Twilight Rogue: The Lion's Return (5/5)

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A Promise A Vow and A Wedding

POV: Kimberly

“You would be so proud of him right now, Julian. After Danny’s funeral, Leon came home and renovated our home back to its’ original form. He howled for his title maybe a week later. It was so hard without you, and I made some unforgivable mistakes, and I’m sorry about that. We now found peace with everything that transpired. You came to me last night in a dream giving more of the time you could have had on this earthly existence. The gray clouds give an ominous feel today, but I’m sure you have a reason for that. After all, you wouldn’t allow mother nature to rain on your son’s wedding day, right? I hope you’re keeping Danial safe and out of trouble like you said you would and Danial, what you and that young lady had was beautiful. Once the funeral was over, she appeared in our home, recounting the love you gave her and the child she’s carrying. She’s happy that it’s a boy she plans on naming him, Gavin. She just wanted more time with you, more time to love you, for you guys to love each other.” I said

“Excuse me, Miss. Williams. You have a visitor,” Roger said

The clouds open up as heavenly light formed around someone walking up. I couldn’t help but say, “Julian,” as Leon walked up with a smile on his face

“We talked about this mom, I’m not dad, but I miss him too,” He said holding flowers

“That vest,” I said staring at the royal purple color and feeling on the design

“Yeah. I found it in the basement, along with some other things. I remember he liked to wear it for special occasions,” He said

“It suits you,” I softly said, “What’s wrong with your eye?” I asked noticing the patch blocking his right eye

“Nothing, hopefully. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that my pupil was missing its’ color as all. I can still see out of it,” He said

“Let me see,” I said trying to remove the eyepatch

“Mom, you don’t have to do that I’m not a little kid anymore,” He said

“I will not have my son look like a pirate during his wedding. Now let me see,” I said

“Arrrggg!! Tis my booty to claim!” He said

I couldn’t help but laugh taking off the eye patch, “You truly are your father’s son,” I said looking into his eyes as his usual intense yet gentle green eyes

I lean his forehead on mine, closing my eyes, having some of Julian’s hindsight; I was able to see Al curled in a furball hiding his face softly whining yearning to be with his one and only. When I pulled away, Leon stared at me with a gentle smile on his face.

“So. Is there something wrong, ma?” He asked

“How long have you been away from Ashely?” I asked

“Two weeks, and yes, I miss her like crazy,” He said

“Talk to your father, and I’ll go check on my new daughter,” I said

“Hold on, mom,” He said, taking a rose out the flowers and presenting it to me, “Here and one for Ashely. I’m sure they won’t mind,” He said

“Such a sweet boy,” I said kissing his cheek, “Roger, please drive me to my daughter,” I said

“Of course. It’ll be an honor ma’am,” Roger said

As I walked to the car, I could hear Leon’s casual remarks referring to his father as “old man” and sweet Danial as “Dan Dan.” The clouds still had that ominous feel to them, but if that ray of sunshine was just a small sample of what’s to come, I couldn’t wait. Once I got to the chapel, however...

“What Is Going On With Your Eyes!?” Jazz screamed out

“Nothing I can still see out of it,” Ashely said

“That’s not normal! Your left eye is completely blacked out, and you’re telling me you can still see out of it! BULL SHIIIOOTTT....tttttttt...Hello, Miss Williams. How are you?” Jazz asked claiming her tone down

“I’m fine, and how are you?” I asked

“I’m in a bit of a panic you see your daughter has this rare eye condition right now and it’s freaking me out,” She said

“I can still see my left eye just lost its’ color that’s all,” Ashely said

“Why am I freaking out more than you right now?” She asked

Ashely causally shrugged her shoulders, “I’m happier to see Leon more than anything right now. I miss him so much even Beautiful isn’t doing anything but waiting and whining about seeing him again,” She said

“May I see for myself?” I asked

“Yes ma’am,” She said leaning down

I gently laid my head on hers, seeing the dark brown wolf rushing towards me, knocking me down, licking my cheek, and softly growling with nothing but love and hope in her eyes. As she backed down, realizing who I was, she sat down, wagging her tail, trying to contain her excitement.

