Twilight Rogue: The Lion's Return (5/5)

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Afire Love


POV: Ashely

It was a cold winter morning as everything was in a blanket of snow; it was hard moving forward after what happened. Leon still hasn't claimed his birthright yet, and he lost his little brother. Everybody seems stagnant, getting out of the limos wearing black from head to toe. Sunglasses covered most people's eyes as the casket was being carried to the empty grave beside Leon's father. He didn't say anything during the car ride over, but once we got out and he grabbed my hand, I felt the grief he was hiding. Two days before the funeral, Leon and I went to Anton's house. When Leon looked around, it was like he saw Danny's memories overlap his reality replaying the painful moments that Danny lived through. I ended up in Anton's office while Leon sat in the same dark room Danny spent months in isolation. Anton didn't have a family of his own, no living relatives that were willing to claim him, and he didn't live anything behind that he was proud of; all he had was an old family crest, a photo of his howling day, and the note Danny's mom left him. When I tried to show Leon the letter, he looked so small curled on the floor in that God-Forsaken room. When I wanted to hold him, he pushed me away, mumbling under his voice.

"He must have been so scared in here alone and by himself like this," He quietly whispered

I sat down back to back with Leon, "Please don't blame yourself for this," I softly said

"I could've protected him," He replied

"So could I and Jazz and Rico, my Uncle his mother, even your father, but he protected us. Don't let his sacrifice be in vain, you need time, and that's okay we get that, but you know you have to take your place as Alpha," I said

"I'm not sure about that yet, but I know I'm sure about one thing," He said sliding his hand over mine, "The spring the flowers in bloom my suit and the way you walk down the aisle," He said as I held his hand

"I'll always be here for you, Leo," I said

"I know that's why you'll always have my heart," He said

I was snapped back into reality as soon as I felt the warmth of his hand leave mine with nothing but a cold breeze. Leon was shaking hands with people around him while I was standing close by him. Then once more, I felt that warmth of love rationing towards me looking to see Jazz half-heartedly smile at me holding my hand.

"How are you?" She asked

"I'm still processing, and you?" I asked

"He umm...wore the ugly Christmas sweater I gave him for Black's holiday party. I like to envision him like that with that same goofy smile on his face. Hearing him laugh, getting drunk off egg nog despite Mrs. Black telling him not to drink it. Seeing him like that makes me feel better," She said

"And how are you handling everything else?" I asked

Jazz sighed lightly pulled me away from the crowd, "I told Rico about everything, even how I felt no more secrets no more lies or hiding, but I never felt more complete. I mean look at him," She said

Rico walked around dealing with grief differently, trying to brighten the mood and remind people how happy Danny was with us. Bring up silly things Danny did or said. I guess having to be Uncle Ty's human embodiment of anger and wrath took its troll on Rico's grieving process, still as he looked over at Jazz and me, that soft smile stayed on his face but his eyes shined with understanding.

"So I guess everything is okay," I said

"After that night, I stayed in bed, crying for three days straight. I tried to convince myself it was because I couldn't save him. Rico sat down on the edge of the bed, talking to Black over the phone.........


"I know, but she needs this. I need this too, Sir. Thank you and have a good evening," He said before hanging up gently, pulling the covers off my face, "How are you holding up?" He softly asked

"I....don't know I mean I did that best I could to get the bullet out but I couldn't.....

"That's not what I'm talking about Mi Amor and you and I both know it," He said

"What are you talking abo...."

"How long have you been in love with Ashely Black?" He asked

"Rico, that's...."

"Not impossible. You've been together all your lives; you're attracted to women with a similar scent to hers; that's why you ended up sleeping with Miley and the way you look at her sometimes...I'm not stupid, I want the truth. What happened?" He asked

Tears flowed from my eyes as my voice cracked out, "Sh...she doesn't want me! She doesn't feel the same!" I cried out

Rico held me as I continued to cry for hours on end, it was the first time that I fully wholeheartedly opened up there were no more secrets no more lies more no hiding who I truly was. I finally came out to my mate as a bisexual, but once I finally stopped crying. Rico had me in his arms rubbing through my hair, and back his warmth washed over me in a tight embrace.

