The Lives of Jame and Valeria

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The Twelfth Chapter

I limp in with my arm around Valeria. She sets me on the couch, Ty close behind.

"I'm going to start dinner," Ty excuses himself.

"Okay," Valeria walks off. I start to get up because of our punishment, but by the time I get on my feet, Valeria is back with a wet cloth.

"You need rest," she pushes me back onto the couch, erasing all of my hard work. She starts dabbing the cloth on my face. I close my eyes while she does. A moment later, I feel the cloth being removed and pressure on my forehead. I open my eyes to reveal Valeria with her lips between my eyebrows. I put my hand on the back of her neck, pulling her closer. She pulls away fast, her cheeks red.

"Don't be embarrassed. I wouldn't be," I promise her. I pull her onto my lap and slam my lips onto hers. We take turns exploring each other's lips, tongues, mouths. As I run my fingers through her hair, I hear a noise. What the hell?


"Whoa! Hey, I'm not ready for that step yet," I say, rezipping my pants.

"I'm sorry. I let my fantasy take over. I shouldn't have done that," she scolds herself.

"I'm just too afraid to hurt you. You've seen me shirtless. You know how muscular I am."

"I know. Considering what happened outside, though, I won't believe you're first sentence."

"Fine. Don't believe me. But, I–"

Someone, probably one person in particular, knocks on the door.

"I got it!" Val gets off of me. Damnit! I meant Valeria.

"No, I got it. You'll end up killing him," I jump up after her.

"Why are you so certain it's him?"

"Who else visits? I mean, besides the mailman."

She opens the door before I can get to her. As expected, Tritt is at the door, gun in hand. This time, Mayley isn't clinging to his side. I slowly put my hands up. I stomp on Valeria's foot, and she does the same.

"Stay calm. Just a perimeter check. You move, you lose your conciousness," he cuffs us both and drops us in front of the couch.

"Don't step on me next time," Valeria glares at me.

"Don't be the one to start the fights," I get up and an extra officer pulls the hammer back on his gun.

"He said to–"

"I'm getting on the couch you kidiot," I yell at the shaky child. He can't be any older than fifteen. His face is drenched in sweat and he's trembling. I grab Valeria's hand to pull her up with me. I lay down and allow her to crawl against my chest.

Tritt comes back,"Weren't you on the floor?"

"Yeah. And?" Valeria burries her head in my chest.

"And I said you'd lose conciousness. Right?"

"We moved to a couch not even a foot away from us."

"You really need to start following orders." He shoots Valeria in the leg.

"Gah!" she cries out.

"Stay with me, alright?" I feel tears threatening to reach the surface.

"I told you," Tritt smiles at his work.

"Ty!" I call.

"He won't be of much help. He tried to stab me with a butter knife, so I shot him, too. He's still recovering."

He shoots my right thigh.

"Gah!" I look down and realize Valeria's eyes are closed.

"Listen next time. New kid! Earn my respect. Carry Val to the car," Tritt demands.

"Don't call her that," I say, right before passing out myself.

She comes down the isle in her wedding dress. She's beautiful. At the bottom of her dress, it looks like red is dripping off of it. Her veil and sleeves are the same way. She walks right through me. I realize, this is a sequel to my last dream. I'm dead. She walks to a girl. She is dressed in a tux. That's not what makes me fall to my knees. What does is that the girl she walks to is Mayley.

I wake in a car.

Where are we?

We're driving through the middle of the woods. Is this another dream? Valeria is laying on the seats, her head in my lap. Her leg is drenched in blood. So is mine. I recognize Tritt and the kidiot in the front seats. We reach a big, metal wall. It seems to be the wall of a circular building. Tritt and his partner get out. Tritt does what looks to be a secret knock.

Knock, rest, rest, knock, knock, kick.

He falls into the floor. The kidiot helps him out. They come back to the car. Tritt takes Valeria while his partner jumps into the hole to catch her. They just drop me in.

"Gah!" I yell when I fall.

"Don't wake up next time," the kidiot high-fives Tritt. Tritt kicks the bridge of my nose, and once again, I'm out.
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