Once more, I couldn’t help but laugh, “You know what this means, right girl?” I asked

Beautiful smile nodding her head, she crawled over and gently placed her head in the palm of my hand, making me rub through her fur. I kneeled, hugging her rubbing through her hair on her back, “Please tell your master your intents, okay?” I asked

“I’ll tell her mom,” She softly growled out

“Good girl,” I said softly, kissing her head. I opened my eyes to Ashely just as excited as her inner wolf. For a second, I thought her tail was going to appear happily wagging in sync with Beautiful, “Jasmine, honey, can you give us the room?” I asked

“Yes ma’am,” She said before leaving the room closing the door behind herself

“Now sweetheart,” I started watching Ashely walk to the door kicking it with her barefoot

A yelp came from the other side of the door as I could only imagine Jasmine running away with her tail between her legs, “Sorry, mom. She’s nosey,” Ashely said sitting down in a chair

“You just called me, mom. Beautiful....?” I asked looking at her softly whine looking down embarrassed she got caught, “Behave young wolf now,” I said gently holding her cheek as she lightly shook her head

“Miss. Williams. What’s an exchange?” She softly asked

“You haven’t been taking your birth control, have you?” I asked

Ashely glanced down before slowly looking up at me with a worried look in her eye, “ you think...?” She started

“Talk to him, dear. Tell him everything, and he will assure you of everything. There’s nothing to be afraid of, my little lion cub loves you with every fiber of his heart,” I said, giving her the rose

She gently held onto it softly growling, “I’m just scared,” She softly said

“I was too, but you and my son have something special, something extraordinary actually. Just trust yourself,” I said

“Yes ma’am,” She said staring at me with those soft brown eyes

“You’re my daughter now, you don’t have to be so formal,” I said

“O...okay it’s just...well I just reconnected with my birth mother not too long ago, and now I have you in my life and well...I need time to adjust,” She nervously said

“Alright sweetheart,” I said walking towards the door

“ thanks mom,” She said with a smile on her face

“You’re welcome,” I said, walking out the room, “Jasmine. Honey, come here,” I softly said

Jazz popped up from behind the piano wolf ears and all, “Ma’am?” She softly asked

“Come here, pup,” I said holding out my hand

Jasmine walked over, looking at the ground to embarrassed to look me in the eye, but she cared enough to give me her hand. I tilted her head towards me, a soft smile formed on her smile.

“She needs her best friend, okay?” I said

“Yes, ma’am. I’m happy for her and Leon,” She said

“Oh, Cleo. You will be happy with Rico, but once you find your missing piece you will truly be complete,” I said rubbing through her hair to a soft growl, “Go to her,” I said

Jazz smiled, walking back to Ashely’s dressing room. I walked around to find a German man walking by in a three-piece black and white suit. He stood over me like a tower over six feet tall. He looked as though he could crush solid concrete with his bare hands. The light scruff on his face as he rubbed though his, black hair left me uncertain, then I saw his vibrant ocean blue eyes, “Excuse me, young man. Who are you?” I asked

“My name is...” He started with his thick German accent

“Gernhard! Can you help me out with my suit?” Leon asked

“Of course, Leon, after all, I made it. Excuse me, ma’am,” He said, before leaving to help

A smile formed on my face at the sound of that name it was the same young man that designed Julian’s vest. Time was running down as more and more people began to enter the chapel. Even my nephew Jasper arrived from England with his mate, Scarlett, to attend. Everything was set up beautifully; the wedding colors of lavender white and black seem to compliment each other all over the venue. The soft lavender and white-colored lilies sat on the edge of every pew. The gray clouds seemed uncomfortable lurking in the windows, but once the ceremony started, the sun slowly found its’ way through the darkness. Leon never looked so nervous and excited before as his best man Rico stood at his side in his black and white suit, patting his back, whispering words of encouragement everything on his face seemed sure. As the organist began to play, the bridesmaids led the way with Jazz ending the line standing beside the space Ashely would hold. Lucas was the ring bearer taking careful steps with rings gently laid on a pillow. He looked adorable in his dress pants and a button-up shirt with a smaller version of Julian’s royal purple vest. He stood on the side of Leon with a smile on his face he looked up at him. Leon looked down, smiling at him, tussling his hair as if to say, “good job.” The organists changed to the song we stood up. Here comes the Bride began to play. Maddison was the flower girl in her lavender and white dress, gently tossing flowers as Ashely followed behind her. Leon looked up from Lucas as his eyes were locked on his wife to be. The clouds that once overcast the skies broke apart with every step Ashely took closer to Leon, heaven’s light grew brighter and brighter around her like a manifestation of her aura. As the two stood face to face in front of each other, they held hands barely able to control their excitement. Leon smiled, unable to speak as his eyes watered, staring at her. Her blush was undeniable, glancing away before meeting Leon’s eyes. A small soft chuckle could be heard from both of them as they patiently waited for the pastor to begin.

“Welcome all to the celebration of witnessing these two in holy matrimony Leon Joseph Williams and Ashely Nicole Black. The two have written their vows, but before they begin, is there anyone who wishes to object to this union. Speak now or forever hold your peace.” He said

As the silence formed in the room, I couldn’t help but look at Jasmine, whose sadden eyes glanced over to Rico. As a smile developed on his face soon reflected on hers. She lightly nodded, letting go of how she once felt for Ashely. She softly exhaled as everyone looked at the pastor once more. He looked towards Leon, “You may begin, child,” He said

“ umm just wow,” Leon stumbled through as we all giggled

Rico grabbed Leon’s shoulder, quietly whispered in his ear before letting go and clearing his throat.

