Twilight Rogue: The Lion's Return (5/5)

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The Lion's Legacy

POV: Leon

"No? What Fuck Do You Mean NO!?" Anton shouted

"I refuse to fight for your causes and plots anymore! I...I'm not causing my brother any more pain," Danny said as I turn the armor into its' original form and placing the batons in my back pocket

"You will fight for me, you little leech! You Owe Me! I Raised You! I Allowed You To Live! YOU'RE MY SON!" He shouted

"I AM YOUR PRISONER! I...I...I was your burden. You took me from the place I was supposed to call home," Danny said

"You owe me your life," Anton said

"You stole mine. I owe you NOTHING!" Danny growled out

"Why you little..." Anton growled out

"YOU'RE NOT MY ALPHA! YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER! YOU'RE NOTHING TO ME!" Danny shouted out, pass his tears, "I'm done...submitting to you," He said

"Enough! Anton, do you have another representative who is willing to fight for your behalf?" Black asked

"Chad fight for me!" Anton said

Chad looked at me before looking back at Anton, "Triple my rate," He said

"WHAT!? I'm Bleeding This Fucking Territory Dry Just To Keep You Basterds Here! NOW FUCKING FIGHT FOR ME!" He shouted spitting on Chad's face

Chad wiped his face with a blank express staring at Anton, "PACK IT ALL UP, BOYS! WE'RE LEAVING!" He shouted, "You paid us to make things enjoyable around here for you and to make the males run away from their homes, that's it. You're talking about a group of armed humans going against a beast that can only be killed by one member of his kind. We don't have enough silver or wolf's bane to kill a fucking Zeta Alpha," He said

"He isn't an Alpha!" Anton shouted

"He has their bloodline dumbass! Do you honestly think I'm that fucking stupid? I have twenty-four hours left to live, and I'm not going to spend it fighting a battle I CAN'T Win! You do your fucking dirty work, Anton. WE'RE LEAVING!" Chad said dropping a gun on the ground before walking away

All the guys took down their tents and packed up everything before leaving. Anton stood there alone with nothing but the title he so desperately wanted.

"Anton? ANTON?! Do you have a replacement to represent you!?" Black asked

Anton growled, "WHAT IF I DON'T?!" He asked

"Than you fight, of course, unless you forfeit your title as Alpha," Black said, "Give up and live another day but you will never return to the status of Alpha," He said

Anton clenched his fist growling through his gritted teeth, "I yield," He muttered quietly to himself

"What's It's Gonna Be, Anton!?" Black shouted

"I YIELD!" He shouted, "I Fucking Yield, But Not Before I Take Out One You Son Of Bitches!" He shouted quickly aiming the gun at me and pulling the trigger

As I stood there, frozen, unable to move due to my shock, until she screamed out, "LEO, MOVE!" Ashely shouted pushing me to the ground

My life flashed before my eyes as it did in hers. We both hope the bullet didn't get to us after a moment I slowly opened my eyes to see Ashely's head tucked into my chest as she cowered in fear. I quickly felt over my chest to find no wound, with a sigh of relief, I felt over Ashely happy to notice the same result. We both softly laughed, holding each other before we heard something land on the ground with a thud. With my back facing Anton, I wasn't able to see who fell. Ashely leaned over my body to see; she didn't say anything as the tears from her eyes landed on my cheek. She somehow crawled up to her feet and ran over while I carefully got to my feet. Jazz rushed over with a supposed medical bag in hand, taking off her jacket, passing it to Ashely.

"Put pressure on it! You have to stop the bleeding!" She shouted

"I'm Fucking Trying Alright!" Ashely yelled doing what she was told

I made my way closer to see Danny struggling to breathe. He looked even more pale and sick as his eyes grew dull. I clasped on the ground staring at him, "What have you done?" I quietly mumbled under my breath before direction my attention on Anton, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" I roared out as the tears formed in my eyes

"He Got In My Way! The Challange Wasn't Over Yet!" He said

"It was over as soon as you yield, Anton," Black said

"I can't get the bullet out without hurting him further," Jazz said moving her claws from the wound, "And there's no exit wound," She said

"It's just like Heart." I mumbled, "Come on, there has to be something you can do! Please! I can't lose my little brother!" I said

"He...hey, it's okay, Leon. I'll be fine. I'm going to see my mom again," Danny muttered through hollow breaths before coughing, "Don't worry," He smiled with sadness in his eyes

"Leon! Ask him!" Black yelled

"Right! Danny, if you could choose an Alpha, who would it be?" I asked

"I did this for a brother, not an Alpha. He gave us both a chance when no one would I hope you're not forgetting that," He softly said

"I'd never forgotten that," I said with a half-hearted smile

"Danny! Please accept my offer to be an official member of my council," Black said

"Sure thing, Alpha Black," He said

"No. It's Tyrese, son. May your next lifetime grant you peace and happiness," He said

"Thanks, and if you see her again, tell her the Lunar Eplise was the greatest night of my life, okay?" He asked

"I will. I promise," I said

As his eyes seemed heavy as he blinked, a smile formed on his face, "'re...Julian...okay. He loves you, and he's so proud of you, lion cub," He quietly whispered as the air left his body everything grew still in him as that smile remained on his face. Danny was finally at peace.

