The Lives of Jame and Valeria

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The Second Chapter

"Ty!" I stumble up the stairs."Ty! I need your skills."

I can barely hear him get up."Please don't tell me you went out again," he says in his Spanish accent.

"Don't kill me. Someone else almost did that for you." When I get to his room, he already has his first aid kit out and a towel over the bed. I take off my shirt and lay down.

"Really? That's the second one this week."

"Sorry? It's habit, I guess."

"Jame, it's Monday." He puts the tweezers in my shoulder to take out the bullet. Good thing I'm used to it. I grunt as he pulls it out.

"You can at least try to make me feel comfortable," I joke.

"A murderer doesn't need to be comfortable. You of all people should know that." He starts to stich my shoulder.

"Yeah, I can tell. Ow!" I jump.

"Stop moving and it won't hurt. Remind me how many times we've done this."

"I'll give you the answer I always give you: too many to count."

"Exactly. That's why you should know–" Ty is interrupted by a loud crash.

Without bothering to put my shirt back on, I grab the pistol, a .32, from under Ty's pillow. He grabs one from the closet. We start walking out. I get tackled at the same time Ty does. Two cops take the guns from us. Ty is completely innocent. He just lives here.

"Leave Ty alone. He's never done anything. It's me you want," I defend him. Threw myself under the bus, but at least Ty can stay. Hopefully.

They leave Ty, but take me to their cop car. Ty hadn't finished stitching my shoulder. As soon as they shut the car door, I bite the needle and pull. I stifle a scream. They get in and start to drive off.

We get to the station, and I get quite the surprise. The man and woman I encountered only an hour ago stand outside in full uniform. A second girl stands next to them. The girl I tried to kill takes me out and to a downstairs room. She pushes me into a chair and locks my hands to a table in front of me.

"Remember me?" she asks.

"The chick that got her butt kicked an hour ago? Yes. Yes, I do," I reply.

"I'm Mayley. My husband, chief of police, is Tritt." Wow. Interesting. I'm bored.


She stands and walks next to me."Am I your first hit?"


"How many?"

How does she expect me to answer that?

"Too many too count," I confess.

"Is that a serious answer?"

"I've been doing this since kindergarten. What do you expect?"

"Why'd it take us so long to find you?"

I think about it for a moment."You suck at hide-and-seek."

She takes out the gun I took from her.

"What? You gonna kill me?" I lean towards her.

"It's a tracker. The bullet isn't lethal, but it knocks you out temporarily. The venom or whatever didn't get under your skin. Little bit longer and it would've knocked you out, but you got the bullet out. Did this hurt when you pulled it out?" she touches the spot where Ty was stiching.

"Ow! Kind of. Can you stop?"

"Sure. How'd you start?" she really expects me to answer that?

"I can't answer that."

"Answer me!" she slams her hands on the table. She is good at what she does.

"Ugh. I stole an apple from a local Walmart when I was younger. I was malnourished. I needed to eat. One of the workers saw me, so he tried to catch me. I shot him. It was fun." Twisting the truth isn't bad. Right?

"Tritt! What do I do with him?" Mayley yells to the wall. I've done this so many times that that's not new.

"Post," the wall answers.

"Post? I thought we only–"

"Post! Now!" Tritt barks.

Without words, Mayley takes me to another room. When we meet our destination, she ties my hands to a cold, metal pole. It would be so much easier to escape if we weren't underground. She grabs a gun.

"You tie me to a pole so you can shoot me?" I smile.

"No." She presses the gun to the side of my neck and pulls the trigger.

"Gah! What was that?!" I jump as far as I can.

"Three days with no food or water. We'll figure out what to do with you by then."

She leaves the room. Sitting on the floor, hands tied behind me, no weapons, and Ty can't rescue me because I'm underground. What to do?

No idea.

After a little while, I decide to go through with their punishment. Not the best idea.

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