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Twilight Rogue: The Lion's Return (5/5)

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The continuation of The Twilight Rogue series Leon is now ready to reclaim what is his once in for all Anton's rain of terror is over but at what cost

Romance / Action
Tiffany B.
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The Engagement Party

POV: Leon

It was an evenly leveled temperature day as the early winter was starting, but we still had maybe a day or two of the lovely fall season. Being able to witness Ashely reconnected with her mother was just beautiful meeting her little brother Lucas and her step-father, Jason Smith, the second, was a pleasant surprise too. He immediately apologized to Ashely for scaring her off, the small family of two used to live in town until certain things would keep happening something involving Emily and her being a mother. People vandalizing their property tagging evil things like; you forgot Ash, terrible mother, child leaver, and many more before they decided to move. They both wanted to start a family, but once she had Lucas, she developed terrible postpartum depression. Doctors tried to say she was unfit to raise her son and have him taken away from her just like Ashely. Jason fought on her behave, raising Lucas and taking care of her until she got better. He knew everything about her past, and yet he was right by her side through it all. The two women talked for hours, days with little moments to sleep or eat. The connection they both were looking for was made in what felt like moments. Ashely two days in had fallen in love with Lucas like she was always part of the little guy’s life. I won’t lie whenever he’d say, “Big bro, Leo,” always brought a smile to my face since I didn’t have siblings; it felt good to have this. Ashely told Emily about everything that happened between Marcus and her. She even confessed to missing her once dearly beloved father, but this was for the best for her to move on. Something Marcus himself couldn’t find the strength to do. Watching her eyes light up as Emily grabbed her hands, saying that she was proud of her daughter for making such a hard decision at such a young age meant the world to her. She tried to give me some credit saying if it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t have even found the strength to stand up for herself, let alone leave. Emily looked at me and smiled, thanking me for loving Ashely as much as I do. I only nodded, saying it was something I couldn’t help but do. After staying with Emily and her family for a while, we gave her the biggest news yet. That Ashely agreed to marry me with Tyrese’s blessing, but I wanted hers as well. She welcomed me with open arms, but before she could get those arms around me, Lucas was charging in claiming me as his big brother. We gladly invited their family to the engagement party.

A week maybe a week and a few days past before we got back on the road and headed back home. I told Ashely to stay with her Uncle for now knowing no one would dare step foot near the packhouse without his permission, especially if it were the press. When I pulled up near our little cabin there, they were like parasites trying to take photos, record video, and overcrowding one another asking a million questions in no time flat.

“Can you confirm that it is you in the video?”

“Where’s your mate?”

“How did you know the bond would happen?”

“What’s the next step in your relationship?”

I walked to the top of the steps, clearing my throat as I waved my hands up and down as if to say calm down, “There will be an engagement party soon, and at that time, very few select members of the press will be able to attend. Everything will be explained there, and if those select members behave and show restraint, there will be no need for an interview or anything of this nature. During the following week, invites will be sent out, until then, be patient with this private personal matter. Thank you and have a lovely evening,” I said, walking inside before the flashes of cameras went off in a frenzy

That was over a week ago. As I stood in the mirror, trying to get my tie on the right before taking it off and tossing it over the towel rack. I unbuttoned the top two buttons from shirt dusted off my sleeves before straightening out my vest, “It’s been some time since you’ve seen her. Let’s not lose control. You know she’s missing you just as much as your missing her. Now let’s go see your future wife,” I told myself leaving the bathroom

When I came downstairs, the guys were waiting for me. After we got back from the road trip, and I found the guys were lingering around, it made me realize they need a purpose again. So when I announced to them that Anton was going to be here and that Ash and all the females, in general, will need extra security, they gladly jumped on board. Rico provided a few things they needed walkie talkies, pepper spray, stainless sliver batons that’ll knock out any wolf with one hit, handcuffs with the key, and throw away phones. Black also got them their black and white suits to compliment their new personas. They looked like top-notch security guards or better yet secret service agents.

“Mr. Williams. The car is waiting for you out front,” One of the guys said

“You don’t have to do that, you guys know me. Chill,” I said

“But Sir...” He started

“Fine. If it helps with you guy’s confidence, but you know, my dad’s probably rolling in his grave with you all treating me like this. Like I’m special or something,” I said with a soft smile

They all had nodded lightly, smiling to themselves, knowing that my dad was a simple man and didn’t like the whole entourage thing because it seemed flashy. He’d rather have just him his Beta or a member of the pack and somebody from the area showing him around. I was no different; being simple kept you humble and grounded instead of losing yourself in power. I got in the car while Roger drove acting as my bodyguard despite him knowing I can take care of myself, I enjoy his company and his advice.

