Twilight Rogue: The Lion's Return (5/5)

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A Brokenheart Reborn Soul

POV: Danny

Along the lines of living with Anton, I forgot how she looked as Leon dig through my psychic it was the first time in a long time I was forced to think about my mother and how I ended up in Anton's care. You see, I never really met my father, my mother, on the other hand, told me stories that he was a member of Alpha Williams council and one day everything changed, but I'll get to that shortly, as Leon and I watched my childhood memories. I saw the one-bedroom apartment I spent maybe my first one or three weeks of living in. My mom was moving the couch cushions pulling out the bed before sitting down on it with me in arms. Her smile and laugh small things that I was too young to remember only hurt my aching heart. The memory of her typing on her laptop in the middle of the night and gently trying to rock me to sleep. I never realized how tired she was; after a moment, a vision showed as a knock on the door grabbed my mother's attention: his dark black hair and solar green eyes with the voice of a proud, strong lion.

"Hello, Sarah. May I come in?" He asked

"Sure, my Alpha. Right this way excuse the mess I was just tidying up for Jacob's return," She said sitting down placing me back in her lap

"About see there was an incident. Someone made an attempted on my life. Jacob took the hit for me; unfortunately, it was fatal. I come fully prepared to cover any and everything you need, he informed me that he was the primary provider of the household, while you're going through school, " He said

I was grabbing his hand playing with his fingers as he talked my mom had a sad expression on her face as she was struggling to understand everything that was unfolding, "Can you hold him for a second?" She asked

"Yes ma'am," He said looking at me, "You know I have a son that's around two years older than him, if you need us for anything just know my door will always be open to support you any way we can," He added on before tickling my stomach

It was a warm, gentle touch as I giggled I couldn't help but think that this man was indeed my father as he smiled at me speaking in baby talk like I'd understand it. My mother returned from the closet with a box of jars filled to the brim with coins. There must have been a dozen or so jars inside as she stared at it. She mumbled under her breath, tapping on her fingers, making calculations shaking her head before continuing coming up with a final number.

"Thank you, my Alpha, for you're assistance, but for the next eight months, that won't be necessary. Please cover my husband's funeral cost and leave while we grieve," She said taking me from him

He stood up with a saddened look in his eyes but nodded, respecting her wishes, "Please inform me if ever you decide to change your mind until then I am genuinely sorry for your loss. See you soon," He said leaving

A few days later, the funeral happened; everyone was crying or in a state of sadness. I wasn't sure how to feel since I never saw him or his face; it was a closed casket, so even in my memories, I had no recollections of a father. More days went by, and things were suddenly getting worse. My mother didn't predict a steady increase in essential household goods; money was drained out of her more than she could keep up with. Now and again, Alpha Williams would try to provide items and even pay out his wallet to help, but she refused only to take on the world's problems by herself. Eventually, we were at risk of losing everything on the last two jars of coins worth up to a thousand dollars; she did something drastic; Gambling. Some days were good others not so much as she grew addicted; we lost our home, and she owed debts. Eventually, they came to collect, and since she couldn't afford to pay them back and they didn't want her working it off, running was all she could do to keep her life. It was a very dark night. The moon was hidden by the gray clouds, and it looked like it was going to rain. As she covered me kissing my forehead with tears in her eyes, the last words she said to me were.

"Alpha Williams will take care of you, okay? I'm so sorry. I wish I could've given you a better life. I love you so much," She said as she back away

There was a loud bang and the sound of something heavy hitting the ground. I started to cry for hours had passed when someone walked over, picking me up.

"Hey little guy," He growled out with sinister undertones, "My name is Anton, let's be good friends. What's this?" He asked, pulling out a note reading it over to himself before looking down, grabbing a basket and leaving.

As a baby, I had everything I needed food shelter clothing and water, but I never receive affectation or attention anymore. Anton would leave me alone days at a time to cry out my problems, whether it was a rash or cause I was sick or hungry, he made sure I wasn't crying for him. Those days turned into weeks that flew into years; I went to school like any other kid, but I isolated myself away from them. I was the weird silent type unless I had to speak, I remained quiet. As I grew so did his methods of keeping me in line, I knew better than to get attached to him we were emotionally distant as he'd leave me alone for weeks now with hardly anything to eat but much to do. The house would always end up a mess that I'd have to clean up, but it was better than whenever he would get angry. My mind raced to that day that horrible day of June seventeenth.