“Thank you, Rico,” Leon said before getting back focused, “First of you just breathtakingly beautiful. I can’t believe you’re in my life, but then again, I can my father had a weird way of doing things and an even weirder life philosophy. I had nothing when I first met you, and I thought no one saw me, then we ran into each other. You avoided talking for a while, but once our eyes met, you saw me. It was like I became transparent to you. You called me An Alpha. I couldn’t believe it, and at the time, I didn’t want to because I thought I wasn’t good enough. But with you at my side, I never felt more strong and yet so weak. Powerful but gentle. You make me want to be a better me. Better person man, wolf, Alpha, friend, lover, boyfriend, fiance, husband, and everything in between. You are everything to me, and I could only thank my father for helping me find you. For guiding me down this path whether he knew it or not,” He said

Rico leaned into him, “Tick tock,” He softly whispered

Leon quietly laughed, “When we gave each other our promise rings, we made a promise and vow to each other no one else knew, but as we stand here. I felt it’s time to let everyone in on it; what do you say?” He asked with a smile

“Of course, my Alpha,” Ashely said caressing his cheek

With his eyes closed, he leaned into her hand softly growling so loud it echoed throughout the chapel giving everyone this warm feeling of love. My son was almost brought to his knees by a single touch from his mate. He took in her warmth, laying his hand on top of hers, opening his eyes with nothing more than pure love and admiration. It was clear how they felt about each other as their dominant side-eye color sparkled longing for completion missing its other half.

“Um...Sorry everybody I just got so caught up. I didn’t...” Leon said

“It’s okay, but please continue,” The paster said

Leon smiled, “What more can I say? Other than my heart, mind, body, and soul belongs to you. You always bring out the best in me, whether I believe I’m at my best or my worst. You stayed at my side loving me the only way you could wholeheartedly arms wide open with everything you had. I thought no one would care about me after being thrown out, and you appeared like an angel from the heavens, and you showed me it wasn’t the end of the world, and I’m grateful for that. My love for you will be enteral from this life to the next. I will continue to be loyal and faithful to you. Never lie or hide the truth away from you. Besides, you’re smart enough to know if I was hiding anything from you anyway. I’ll share everything I have and everything I am. As we walked towards the future together, I will be everything you need and want me to be. I am yours,” He said wiping her eyes

“Leo. My lion. My Alpha. I can’t describe my life before you entered it; I didn’t have much of one to begin. Helicopter parented and forced indoors during full moons locked away from showing my true potential. I endured things that made me feel like my life wasn’t even worth living. As I stand in front of you and everyone here, I must confess if I wasn’t able to escape before I lost my connection, I was going to forfeit my life. I had it planned out as soon as the next full moon after he’d leave I’d be alone, but then I crashed into you. My life had meaning and color, and I was alive. It was the first time in a long time that I was happy. I was strong and facing the man I once called my father. I never felt like this before, and I owe it all to you. You changed me into the person I’m always supposed to be, and I have nobody to thank for that but you. Leon, you saved me without even realizing it. It’s only fair that if you’re willing to give me you, I’m willing to do the same in turn. I am yours,” Ashely said

As they placed the wedding rings on each other, the sun’s light never shined brighter. Ashely and Leon both lightly cried a little, staring at each other like they were the only ones in the room. Only ones on the planet.

“After that, there is nothing to be said you may now kiss the bride,” The pastor said

I couldn’t help myself but get teary-eyed watching my son’s and daughter’s first kiss as husband and wife walking back down the aisle hand in hand towards the future.


As I stared into Leon’s eyes, sitting at the head of the table at the reception. He leaned his head on mine, gently rubbing his nose against mine, only making me blush and smile harder. A soft growl came from him before mic feedback grabbed our attention.

“Woah. At least I know now this thing is on. Good afternoon everybody for those that don’t know I’m Jasmine, i.e., maid of honor and the bride’s sister. Younger sister actually” Jazz said

“By Three Days!” I shouted

“Still three days younger than you! Anywho what can I say other than these two are perfect for each other. Leon is a fortunate man to have my sister in his life, and I’m sure she’ll remind you that every day for a long as you’re together and sis, please take care of Leon; he can be stubborn, and in his ways, but he has a good heart and a strong spirit, but everyone knows that. Leon has a certain swagger with his cham,” She said

“That would be my topic. Hello everyone Rico, the groom’s best man, sparring buddy and....” He started

