The Lives of Jame and Valeria

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The End

Mayley, Rachel, and Tritt stand in the middle of the cemetery dressed in black. One by one, they drop a handful of sand on the coffin. They bury a friend, knowing she's there with them. When the ceremony is over, they drive back to the church for the party.

Valeria had many friends. And they all came. Dallyn, Connor, Heather, Ariana, Jasmyn, Alex, Alec, John, Ty, and of course, the ones that never stopped trying to put her behind bars. Everyone tries to make Valeria's wish come true, that nobody is sad at her funeral, but they can't. Everyone has two thoughts in their mind.

She will be missed.

Jame and Tamara will never know.

There's holes in the floor of Heaven.

And her tears are pouring down.

That's how you know she's watching.

Wishing she could be here now.

And sometimes if you're lonely,

Just remember she can see.

There's holes in the floor of Heaven.

And she's watching over you and me.

—Steve Wariner

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