When we pulled up to the packhouse, it was still an hour left before the party. I walked around to find everybody outside in the backyard, talking to each other meeting and mingling while waiters walked around with champagne and O’duevrs on servicing trays. I grabbed a glass noticing that the waiters were from my old territory, the look on their faces as I made my way through the crowd lightly patting their shoulders with a warm smile on my face, “It’s good to see you, again,” I genuinely said to everyone single one of them without a single sign of resentment

“Big Bro, Leo!” Lucas yelled running from Emily’s arms straight into mine like a bullet

I quickly sat my glass down, “Hey, Champ. How are you?” I asked picking him up in my arms

“Good. You are going to see us again, right?” He asked

“Definitely, but there’s something I have to take care of first, okay?” I asked

“Okay! But you should know...” He started before looking around and waving his hand while I leaned in closer to him, “Sis says a bad man is going to be here and he’s not nice so you need to control your temper,” He whispered in my ear

I rolled my eyes thinking only Ash would send out her little brother to remind me to keep my temper in check, “I promise, I won’t lose my temper,” I said

“You really promise?” He asked with his light brown eyes reflecting off the light

“How about this? If I lose my temper, I’ll buy you a new toy ice cream, and you can ride on my back for an hour straight, deal?” I asked

“DEAL!” He happily shouted

“Leon? What did you do?” Emily asked walking up to me

“I made a deal with the little guy; betting I can keep calm for the entire night if not he wins a special prize,” I said lightly tickling his sides watching him giggle in my arms

“Okay. Okay, I’ll take him back now,” She said holding out her arms

“Just a little while longer,” I said looking at him cling to me

Emily smiled before going over to Alpha; I mean Uncle Black’s side, where he gladly distracted her with one of the many stories of his lifestyle as an Alpha and the adventures he’s been on without her and just how hard it was for him to move on. Even though Black was the older bother seeing him so happy with his little sister made him appear like a kid, so much energy and animation came from the man. It was like he was a cartoon character. Meanwhile, Miley was with Trevor having their conversation. Rico seemed nervous, rubbing his hands together before Jazz held them smiling at him.

“Today is a great day,” I said looking around at everybody

“Every day is a great day when you have people who cherish and love you,” Lucas said causing me to stare at the little man, “At least that’s what my mommy says,” He said with an innocent smile

I nodded, “Yeah, buddy. I’m starting to see what she mean,” I said staring out at everybody

“Ooooh Leo,” Ashely sang out from behind me, “How’s my Alpha?” She asked

I turned around, staring at her as a smile formed on my face, “Happy,” I answered

As everybody started to come in, the sun began to fall. The venue grew more crowded as others from all over the map showed up even Alpha Jercio showed up with his wife, Isabella, and his Beta, Terrance. Jason showed up a little later than expected since work kept him busy, but he was gladly welcomed by Uncle Black, who instantly took Jason in like a long lost brother. Those we invited from the press showed up trying their hardest not to fall into their terrible habits of asking a million questions or flash their cameras. Everything was working out, but Anton still wasn’t here yet. Neither was my mother, and the party was about to start.

“Ahem,” Alpha Black started tapping his glass with a fork before standing up, “I know we all came to enjoy this lovely couples engagement ceremony, but before we get to the good, we must address the elephant in the room. If that’s alright with you two?” He asked looking at us

“Of course, it’s fine, Uncle Ty,” Ash said

“We honor our own, right?” I said while Black nodded his head in approval

We, of course, had to take a moment to reflect on everything we lost before we could focus on what we’ve gain—going over the names of people that were unfortunately that turned Rogue from the pack before talking more about Chris and others who passed away under Alpha Black’s charge. We were in the middle of a moment of silence for these people when he showed up.

“HEY! ISN’T THIS SUPPOSED TO BE A PARTY!?” Someone shouted as we all opened our eyes to see at least twenty maybe twenty-five hired guns surrendering the bastard

“Chad don’t be rude we’re guest here,” Anton said

“Heh. Yeah sure boss, but this is supposed to be a party.
Where’s the food the music the...well at least the women are in great supply,” He said with a smirk glancing over at every single woman in attendance, “Come on, boys. Let’s go hunting,” He said before walking around

While the rag tag group of degenerates walked around with their ripped up camouflaged jeans and black shirts on, they stood out. Some worn bandanas covering their noses and mouth while others had on sunglasses and facemasks on. But the entire atmosphere changed once I saw how they brought in my mother. A locked chain warped around her neck, doubled as a leash. Anton snapped his fingers and pointed at the seat right next to mine. She didn’t say anything as Chad grabbed the chain from one of the other guys and pulled her to my side.

“Get this off her now,” I said

“It’s Alpha Anton’s law that all women traveling outside the territory must wear their leash,” He said

“Well you’re not in his territory his laws have no power here, take off that damn chain,” I said

“Sit women,” Anton said taking a sip of champagne

My mother without saying a word followed his orders before glancing at me for a split second, “Anton get this chain off of her,” I said

“Speak,” He said

“It’s Alpha Anton, Leon,” She sadly said staring at the table

Mom? What has this monster done to you?

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