It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 9

Natalie's POV

"Miles." Grabbing his wrist I stop him from leaving the dining table.

Instantly, he sits back and looks at me with seriousness, even though a few moments ago he was being goofy with Ryan. Maybe something in my tone told him that whatever I want to talk about is something serious.

"Your father called at home, this evening." Without beating around the bushes I directly come to the point.

His serious expression morphed into anger as he fists his hand on the table.

"He wanted to talk to you." I gently place my hand on one of his balled hands, "Why don't you-"

"No." He pulls his hand away and cuts me off even before listening to my full sentence.

"I don't want to talk about it, Natalie." He clenches his jaws and his tone sharp.

"Just listen-"

"I said I do not want to talk about it!" He half yells as he stands up pushing the chair away.

"You know everything that what that man did." His tone slightly accusatory, "Even then you talked to him."

His father was absent in most of his life, after the death of his sister, his father turned alcoholic and left him and his mother.

His grandfather supported his mother to take care of him and brought them to his home. Her mother couldn't bear the pain of losing her daughter and soon even she passed away. After that, his grandfather took his complete responsibility and raised him. He even left his hotel to Miles's name.

"Stop being a douchebag and listen to what I have to say without interrupting me!" I glare at him as his continuous interruption is getting on my nerves.

"I am not asking you to talk to him right now, I am just saying to think about it." I stab the fork in the chicken giving him a look that if he interrupts me this time he will be stabbed instead of chicken.

I understand where his anger is coming from but still, I am Natalie who has a low tolerance level. He knew what he has signed up for when he married me.

"Maybe he has something important to say, maybe he has realized how unfair he had been to you and your mom and now he is trying to make amends." Releasing the fork, I soften my tone when I see the lost look on his face, as I am a soft-hearted Natalie too.

Ahhh...It is not easy being me.

I know he misses his father. I have seen him going through the pictures of him and his father. There was a time when he shared a good relationship with his father, which later turned sour. And I just want him to free himself of the burden of hating his father.

Even if they can't turn how they used to be but still I want Miles to have a closure. It is really important for him to let go of his pain.

"It is really difficult for me to forgive him." Swallowing he shakes his head.

"I know." Walking up to him I wrap my arms around his torso, "And I am not even asking you to. All I am asking you is just think about it."

"Every person deals with the pain differently, you were not the only one who lost Katie, he also lost his daughter, you have to understand this, Miles." I gently rub his back while his face mirrors the pain which he has hidden inside him, "I am not saying what he did was right, but I think you have to listen to him once."

"But for now, I just want you to give it a thought with a calm mind." I give him a small smile.

When a few moments have passed he nods his head.

"Okay." He sighs.

I don't know what his okay means. Like okay, I will talk to him or okay, I will think about it. In anyway I am relieved that he is trying to get over his bitterness.

He did not return the room last night as the entire night he was in the basement. Whenever he needs to think he likes to do in isolation so I have not bothered to disturb him and enjoyed mom and son sleepover with lots of cuddles.

Since we both mom and son were being lazy so we spend a little longer in bed than usual. Since I have already given Ryan a bottle so he was happy with just lying down with me.
But when my stomach demands food, I get out of the bed carrying Ryan with me to the kitchen.
Miles is sitting in the kitchen preoccupied with his thoughts, however, when Ryan let out a squeal and starts babbling Miles face instantly brighten ups.
Placing Ryan in Miles lap I start to prepare breakfast, which takes only five minutes as coincidentally both me and Miles like to eat cereal for breakfast.
While on the other hand, Ryan likes to take a shower with the cereal.
Since he already had a bottle so I just give him a single slice of an apple to keep him occupied as he loves to eat an apple.
Placing the bowl of cereal in front of Miles I notice the dark circles under his eyes, he might be playing with Ryan but I can sense his distress.
We both eat our breakfast in silence just interacting with Ryan as this boy does not like it when you do not talk to him.
As I clean the dishes from the breakfast Miles took Ryan for a shower as we had a diaper blowout. Thankfully, it was after we had finished our breakfast. Because then I don't think I would have been able to keep my breakfast down.
As much as I love my kid but the bomb which he drops in his diaper can be used to kill people.
Later when I am working on my new designs, Miles silently comes and sits beside me. Silence and Miles do not go well together, it makes me agitated but I know sometimes the real Miles can be serious and silent which he does not like to show much.
He is the best person to have a heart-to-heart talk because he listens to you without any kind of judgment and tries to understand your perspective. Another reason why Abigail and Miles connect so much, as they both are similar in this way.
While one of the many reasons why I love Miles is that, he is like that best friend with whom you can plan a murder and they will be ready to help you. And at the same time, he is also the person who will knock some sense into you.
After a while, Miles holds my hand causing me to stop working. I knew finally he wants to talk as this is his way of showing that he wants to share something.
He just keeps holding my hand for a few moments then he takes a deep breath and lifts his eyes to meet mine.
"I am ready to meet him," he says quietly while his eyes hold slight anxiousness. "Can you come with me when I go to meet him?" He asks clenching my hand tightly.
"Of course, Miles, in fact, if you would not have asked me even then I would have come with you." I smile placing my other hand on our conjoined hands, "As you know, I can't handle being out of the loop." I give him a cheeky smile which earns me a chuckle from him.
"I love you." He gently kisses my lip while smiling genuinely.
"I love you, too." I smile back, leaning my head on his shoulder.
I just pray no matter what happens after meeting his father but the smile which he has on his face should never change.

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