The Lives of Jame and Valeria

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The Sixth Chapter

"Ty! I got my bills!" I whine.

"Why don't you get a job so you can pay them, eh?" he suggests.

"Nah. Too confusing."

"The best come from college!" Last time he tried to get me to go to college, I shot him. Of course, he took out the bullet within seconds.


"I'll join in on the torture."


A month later, we are being tortured. I don't know how I get talked into these things.

"Twenty-seven point sixty-five divided by twelve is what?" the teacher asks everyone.

"I feel like I'm in kindergarten again," Ty whispers.

"After this, I'm quitting," I decide.


"I'm bored."

"Jame, no."

"Bye!" I start to walk out. Before I get out, I'm caught off guard by Tritt and Rachel. Ty runs to rip them off of me. He has the same fate as I. Tritt takes me, while Rachel takes Ty. I decide to have fun.

"How's your wife?" I ask Tritt. He doesn't say anything, but he clenches his jaw and tightens his grip on the wheel.

"She didn't die yet, has she?" I still get no response.

"How's life?" I continue to bug.

"Considering I'm training the two strongest girls at the station, not so great. It's more like they're training me." Finally! Took me a while, but I got him to talk.

"Nice. Where is your wife, anyways?"

That deteriorated quickly. He starts to ignore me again.

"Fine. Don't talk. My interrogation skills aren't that good, after all," I lay my feet on the other side of my seat. Cop cars are actually more comfortable than I thought.

When we get to the station, Mayley reveals herself. She looks... different. Now, she has a short, dark brown pixie cut. She wears a hot pink half shirt with short shorts.

I sit back up. Mayley opens my door and throws me on the ground, face-first. She grabs my hair, pulls my head up, and shoves it back on the ground. I try to get back up, but she steps on the back of my neck. How she does this in heels, I may never know.

"For your information, I'm fine. You've been on speaker," she presses a gun to the back of my head.

"I see. I was kinda hoping you would be dead. Why don't you do me a favor and put yourself down for me?" I joke.

"I didn't do anything, amigo! Let me go!" Ty whines when they take him out of his car. I have never heard him whine like that. I almost feel bad for him.

"Oh, shut up, amigo," I mock him.

"You shut up," he fights back. This only happens about four times every month. Not the getting caught thing, the shut up thing.

"You shut up," I really want this to end, but I refuse to back down.

"Both of you shut up," Tritt stops Ty from saying it again.

At the same time, Ty and I both say,"You shut up!"

The next day, Ty and I are escorted into the interrogation room again. This time, Tritt is asking the questions.

"What were you going to do when we captured you?" he asks.

"Like, escape? Or do you mean if you hadn't caught us?" Ty's fist clenches.

"Yes, Ty. If we hadn't found you, where would you have been and what would you have done?"

"I was healing Jame, and he was complaining because he still believes even killers deserve love. According to him, it hurts when I stitch him," Ty rolls his eyes at me.

"It does! You practically stab me with the needle!" I speak up.

"You deserve it," Ty smiles.

"You know what you deserve? You deserve a bullet up your–"

"Enough!" Tritt interrupts me. It's probably a good thing he did.

"It's true," I mutter.

"That may be true, but I don't need you two starting a fight in my interrogation room. I ask the questions, you understand?!"

"Yes, sir," we say in unison.

"Ty, what did you do?" Tritt continues the investigation like none of that ever happened. We fight a lot, we just don't care.

"Other than healing murderers, nothing. That's why I said, I'm innocent."

"No, you said something like,"I didn't do it! Let me go!'" I laugh.

"Chief!" a new officer comes in. Like, new new. He's young.

"Yes?" Tritt rubs his temple.

"We found Valeria!"

That makes Ty and I exchange a worried glance.

"What does she mean to you?" Tritt looks at me and throws his arms outward.

"She's a close friend," I confess.

"Mm-hm. Sure. Switch her and Ty," he tells the officer. They take Ty out of the room, and soon after a short fistfight, Valeria is sitting next to me. She's only ever been in a cell once, and that was just now. She's never done this before.

"I'll let you talk for five minutes. Good luck with Rachel," Tritt leaves the room.
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