Twilight Rogue: The Lion's Return (5/5)

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A Declaration

POV: Ashely

After telling the story of us to the press so they would leave and let us enjoy the night, I spent most of the time rubbing Leon’s back, trying to comfort him while he was trying to make some connection with his mother. The light whined he’d do under his breath as she avoided talking to him just broke my heart. Whenever he would try to hold her hand, she’d move it and look towards Anton for his approval. He leaned his head down with the idea to look at her in the eye or at least get in her line of slight while she’d glance away. Eventually, he just laid his head on the table, staring at her from the corner of his eye. I couldn’t stand seeing him this way, so I looked toward the only person who could help.

“Anton, is the chain vital? It’s the boy’s mother for God sake,” Uncle Ty said

“It’s necessary, Black. I’m surprised your wife doesn’t have one on,” He said

“I have enough respect for my wife not to degrade her in such a manner,” He said, “My men and I have enough respect for women in general not to disrespect them in any way unlike...” He started

“Move! Move! Get this idiot out of here! Now,” Rico quietly gritted through his teeth

It was the fifth guy that made a move on Jazz. Rico would somehow control his temper for the most part, but once they’d try to touch her. Ding. Ding. They’d be laid out on their ass before they could officially put the finger on her skin.

Meanwhile, Alpha Jerico was alright with the guys hovering over his wife, Isabella. But the fiery redhead refused to let those savages speak about her husband's disability. Once they started making fun of him, her once blue eyes snapped into a dark tar black before she attacked. Tall slim with an hourglass figure and a right hook that could rival against any Alpha. She’d casually point out her small ones and twos of the freshly laid out men before gracefully sitting back down at her Alpha’s side.

“Anton, have some respect for my territory and my rule. Take off the chain,” Uncle Ty said

“And you should have some decency for my territory’s tradition,” He said

Leon raised his head off the table in shock to hear those words, “My father would never allow this! He hated chauvinist ideology over women. This isn’t a territory tradition, it’s yours,” He said

“Who in the hell asked you, Rogue? You know nothing about the territory you ran from,” He said

“I know you’re forcing out the men, keeping the women hostage, implemented a curfew, set up electronic fences to keep certain people out and certain people trapped in,” Leon said

“And how would you know that?” He asked

“Because I’ve been there multiple times actually,” Leon said to my surprise since there was only one time we were granted access into a different territory

“How? When you’re not even allowed to be a toe over the border,” He questioned

“You never officially marked me as a Rogue. I was thrown out the pack, that’s true but after doing some research with Alpha...I mean, Uncle Black, I discovered an Alpha doesn’t automatically become a Rogue when the call has been made. Not unless an Alpha is marked by the weakest member of the former Alpha’s council, they still hold claim to their status. I wasn’t marked, so I was always free to come and go as I please,” Leon said

“Weakest member of the council? That’s impossible! Once your father died you took over keeping the same members no one was weak in his council not even his Delta was weak,” Anton said

“You’re wrong. There was one. Who’d was always be worried, who’d always lived in fear of the unknown, who’d be scared to fight? My father, Alpha Julian Cole Williams, was the weakest member of his council,” Leon said

“How? How does that make sense?” I asked

“My love, it’s simple. In the face of fear, war, or death itself, everyone is afraid, but the ones who are willing to cast away their fears and doubts and inspire others to move forward that makes them the ideal leader. The ideal Alpha is someone who’s a man or woman of the people no matter what they face, understand?” He asked

“Yes, my Alpha. I see what you mean,” I said grabbing hold of his hand

He leaned his head on mine, “Facing adversity and ones most hunting and terrifying nightmares can make all the difference between an Alpha and someone like you,” He said redirecting his attention on Anton

“You’re the crowd that ran away and lowered yourself into being Alpha Black’s lacky,” He said

“I needed guidance a fresh start to begin anew and also time to properly cope with the events that transpired before I left. You told her to say and do those things, didn’t you?” He asked

“Maybe I did. What the hell are you going to do about it?” He asked

“It may not be today or tomorrow, but just know this. I’m. Coming. Back.” Leon said

Everybody stared at him as Anton got up from his seat, “You wouldn’t fucking dare,” He said staring down at Leon

Leon stood up, facing the monster of a man eye to eye, face to face, “Is that a threat because look around you. You’re outnumbered, Anton. You’re out of your league out of your territory and out of your mind if you think I’m going to stay silent forever. I have found peace within your betrayal, but I can’t let that define me. Now if you don’t get this chain off my mother you will lose the other arm,” He said staring him down

“Are you threatening me? I’m In Charge!” He shouted


His voice was powerful like thunder and prideful, like a mighty roar. I mean, his voice always demanded attention, but this wasn’t just an outcry. It was a declaration of what’s to come. His trembling hand turned into a clenched firm fist by his side. Anton finally glanced away at me behind Leon’s back a wicked idea came to his head before redirecting his attention back on Leon.

“So? She’s the one who turned you from nothing into something,” He said with a smirk on his face, “Let me get a good look at her,” He said pushing Leon out the way trying to put his hand on my face before Rico came twisting his wrist behind his back and slamming him on the table

“Please allow me to escort you out with the rest of the trash you brought,” He said grabbing the key out of Anton’s pocket

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!? Black?! BLACK!? Get your fucking dog back on his leash!” He yelled while Rico pulled him up

“I told you, Anton, to have some respect for my territory and my laws. Now somebody get that Goddamn Chain Off His Mother!” Uncle Ty yelled

“I’ll take it, Rico,” I said, getting up and grabbing the key from him, staring him in his eyes, “So? You’re the man that tried to ruin my Alpha. Shame. I’d thought you would’ve been more of a challenge,” I said, before walking over to Leon’s mother and taking off the chain.

“Thank you so much,” She said, pulling me in for a hug

“You’ll be safe here,” I whispered in her ear, “Trevor, can you take her inside to get seen by a doctor?” I asked

“Right away. Ma’am if you don’t mind coming with me,” Trevor said carefully escorting inside the house

“Leon, I was always proud of you,” She said with a smile before looking over at Anton, “You were Never my Alpha,” She growled out before bitch slapping him

“Rico, get him out of here, and as long as he’s in charge, our alliance is void. But don’t expect an attack from me. Leon, son, you and your men have my permission to reclaim your birthright. Now run and let everyone know your greatness,” Uncle Ty said

“What?! NO!” Anton shouted while Rico pulled him away

Leon took off without a second thought with just about everybody that came from his home following behind him, “What are you still doing here?” Emily asked

“Should I?” I asked eagerly wanting to run with him

“He’ll always want you by his side. Go. Run baby girl. Run!” She said

With a smile on my face, I ran to Leon’s side. Once shifted in the middle of the forest, I knew exactly where he was going. Nonstop full force, even with my paws growing heavier and heavier with every step, I kept running even when I made it to the end of the pack. Moving faster and faster, passing any and everybody who was in my way, I caught up to him, leading the charge running side by side. The determination burning in his eyes was all I saw as we made our way to a mountain top over the border overseeing Leon’s former home. He looked at me, trying to catch his breath while I licked his cheek, rubbing my snout against his fur. After a moment to feel calm, he stood proudly, walking towards the edge of the mountain cliff. He leaned down, starting with a low growl into a howl so powerful it echoed off the moon itself. He howled endlessly at a tone that made me want to join him. I had to join him. Together on the same tone and pitch, becoming one as more and more people joined in. I saw something that for a moment, Leon’s dad was watching over him smiling as he looked over at me, “Thank you,” He mouthed the words before disappearing. It only made us howl longer with more pride; eventually, the message was made clear. The Alpha is coming home

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