the floor, he picks up his toy truck and car, and comes to me while his face has an angry pout. Obviously, he is angry that Levi has done something bad.

Oh, my adorable Noey.

Picking him, I lightly kiss his cheek then I put him down not wanting to disturb his playtime.

"Mama." He hands me his car demanding me to play with him.

Sitting on the floor, I start playing with him until Levi starts crying probably he got bored looking at hanging toys on his playmat.

Noel continues to play when I go and lift Levi from his playmat. Holding him against my shoulder I rub his back to soothe him.

Standing up, I pace the room as I lightly rock him in my arms when he continues to cry. However, a laugh manages to escape me when Noel starts following me around as I pace the room while his hands clutch the corner of my shirt.

Once or twice he bumps into my legs and falls on his bum which makes him giggles loudly then again he stands up and continues to follow me.

When Levi falls asleep, I sit on the bed in Noel's nursery beside his crib. Putting Levi on the bed, I gently pat his chest when he starts to squirms, it doesn't take very long when he slips into a deep sleep.

Biting my lip to stop myself from laughing again, I watch Noel running circles in the room as he laughs to himself.

"Stop running around in circles you will get dizzy, you silly boy." I shake my head at him with a smile, but he laughs as he continues to run.

After he gets tired of running, he goes to his books corner and picks up a book then looks at me expectantly.

"Do you want to read Noel?" I ask already knowing the answer as he flips pages of the book and starts pointing at the pictures.

Noel and I do a lot of activities together but our favorite thing is reading. He loves when I or Nathan read to him, but what funny thing is that it doesn't only have to be storybook.

Read him anything, even any newspapers or recipe books, he will happily listen to you while giving you his full attention like he is understanding everything.

He comes to me while pointing at the horse in the book, looking quite happy to see it.

"Yes, that's a horsey." I smile and settle him in my lap and open the book in front of us so that we both can ready together, "It is a story about horsey."

I start reading to him as he squeals and points at all the pictures which he finds interesting.

After some time, I close the book when Noel snuggles into me as even he has fallen asleep while listening to the story. Kissing his head, I place him next to Levi and then I lie beside both of them simply adoring my two beautiful babies.

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