"I'll always accept you, that doesn't matter to me. What does matter to me is your happiness, so if you want or need a female mate in our relationship, it's okay. I want you to promise me that equal treatment will be in play. Love this other person and me equally, okay?" He said

"Okay, Mi Querido" I softly said

POV: Ashely

"Wow, he said that?" I said

"Yeah, he does care, and I've never felt more close to him before in my entire life. We ran that same night, and well I'll let you know when we set a date for the wedding," She said

"Wait. What?! You..he...What?!" I asked too excited to make any sense

Jazz smiled softly, removing the glove off her hand, showing a wedding band, "It was his mother and her mothers, turns out the Garcias keep family heirlooms. He sees me as the next part of his family tradition, the Garica family legacy. I'm taking his last name for sure," Jazz said before I pulled her in for a hug

"That's great, sissy," I said

"Thanks, but now is not the best time to go into details," She said

"I understand, I wonder what's holding up Miley and Trevor," I said

"Miley hasn't felt well all day, and since Trevor wasn't there during the battle, he feels responsible for Danny's sacrifice. They need more time to process everything," She said

"That's fair. We should get back; I think they're done setting up," I said, leading the way

Everybody stood side by side, looking at the casket before the pastor led us in prayer. Eyes closed heads down during the beautiful words he spoke of peace love and enteral happiness for Danny wasn't even eighteen yet; we all still saw him as a kid. After the prayer, Rico was the first to speak, he lightened the mood remembering him and Danny's brighter moments, but it all fell apart when his genuine emotions start to surface.

"It never gets easier losing a friend a brother in arms or just someone you know. I've seen things, and people go by with time; he was just a scared kid who wanted nothing more than someone to say he mattered to them. Well, Danny, you matter to every single person that is standing right here, right now. We love you," Rico said clearing his throat and walking to Jazz's side

Jazz held onto Rico's hand to grief-struck to even speak anymore. Leon grabbed my hand as we both walked towards the front of the crowd. I started it telling everybody about how we met Danny how we had a friendship and created a bond. Being there when I escaped my former father's control and how we went to Anton's house, discovering the letter that was left with him.

"Dear Alpha Williams. I was a fool to deny your assistance, and now my life is in debt to unruly men. You remind me you have a son that is older than Danny by two years, and he talks of wanting a sibling to look after. I hope that he comes to accept him as a brother and for you to see him as a son. Please inform him that I only wanted the best for him, and even with my pride ruining everything, I love him dearly. I am so sorry it had to come to this. I'll continue to love you in this life the afterlife and the next life. Sign your mother, Sarah," Leon read out, before putting up the letter, "If my father would've seen this before Anton faith would have changed. My father would be home; Danny would be alive, and I would've still been an emotional mess. So in a way, I'm grateful because we have a new path to set for ourselves and a fresh, clean slate to begin anew. My father always told me my legacy would be of my unique creation looking at Danny's casket isn't the end of that but rather the beginning of a new dawn for us all. We owe it to him to move forward into a brighter future by making a better world starting today. You, my friend, my brother, will be the beacon of hope in my life. Never forgotten. Never in vain. Danial Alexander Lionheart Williams has taken my place at my father's right hand as his one, and only son should be buried in; instead, I honor you with this site. With my gravesite because you are always family. May my father guidance in the afterlife lead you into the warmth and safety of your mother's embrace," He said

"In his memorial, my Uncle, Alpha Tyrese Black, Leon, and I have already made plans for a better foster care system, addiction facilities, and specialized grief and financial aid centers for those going through something like this. Danny's name will be on all of these new help centers, so his story never gets repeated. Danny died before he was eighteen years old, and he died so we could have a chance to live although his life was starting when he finally renounced Anton as his Alpha, as his father, and as a human being. Danny's story isn't over; it's just starting just like everybody's story. A new chapter and a blank page for all," I said

As the soft clap of reassurance of our plans enters my ears. I looked over to Leon to see the hope in my eyes reflect off his before he saw someone in the distance watching the funeral playout. We both walked over as she stood there wearing all black her hair a dyed unnatural to bright blonde, and her fake green eye color had me at a loss for who was she.

"Why don't we just run away together?" Leon asked

"I never thought I'd see him again. Next thing I know, he's fighting the entire football team because the fucking quarterback can't take a hint than the Lunar Eclipse. He was so excited, but I didn't understand why," She said

"Wasn't it obvious? You was his first, and he wanted me to let you know that was the best night of his entire life," Leon said

"Come join us you meant a lot to him," I said

"Sure. At this point, I don't see why not," She said

"Wait. Danny never gave us your name," Leon said

"My name was Gabriella, but I changed to Angel after I got away from him. It's nice to stop running maybe I should go back to Gabby he wouldn't stop calling me that when he kissed over my scars," She said

"Welcome to the family, Gabriella," I said holding out my hand for her

"Thank you," She said with a light-hearted smile holding her stomach and softly exhaling, "We did not play it safe that night, I didn't know how to tell him, and I don't believe in abortions. Maybe this was part of the plan from the start," She said

"I promise to help in any way possible you have my word," Leon said gently holding her other hand

We all stood there hand in hand, watching Danny's casket descend into the over grave tossing roses inside along with his letter. Gabriella took out the baby's ultrasound photo and tossed inside, hoping Danny saw it. We all slowly left the coldest day in our lives behind us as we walked towards the future. Leon was the last to officially leave the site, sitting down talking to his father before getting up and turning me stand by the limo waiting for him.

"Let's go home," He softly said

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