Twilight Rogue: The Lion's Return (5/5)

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Ten Years Later

POV: Ashely

It was a beautiful Saturday to catch up with Jazz and her son, Ferdinand, and stepdaughter Nico. Ferdinand was just the sweetest nine-year-old anybody could ever meet. Rico's little mini him with Jazz's ocean blue eyes and curly hair texture, he was a handsome little sweetheart with the innocents of a million angels. Nico was Ferdinand's big sister, three years ahead of him. Jazz and Rico happily agreed to co-parent the well according to the government, boy, but according to both Sage and Nico, girl. Nico was a transexual and going through the process of becoming a female in the government's eyes. I watched as the kids played at the park, chasing each other playing tag swinging on swings climbing the monkey bars, and sliding down the slides. I couldn't help myself but smile, watching two little girls on the swingset taking turns pushing each other.

"It's like watching a memory, hugh sissy?" Jazz asked

"You still owe Miley and me twenty bucks," I said, walking over to her and hugging her, "How are you?" I softly asked

"We're having another baby. Rico got Sage this time, we plan on naming her Ciara," She replied with a smile, "I've never felt more complete than I do now with my girls in my life,"

"I'm so happy for you," I said

"And about that twenty bucks, can Trevor really hold off the wedding for that long, like my God those two releasing the date is literally killing me!" Jazz sighed out with a slight growl, "We've been saving money for whatever the hell it is that they're planning, but it's taking forever like For...E...Ver!" She yelled sitting on the park bench

"I know, right! I thought we were going to die before we saw him propose well better later than never. At least, Uncle Ty will be able to walk her down the aisle that last challenge left him in pretty bad shape," I said

"I won't lie. I'm surprised he pulled it off and took that guy out," She said

"Yeah. He's tried, but he's happy," I said

" is Leon? My bad, Alpha Williams?" She asked

"Stressed in need of rest but passing every test that comes his way," I said

Jazz giggled, "Okay, Dr. Seuss. Are you still writing?" She asked

"Yeah. Uncle Ty wanted me to help work on a unique project something about making up for falsified information, but that's all he would tell me," I said

"But my question like my real question is; How are you?" She asked, looking at me, "After you know...everything," She said

"Today is a good day for once; I mean, who knew that the poison had long term effects like that. It was so hard trying night after night seeing the different doctors so much medication and creams all to try to help get me fertile. Outside sources that witchdoctor gave Marcus the poison, so it only made sense that a different one could help, and who would've guess Jasper would be sleeping with one?" I asked

"You guys got sooooooo fucking lucky with that one," Jazz laughed out

"Mama Said A Bad Word!" Ferdinand yelled out

"Two more, and we're telling papa!" Nico shouted

"Okay. Okay, sweethearts. I swear even after all this time I still have a hard time keeping my mouth clean," She said

I couldn't help but laugh, "Pharsing woman, have you heard of it?" I asked

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But with your dirty mind, you can quickly turn the most innocent words into double entendre especially with what Leon made you into," She asked

"And what would that be, my dear sissy?" I asked

"Kids are here, you little trap, so I'm actually going to keep my mouth shut this time to avoid dealing with Rico and Sage. I am not going to fall for that," She said

"Oh well I tried," I laughed out

"Don't you have a meeting to get to?" Jazz asked

"Oh, my God! You're actually right! Come on, Julian! We have to visit daddy," I yelled

The little five-year-old boy raced from the monkey bars pass Ferdinand and Nico right up to me. His dark black-brown reflecting off the sunlight made it look like dark caramel as his smile seem to brighten my outlook, but it was his eyes that made my life truly worth living. I could stare into them until the day I died and be fully content with it.