I looked towards the sky with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes, "Make Sure You Look After Him, Dad!" I shouted before looking at Danny's body gently closing his eyes for him, "And I'll take care of what remains of him down here," I muttered under my cracking voice as I started to break

Ashely once more had me in her grip, "It's okay. It's okay," She softly whispered rubbing through my hair as I shouted out falling apart

I screamed out my augusted to the point where it sounded like a howl echoing through the forest my father's memorial now covered with the blood of my fallen brother. My body trembled as the tears refused to cease.

"ANTON! You Killed Your Son! A Member Of MY Council! And Leon's Younger Brother! You're Trial Starts NOW! SPEAK YOUR CASE!" Alpha Black shouted as he walked towards Anton making the tension shift

"He Stepped Into It Witnesses Can Contest To It!" He shouted

"Who's willing contest to it?" Alpha Black asked knowing the outcome

I found the strength to look up with my bloodshot eyes to see who would even consider siding with Anton at this point. No one said a word most just growled under their breath as Anton slowly realized the problem he made for him, "Bu...but...LIARS ALL OF YOU! YOU ALL SAW!" He shouted

"ENOUGH! I Pass Judgment NOW! Rider Anton, you are the biggest disgrace to ever walk the face of the earth. I have seen shit with more humanity in it than you have in your entire body. You wanted to live with the title of Alpha so bad, but do you know what death is like for an Alpha? ANSWER ME!" He shouted

Anton's head was forced into staring at the ground as the power he once held, so dearly, was slowly being taken from him, "No!" He shouted

"No, what?" Alpha Black hissed out the venom of a thousand snakes

Anton gritted his teeth trying to fight his instincts as he responded, "No, Sir,"

"Old age is rare; it's a one in a million blessing to receive. Instead, we die honorably in challenges or leading our men in wars. We die protecting our people and those we love. We die with dignity, not too proud to admit defeat, or even submit when need be. You wanted to live like an Alpha, but now are you ready to Die like one?" He asked

Rico walked over gently, biting Jazz for her attention, lightly whining as he covered his eyes with his paw. Jazz gently kissed the top of his head before staring in his eyes. Rico eventually took off walking up behind Alpha Black.

"Bu...bu..bu, but I never had a chance to speak my case," He said

"It doesn't matter. Nothing matters. You. Don't. Matter," Alpha Black said, mocking Anton with his own words, "I've made my decision. Rider Anton for the murder of my councilman Danial Alexander Lionheart I sentence you to execution," He said

"What?! I Don't....." He started

"Death by unhinged Zeta. Zeta Diablo carry out the order, your target is Rider Anton," Alpha Black calming said walking away

Rico snapped like never before as he shook his head growling. He grew bigger while his fangs started to form taking up most of his teeth, his claws got longer digging through the dirt as those once hazel eyes we all knew turned into red bloodshot, and the foam forming on his mouth made it look like he had rabies. Anton looked terrified, but he had nowhere to go, as he aimed at Rico, desperately pulling the trigger to an empty chamber. Anton looked at the gun, trying to get the magazine out before Rico pounced on him. The first thing Rico did was tare off Anton's other arm and mauled him like a bear. Biting through Anton's flesh and bones as he screamed endlessly before biting off his legs, grinding his bones and flesh into meat, digging it into a shallow grave before pissing on it. Rico grabbed Anton's head and threw it over the cliff before howling.

"Rico!?" Jazz yelled as Rico turned around with his bloodshot eyes charging up to Jazz as she stood her ground standing in of him, "Be still my Zeta," She softly said gently rubbing her hands through his fur

Rico slowly went back down to his regular self, calming down to the point of shifting back human covered in blood. He blinked away the red in his eyes before staring in Jazz's eyes, "Mi Amor," He quietly whispered before passing out in her arms

I didn't feel like reclaiming my title; it all seems so small now as I crawled away from Ashely's arms to hold onto Danny's body. I didn't know what to do, but as I felt the first snowflake of the season felt on my head, I suddenly remembered it was my father's birthday.

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