"DANNY!? WHERE ARE YOU?!" He shouted to the top of his lung, throwing things around, "COME ON OUT YOUR ALPHA HAS A SURPRISE FOR YOU!!" He yelled

I covered my head curled up in a ball quietly, praying he doesn't find me, but he always finds me. The scars on my chest and back would linger for weeks. Nothing could get rid of that feeling of his boot pressing down on the side of my face as he screamed, "Who's your Alpha?" over and over until I'd submit. I wasn't even connected to my inner wolf yet, but I knew this wasn't right. He was grooming me for something, but it didn't matter. I was just five years old when that happened, and as I grew, the more abuse that followed. By the time I was ten years old, emotionally mentally spiritually, and pyhically I was empty and void of my existence. I had given up my life into serving him and his plans without an idea of my own, but once more, it didn't matter.

"Nothing matters! You don't matter! You're here to serve me! Do You Understand Me!?" He shouted before slapping me across the room, "Here's you fucking dinner since it's all you care about," He said dumping out a trash bag on the floor

I crawled up to the scrapes of trash groaning as my stomach growled, lightly crying to myself as it was the first time in the past four days, I was allowed to eat something. I didn't care that the turkey bones from his thanksgiving feast hardly had meat on them. I was just happy to have something to stop the aching stomach pains that would keep me up at night. But just like before, it didn't matter; nothing matter, but then I saw a better life for myself with a girl; I only saw a few days in my life. Her black hair flowed down her back. Those light blue eyes, for some reason, reminded me of the ocean. She was the closest thing I had to a friend, and she knew everything between Anton and me.

"Why don't we just run away together?" She asked with a smile on her face

She couldn't take living with her Uncle anymore. My pain was one thing, but her Uncle was arrested for child abuse and rape of a minor just two days after she disappeared. I was fourteen, and that's when I decided to run for my life. In the cold night, I ran as fast I could, jumping over fallen tree swimming through lakes and rivers rolling down mountainsides and nearly falling off many cliffs. I hadn't eaten the days before running away, carrying the bag of food over my shoulder felt like I was toting a three-ton brick still anything was better than being back with Him. I slid down a hill exhausted and drain of everything before looking through my bag for something eat and that when I saw it. A huge mutated wolf its red bloodshot eyes locked on mine as the foam formed at its' mouth it stood tall like a man but completely covered in fur its claws were long and as it howled there was an intense hatred in it. I quickly shoved a piece of bread into my mouth before running away. It must have been wishful thinking believing that I could outrun something like that, but a miracle happened someone came for me.

"Alpha Williams," My trembling voice managed to get out

"RUN, KID!" He yelled inside my head in his wolf form

I ran as fast I could, unaware I ran directly into his arms. Blank darkness as days weeks even months went by a small light from under a door was all I was provided. A tray of hardly edible food was slid to me with a cup of water that tasted more like piss than anything. I cried for days, laughed for weeks, and felt nothing at all for months. I had to be taught everything over again, even how to walk and talk. After a while, I was Anton's perfect robot, following his orders like a brainwashed soldier. As I continued to watch, as I set up Leon, starting the chant that got him kicked out, and running wildly in the woods, tracking him down. Everything found its way to this moment, where I envisioned my death at his hands at Anton's hands. Once the battle with Leon is won, Anton will get rid of me I'll finally be free one way or another.

"He knew you wouldn't fight. So it doesn't matter if you kill me or not because I'll die regardless. It never mattered. Nothing mattered. I never mattered," I said as the darkness formed around me

"YOU'RE WRONG! Let me show you that you do matter to us. You Matter To Me! You're my little brother, you were always meant to be my brother," Leon's voiced shouted through the darkness

I glanced up at the light cracking through the dark void as an arm broke through as a hand was reaching out for me. I nervously grabbed it and was pulled towards the light. It was Leon showing me all the moments in my life that were worth living and showing me a girl worth living to see again. As we both were thrust back into reality, I felt better like for the first time in my life. I was whole again. Leon let go of his grip as I rolled over on my knees, finally catching my breath.

"I do matter," I muttered through my quivering voice

"You always have little brother," Leon softly said before hugging me, "It's okay. I forgive you for everything," He whispered

I couldn't believe it as the tears rush down my face; all I could do was scream out and cry. I couldn't fight anymore as Leon helped me up to my feet. I looked at the madman that cause me so much hell in my life. His smirk was slowly fading off his face watching me starting to stand on my own feet without Leon's help.

"Danny, will you continue to fight on Anton's behalf?" Alpha Black asked

"NO!" I roared out

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