"My God. You really are the embodiment of your parents love for each other, little man," Jazz said staring at him

"Thank you, Aunt Jazzy and mommy I don't feel so good," He said

"You don't wanna see daddy at work?" I asked

"Julian, don't lie to your mother, okay?" Jazz asked

Julian nods his head looking at the ground kicking up the air, "The light from their cameras hurts my eyes. I hate the flash," He softly said

"That's why your Aunt Jazzy comes in clutch," Jazz said, putting a pair of designer sunglasses over his eyes, "Better, right?" She asked

"I guess so, but thank you Aunt Jazzy for trying to help," He said hugging her

"You're welcome sweetheart," She said hugging him back, "Now make sure you tell your father I said....," Jazz whispered into Julian's ear as he softly giggled

"Okay! I'll tell him!" He happily said, "I wanna see daddy!" He shouted

"Alright. Say bye to Ferdi and Nico first," I said, watching him run over to the two hugging them and saying bye, "What did you say to him?" I asked

"That Leon needs to get his eyes checked out again. I mean I get that he's special, but his eyes are sensitive," She answered

"Than why did he laugh?" I questioned

"Ummmm......Oh, Kids! You wanna get some ice cream?" She asked

"YES!" They both yelled running up to her with Julian following

"Hey, don't change the subject, you little..." I started

"Can we get ice cream too, mommy?" Julian asked

"Of course, honey. Maybe daddy will come with us too," I said, getting up to see Jazz making a clean getaway to her car with her kids, "Let's go meet up with daddy, okay?" I asked carrying him in my arms

"Okay! I can't wait to see daddy!" He happily yelled

POV: Leon

"Leon! You're late with your meeting with the press!" Roger yelled

"I was putting flowers on my family's grave trust me they can wait," I said

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry, my Alpha. I had forgotten, please forgive me," He said

"It's okay; the actual celebration is tomorrow, but I just wanted to talk to her today. So what's on the chop and block of topics today?" I asked

"Personal life: your son and his medical condition regarding his eyes and your wife's depression. Business-wise: the humans want to get more involved with werewolf affairs even attend some of our meetings. Some oppose this, stating that, "If they wanted to be involved, they should not have isolated themselves away from the started? Why choose now to get involved? What are they planning?" but of course, this is all rumors and speculation. Lack of jobs is causing people to go bankrupt, losing their homes, and separate families. Even though the year's harvest has been abundant, people can't afford fresh produce, so farmers are losing a profit. And then there's werewolf business: Rico is being honored again for saving Alpha Smith's life during a meeting with Alpha Black in Texas. The high council is still up in arms about Mrs. Williams and your ancestral titles and birthrights. And finally, the birth control and sex ed projects you're trying to set some people, disagree with it so it'll be a hot button topic today," Roger said

"Is that all?" I asked grabbing my notes of possible responses

"As far as I know, my Alpha," Roger said

"Thank you. I'll be in momentarily; I have a few calls to make beforehand. Give me five more minutes," I said

"Very well, my Alpha," He said

"Rog. You know me, man. Can you...?" I started

Roger smirked for a second, "Sure thing, Leon," He said closing the door

I walked into the flashing lights of the press, asking question after question, but I was fully prepared with my answers. I refused to answer questions about my personal life until my family had arrived, but everything else I explained in full detail. In the middle of my press conference, I received calls from multiple companies who were interested in setting up here and expand on a global scale. The farmers will work hand in hand with companies and local stores, restaurants, and farmer's markets. I got down to the point about allowing humans in on our business making sure that one person representing them during the meetings, times have changed, so have ideals co-existing can't truly exist if one side isn't always informed of the other. What annoyed me was the "hot topic" issue of birth control and sex ed for those at the age of fifteen. Even though the following year up to their eighteenth birthday, they won't also be able to control themselves if they go through the right of passage. I spent almost over an hour on this single topic alone, driving myself insane, trying to defend my proposal of allowing this to happen. But instead, I get the dumbest anti-rhetoric I have ever heard of in my entire life, so when Ashely and Julian showed up, I couldn't hide my smile.

"Are we interrupting?" She asked

"Daddy!" Julian yelled, running up to me.

I got up from my seat and caught him in my arms, "Not at all, Beautiful," I said

"Dad. Dad. Daddy, can we get ice cream?" He asked

"I told him we could go as a family," She said

I reached for her hand, gently guiding her to my side, kissing her forehead, "After a few more questions, okay? After that, I swear we'll go," I said

"Okay, my lion Alpha," She said making her way to a seat

I couldn't help myself but to softly growl as Julian giggled while I walked back to my seat. The press continued, as usual, asking their questions snapping pictures while I was playing with Julian's action figures with him. Ashely happily answered the questions about our family life and her condition stating it's not as frantic as everybody makes it out to be.

