The Lives of Jame and Valeria

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The Third Chapter

A day passes. I freeze. I'm still shirtless because I didn't put it back on before I got dragged into this mess. Tritt comes in.

"Having fun?" he crouches next to me.

"Does it look like I'm having fun?" I answer. I'm starving.

"Yes, actually," he takes out a bottle of water and starts drinking from it. My mouth immediately starts watering. He laughs and pinches my chin.

"Enough," I turn away.

"You have no choice. I can sit here and torture you all day." He finally stands and walks towards the door. Or so I thought. He sets his water down across from me, just out of reach. Then he comes back.

"And why would you waste time on me? Am I that special?" I laugh.

"No. You messed with my wife, so I mess with you. You should've stayed home." He kicks my side and punches my right eye. I spit blood on his shoe.

"What... What was that for?" I cough.

"For fun." He kicks my hip, causing me to fall on my shoulder. I try to get back up, but he kicks my intestine. Once. Twice. Three times. He turns to leave, and looks back at me one more time. "That was for spitting on my shoe." He finally leaves.

I try to reposition myself again. He messed me up. My chest and stomach start to bruise. I can imagine my face looks about the same. I try not to think about the water in front of me, but that's the only thing to think about. Besides my friend, Valeria.

Valeria is beautiful. She has darker skin, but not too dark. Her arms are spotted with moles–no, beauty marks. Her eyes are mesmerizing. The darkest shade of brown, but very rarely, if the sun hits them just right, they look green. Her eyebrows would never need to be plucked. She's perfect in every way.

Another day passes. My teeth won't stop chattering. I can see the outline of my purple ribs. I can't sleep. Mayley comes in.

"It's so warm up there. I've never felt better. What about you?" she teases.

"P-p-peachy," I try to smile, but my face hurts.

"One more day. Tomorrow, you meet Rachel. She kneels where Tritt was and pushes on my cheek. I try to move away, but she holds my face.

"You're cops. You're supposed to–"

"Comfort you? Save the world? Not for you. You have killed way too many. You don't get comfort." She places her chin on my right shoulder and lets go of my head."You are warm, though."

I know that's a lie. I try to jump away, but she sits on me. It reminds me of how many times Valeria has done this to me while I watch TV. I feel Mayley place her teeth on my neck. Her weight and my ache from hunger won't let me move. Slowly, she bites down on my neck.

"Gah! Let go of me! Get off!" I squirm.

"No." She keeps biting, and when she pulls away, her teeth are red. I guess she's not done. I gather my last bit of strength and lift my right leg, throwing her off. I laugh, but end up coughing.

She kicks my right temple, knocking the back of my head against the pole. Once again, my eyes won't stay open.

"You respect Rachel tomorrow. She's new, but she's strong," Mayley leaves. All turns black.

Last day. Valeria enters the room. I smile. She unties my hands and stands me up. She hands me a gun and runs out the door. We shoot our way out of the station. She turns and starts talking.

"This isn't real."

I wake up. Rachel is standing in front of me. Great.

"Goodmorning!" she smiles.

I try to answer, but it feels like my mouth is frozen shut.

"You aren't going to talk?" she puts a hand on her heart."That hurts this cowgirl's heart."

I shrug and let out a faint,"Meh."

"You really don't care, do you?"

"No," I answer finally.

"Tritt told me to kill you, but I think I'll disobey him this time. If you do what I want."

Now what? I give her the eyebrow.

She unties my hands."Stand."

I obey. She grabs my hands and starts swaying. Whatever this is, I don't like it.

"Tackle me, you die. Disobey, you die."

"And I don't suppose you have a weapon, do you?"

"I do. I just choose not to use it." She takes out a knife and throws me against the wall. Because I haven't eaten, I fall to the floor. She walks back up to me and kneels. She presses the knife to my throat.

"Mayley was right. You are strong," I choke out.

"You just noticed? One, Mayley's hardly ever wrong. Two, I've been training since I was six." She picks me back up and takes me to the middle of the room. She kicks me between the legs, and I fall. She kicks me again, and again, and again. After a while, she ties me back to the pole and leaves.

This time, my hands are tied higher. It feels like if I move, my arms will pop out of their sockets.

The next morning, all three cops come in. All three are in uniform, Tritt and Mayley have weapons.

"You ready to go?" Tritt asks. I nod in answer.

Rachel unties my hands and cuffs me. When they take me out, I get the worst surprise.

"Let go of me!" Valeria struggles with an officer.

I headbutt Tritt and Mayley, then kick Rachel. I grab Rachel's knife and stab two officers. Valeria and I run. We don't get far, but we run.

"Jame!" Valeria calls me when we get outside. Tritt and Rachel hold her while Mayley runs after me.

I cut Mayley's thigh with the knife, then steal the gun. I point it at Tritt and Rachel points hers at me. Tritt holds a knife against Valeria's throat.

"Drop the gun!" Tritt yells at me.

I start to put it down slowly.

"Jame, no!" Valeria pleads."Gah!" she whimpers as Tritt slits her neck.

I drop the weapon.

"Now kick it to me," Tritt demands. I obey.

He lets go of the knife, but not Valeria. Valeria bites Tritt's arm. Tritt cusses and drops her.

"Let's go!" Valeria grabs my hand and starts running. I get shot in the back of the shoulder and fall.

"Keep going!" I tell Valeria. Tritt tackles me and twists my arm. I not only feel the bone break, but I hear it. I yell out and remember the secret button in my pocket. It calls Ty and gives my location.

I slam into the ground, pushing the button. Seconds later, Ty starts a shootout.
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