Twilight Rogue: The Lion's Return (5/5)

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The Master Plan

POV: Ashely

I was woken up by a familiar howl of friend tied up in an abandoned warehouse. I rolled my head and eyes, trying to remember everything that happened to me before I got taken here. I was leaving Uncle Ty’s house, then Danny pulled me away for something than nothing but whispers about a cage. I shook out my head once more, remembering falling out of something before trying to run away than a flash of silver. I’ve been knocked out ever since until I heard Jazz howling. I woke up looking around the dark empty warehouse; nothing came into focus until I realized I wasn’t the only one who was kidnapped.

“DAAAANNNYYY!?” I shouted out, “Danny, boy? Where are you?” I asked

“Danny. Dan. Danial. Can you even see straight, before you asked about my son?” Anton asked

I rolled my eyes, “Son? Wh...what do you mean?” I asked still trying to focus

“Wake her ass up,” He said

A backhand across my face was more than enough to piss me off. Growling at his right-hand man, Chad, I didn’t care if my fangs bared shape or not. I wanted a crack at him as soon as Leon got me out of here, “Where the fuck is Danny?!” I shouted

“He’s getting ready to prove his worth to me, you, on the other hand, will make for a great bargaining chip since he didn’t fall for my trap,” He said

“So...he’s not falling for your bull shit, mind games anymore. That’s my Alpha,” I said

“Chad,” He said

Before he could reach my face, I was biting into his hand like a rabbit dog with no intention of letting it go, staring at Anton, easily letting him know the same old tricks won’t work on someone willing to learn from the past. The sound of Chad’s hand break between my teeth made a smile form on my face until he hit me over the head enough times for me to release my grip.

“Fucking Bitch! I can’t wait till that boyfriend of yours is dead. We’ll have fun passing your ass around like the bitch in heat you are,” He said gently holding his hand

“I’ll kill myself before you basterds can get the opportunity,” I said

“Be happy we don’t do it now. Fucking cunt. I would’ve gladly started breaking your ass in hours ago if it wasn’t for Anton being so kind,” He said

“He knows better. Leon and I have one of the strongest connections any werewolf has ever seen in centuries. Leon knows when I’m hurt, and he already knows who’s responsible for it,” I said staring at Anton

“Well, that’s good to know so I bet he could feel this,” Chad said before punching me in the stomach

I gritted my teeth as the air escape my lungs, trying to make as little noise as possible. It took a second before I slowly started to catch my breath again, “You’re going to pay for that, you piece of shit,” I growled out

“A fighter. I like this one boss. Can I keep her?” He asked

“After you fix that dog in there and get rid of that bastard, Leon. She’s all yours to do whatever you want,” Anton said

“Once again. I’ll die before that happens,” I said

“Don’t worry about that bond shit. We found a way to keep you alive for at least a day after your mate is dead. So, guess what you’ll be doing for that entire day?” Chad asked with a smirk

“Biting chew toys like you?” I asked

“I’ll make sure you’ll be wearing a gag, your not biting shit, especially when it’s my turn. Hey Anton, isn’t she that girl from the video that went around a few months ago?” He asked

“Yeah. It’s her. The wolf who let Leon mount her like a two-dollar street whore,” Anton answered

“Aaaah. Even better so you are broken in, this will make things more fun,” Chad said

“Right now, get that useless leech of mine in fighting condition. It’s time he proves his worth to me once and for all,” Anton said

“Got it, boss,” Chad said before leaning down towards me, “See you real soon, Ashely,” He softly whispered pulling a few strands of my hair with him as he left

I was irritated, getting my hair pulled out by that creep, but looking back at Anton walking around, he sat down right in front of me lighting cigar he pulled out his jacket, “What is it about you? That makes you so fucking special,” He asked blowing a cloud of smoke in my face

I shook my head trying to fan away, the smell before it could linger on my skin, “I’m just me but I rather not explain myself to someone who loves to play pretend,” I said

“Play, pretend? I was always supposed to be Alpha, maybe not of this pack, but I was an Alpha of my pack. Kicking me out was a huge mistake, and now once Leon is gone for good. I’ll take his men and march them into my old home to burn everything down,” He said

“And what the fuck does that have to do with the former Alpha Williams and my Alpha?” I asked

“Who do you think convince my people to kick me out?” He asked

“I’m sure he had his reasons to do so. I mean if this is an example of your leadership then I say those people dodged one hell of a bullet,” I said

“I was around Leon’s age when it happened. I had a few weeks to get the hang of everything by the end of the month I was out. All under Julian’s...” He started

“Alpha Williams. I won’t let disrespect my departed father in law like that. You will come correct when you speak about him,” I said

“Or what? You little bitch you never even met the asshole,” He said

“But I know the man he raised. Leon is just like his father, even Miss. Williams takes about the similarities between the two of them all the time. It’s endearing how much of him lives within Leon,” I said

“And that’s the reason I targeted him. Julian’s death wasn’t my doing. That idiot in there tried to run away again, and he found something that took Julian out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t satisfied with that turn of events I wanted revenge, and that was taken from me too. So now you’re stuck here because of them. Congratulations,” He said flicking the cigar ashes on me

“And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. This has nothing to do with Leon,” I said

“Oh, that’s where you’re wrong. Are you familiar with the saying the sins of the father...” He started

“Shall befall the son,” I finished, “My former father loved that saying when he’d get his religious moments, but of course he’d used a female version. So what are you trying to say?” I asked

“I won’t be able to fight to keep my title of Alpha with one arm so my son will fight in my place,” He said

“Adopted and abused son,” I corrected

“My son nonetheless. Now can your mate harm someone he considers a friend, someone he trained, and a victim of abuse? What kind of Alpha would he appear to be in front of his subjects to kill a poor defenseless kid? Even if I lose and Danny dies, his reputation will be that of a mad murder. A killer Alpha whose subjects will be too scared to speak out against him,” He said

“But what if your plan fails and Danny stands against you?” I asked

Anton rosed up from his seat and unlocked the chain pulling me along with him to another room. I kept my distance, making the space between him and me to the max with the chain stretched out into a line, “Well come on. You want to see what’s happening to your “Danny Boy, right?” He asked with a smirk

I carefully walked up, making sure to keep my distance still. I stood horrified to see Danny tied down, getting his fangs forcibly removed from his mouth and replaced to sliver caps. They were injecting something into his claws under his nails to make sure it’d stick even if he were to bite it off. His chest was covered in buries, and the sickly purple discoloration was healing fast. A little to fast at an incredible speed before they laid fresh new ones. His screams of terror horror and fear went unheard because of the gag they had in his mouth. The tears flowed from his eyes as they continued experimenting on him.

“I think it’s time he takes a long nap, right, boys?!” Chad said happily grabbing a branding iron from a fireplace

As the men around him happily cheered, the chair Danny was laying on sat up, forcing him to lean over, exposing his back while he screamed, “You see Danny can’t turn on me since...” He started

I shut my eyes beforehand, but I could hear his screams through the gag after a moment it stopped and opened my eyes to Danny’s heartbreaking expression drool fell from his gaping mouth as his eyes were dull and lifeless his body lightly trembled as his back was still steaming.

He slowly looked up as a little hope formed in his eyes before the guilt set in, “A...a...Ash?” He softly and quietly asked

I stood too shocked to say anything as I slowly nodded my head before backing up into Anton, “I own him, and soon I’ll own everything,” He said pulling me back into the room away from Danny as started screaming in terror once more

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