"Some days, it's just hard to feel and process my emotions, so I stay in bed, but most days, it's not bad. I have a very loving and affectionate husband and an energetic son. Even on days when I want to stay in bed, I can't because my boys will always need to annoy me," She said with a light giggle

"One day at a time. I do what I can, but we support each other no matter what, right, mini-man?" I asked

"That's right, Dad!" Julian happily yelled

"Why is your son wearing sunglasses?" Someone asked

"Please no flash photography," I said

"That's What She Said!" Julian screamed out as everybody busted out laughing

"Julian Daniel Williams! Who told you to say that?" Ashely asked

"Aunt Jazzy said it would be funny and look everybody is laughing," He said sounding innocent as ever

"Settle down. Settle down," I said as the room grew quiet, "Reminder no flash photography. Can you be daddy's brave little man and take off those sunglasses?" I asked

"B...b...but the flashes," He softly said

"I promise. They won't be on this time, I swear," I said slowly taking them off his face

I looked to see his eyes tightly closed before Ashely gently rubbed his cheek, moving her hand through his hair. His soft growl as he leaned into her hand. He slowly opened up his heterochromia eyes with so much love and admiration in them; they sent a feeling of safety, warm and undeniable love in them. Ashely smiled as her eyes watered, kissing his forehead, making his puppy-like ears appear on his head and his little tail wag. A light soft bark came from him as he was more in touch with his inner wolf more than any person could ever be at his age.

"We believe this is an outcome of my wife and I not only being the descendants of King Smith the fourth and Queen Allison but because we completed the exchange, our son is the human embodiment of our love for each other. He was not made out of love but in the name of love to its very core. Last time the camera flashes made him temporarily blind, but as you can see, he is the next generation to lead us," I said as Julian scrambled out of my arms running around on his hands and feet through the crowd he carefully made his way onto a light fixture before attempting to howl

"Juli Juli! Come down if you want to get ice cream!" Ashely said

As soon as he heard that Julian leaped off the light fixture landing right into Ashely's arm as she giggled gently rocking him, "So, if you're done asking questions, I have an ice cream date to attend," I said getting up walking to Ashely's side holding her hand walking out with Julian

POV: Julian

As the Williams ate their ice cream. Ashely gently pushes Leon's cone in his face giggling with Julian while Leon licked his face clean. A few streets away from the ice cream shop, Rico stumbled home rubbing his lower back, opening the door to Nico and Ferdinand running into him in a princess and knight custom. Rico laughed, shifting into the size of a puppy chasing the kids around the house before getting picked up and kissed on the head by Jazz before she set him on Sage's stomach. Jazz happily sat on the edge of the couch, rubbing Sage's feet while Sage massaged his lower back. A few miles away, Alpha Tyrese Black was putting Leon's story into the history books accepting his secondary title of Alpha of Records before walking outside to join Melissa drinking tea. A few miles away racing through the forest, Miley and Trevor playfully roll around in the fall leaves licking each other cheek softly growling cuddling into each other as they stood at the highest peak they could reach before howling so loud it seemed to reach Maddison, who was running away from school during her finals to be with her one and only. As she shifted into a beautiful white wolf running across the open border between the US to Canada, she tackled a light brown wolf light hazelnut eyes and a smirk on his face as he shifted human. Maddison smiled, shifting human to hold hands with Lucas as he kissed her deeply. Jason smiled, walking back to a campsite to see Emily poking the fire.

"Today is a great day," He said sitting down beside her

"Every day is a great day when you have people that cherish and love you," She replied looking up at the sky

"You can say that again," I said before making my way back to my wife's arms

"Ready to run through time?" Kimberly asked

"Always," I said with a smile on my face

As Kimberly and I started running pass angels, even Danny, who was reliving his childhood with both his parents before running to look and see how Gabrallia was doing with their son Gavin who looked just him. Danny fell through the clouds, becoming a spirit to guild her and Gavin out of trouble before coming back and joining his parents. Running through time made Kimberly and me younger and younger to the moment we swung little Leon from an ice cream shop back home only to look from the clouds to see my son doing the same thing with his boy. As the Williams made it home, Leon looked up at the sky and smiled waving lightly.

"Daddy! Come on!" Both boys said

"I'm coming, kiddo. I'm coming," We both said walking inside ture paradise

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