“And punching bag!” Leon interrupted

“Only when you throw dirt in my eye! Anyway, Leon does indeed have a certain swagger with his charm, but it’s not better than mine of course,” He said

“Lies!” Leon said

“Oh, really? Want to come to test that theory amigo?” He asked

Leon stood up and took off his coat and met Rico on the dance floor, “It’s not a theory it’s a fact,” He said with a smirk

“Yeah, right. I’ll kick your butt on your wedding day, bro,” Rico said taking off his coat

“I’d love to see you try,” He said

A staged fight turned into the groom’s dance with his groom’s men with Justin Timberlake’s Mirror playing mainly the end. Leon never looked so smooth and cool before and the way his eyes were locked on mine. The fact that his right eye was darkened and has left shined with his green hue and mine reflected my right eye with brown shade shining with love for this man, my left darkened. After the guys set back down, Jazz pulled me up to my feet as Katy Perry’s Unconditionally played, it was my turn to take the floor. I was more scared of dancing in front of everybody than I was of dying, but as Leon smiled clapping his hands, giving me a standing ovation, I knew no matter how many mistakes I made, he loved it. After that dinner was served, Leon and I happily cut the cake together. Everybody joked and laughed, talking to each other. When it’s was time to toss the bouquet, something odd happened in mid-air something broke the flowers in a perfect half Jazz cought one part while the other landed on a girl’s lap. Jazz looked unsure at first, looking at Rico. They waited a while before walking over. It was the first time in a long time I’ve seen Jazz and Rico so nervous trying to talk to her. Her blond curly hair flowed in the light, and her ocean blue eyes had both of them in a trance. I quietly snuck over to make sure she didn’t get fully tongue-tied.

“I umm...noticed,” Jazz started blushing hiding her face trying to keep her tail from wagging since it popped out as soon as she got near her

Rico laughed, “Excuse her. She’s extremely nervous. I’m Rico Garica, and this is my fiancee Jasmine Baker,” He introduced

“The maid of honor and the best man. What do I owe the pleasure?” She asked

“You’re Pretty!” Jazz shouted out before covering her mouth, “I’m so sorry, that has never happened to me before, and you are stunning, and you caught the other half of the bouquet, and I don’t know what’s going on but,” She started before Rico covered her mouth

“Your tail is wagging, please clam down,” Rico said while Jazz let out a soft whine

The woman laughed, holding her half of bouquet, “My name is Sage Lepeon. I came with Gernhard Scarlett and Jasper. I’m friends with Scarlett, would you like to know more about me?” She asked

As both Rico and Jazz’s tails wag, “We’d love to,” Rico answered guiding Jazz to a chair on Sage’s right while Rico sat on her left

All three had smiles on their faces talking; Rico couldn’t help but admire her music sheet tattoo while Jazz softly hums the notes that were on it, figuring out it was Avril Levine’s Black Star. I made my way to a seat near Leon’s mother.

“It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?” I asked

“Yes. You are. Tell him please,” She softly said

“Ladies and gentlemen it’s time for the bride and groom’s first dance as husband and wife,” Jazz said over a mic

“I will, right after this,” I said watching as Leon walked over

He kneeled with an opened hand, “Excuse me, mother, but may I have this dance with my beautiful wife?” He asked

“Yes, you may,” I said with a smile on my face

As The Only Reason by JP Cooper played in the background. I placed my hand in his as walking in the middle of the dance floor felt like a fairy tale come true. The warmth and safety of his arms warped around me, keeping me as close as possible had me for a loss of words. I was his, and he was mine. I laid my head on his chest, listening to the sound of his heart and the soft growl he'd do under every breath he took. His grip around me got tighter as he hummed along with the music lightly, spinning me around, showing me off as he pulled me back into him, before raising me in the air. I couldn't help but giggle, smiling happier than ever, but it was a look in his eyes that made me realize I've been here with him before. This tidal wave of deja vu washed over me, and looking in his eyes as he slowly lowered me was his way of telling me he felt the same. I held his cheek in the palm of my hand; he leaned his forehead on mine. One kiss made forget the entire world as once more; I was picked up off the ground as he spun us around.

"I love you," He said staring intensely in my eyes with tears in his

Leon wiped the tears from my eyes, "I...I love you too," I said realizing I was crying

"Can we go home? Please?" He softly whispered against my lips

I lightly nodded, unable to say a word, as he once more lightly kissed my lips, something felt familiar about it, but why? I don't know. The clapping hands of everybody snapped me out of my head. Jazz thanked everybody for coming on our behalf while Leon was guiding me to the car. He was gentle in everything he did from holding me to kissing me as the car took off.

"Something on your mind, Mrs. Ashely Nicole Black Williams?" He happily asked

"Leo....Leon? What's an exchange?" I softly asked

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