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Secret Love

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They always want her to find someone They tell her how to look and what to wear They think if she does that then she'll find someone But what they don't know is she already has someone Someone only for her Only she knows that and it's a secret to all So she ignores their advice After all this is her story and she's the lead of it

Romance / Action
Legendarian Fever
Age Rating:

Extra Before Story


“Just being alone with you is what all I could ever want.”

“Why does time have to past quickly with you, but without you everything is dull and slow. Nothing else matters when I’m with you, but when I’m not all I could think about is my beloved Riston....”

“Senna, my love you are more beautiful than the evening....”

“I wouldn’t dare to miss a chance, for you stole my heart that one autumn day”

“Senna, no love potion or spell could ever break it, nor any would be needed to contain our pure love. No potion or spell would create another purer love, we were destined to meet to be together”

“There are no words to express my love for you”

“No one will steal you from me and you shall fly with me into my arms as I take this step....”

“Your presence makes the air feel the love of your lips upon mine..”

“I wouldn’t dream of being without you”

“The diamonds on you makes you glint in this sun as the gilt wraps around us together”

“Even with all of this that happened I’d always have your heart locked away”

"Riston is the life of me....he stole my heart while I locked his heart up inside me and I broke the key. I’d never love another besides Riston and forever I will only die for my dearest...."


Ristondany (Ris-tuhn-dun-knee)/ Riston (Ris-tuhn) End name: Kory Evertson (Korh-ree) (Eh-vert-suhn)

Senanne: (Seen-nah-knee)/Senna (Seen-nah) End name: Deralyn Eason (Dear-uh-lin) (Eee-suhn)

Mercina Corina Evertson (Mm-air-see-nuh) (Korh-ee-nuh)

Kalin Elliot Evertson (Kah-lehn) (El-eh-uht)

Aluxius Erika Evertson (Ah-luh-X-ee-us) (Air-eh-kuh)

Oliver Eiden Eason (Ah-leh-ver) (Eee-duhn)

Emelia Estella Eason (Eee-meh-lee-uh) (Eh-steh-la)

Evaline Larson: (Eh-vah-line) (Lar-suhn)

Alista Blair-Rose: (Uh-lis-uh) (Blah-air)-(Roh-se)

Marshal Morales: (Mar-sh-ahl) (More-ah-less)

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